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The Perfect Calculation for Yield in 25 Gallon Pots

Growing cannabis in a 25-gallon pot is a big deal. But if you take care of it properly, it’s super profitable!

Well, a smart grower always estimates the yield before planting the seed. 

So, you may ask, what is the yield in 25 gallon pots?

A 25-gallon pot can yield up to 834 grams per plant. This is the bare minimum amount. However, you must maintain other essential steps for your plant. If the plant is deprived of proper sunlight, nutrients, and vegetation, it will produce less yield. So, give your plant the best care!

And to help you out, I’ve created this thorough guide on 25-gallon pot yield. I also listed a few elements that’ll help your plant produce more yield. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a quick read!

Estimating Yield in 25 Gallon Pots

There are different factors that impact the growth and yield of outdoor plants. I assume you’ve done everything right.

yield in 25 gallon pots
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Now, the yield from your 25-gallon pot will depend mostly on the height of the plant. Let me explain how it works.

Height Vs Pot Size:

Cannabis pots are chosen depending on the growth of the plant. For example, suppose you expect your plant to grow 60 inches or 5 feet tall. Then, a 15-gallon pot is the best size for you.

Just like this, when you’re using a 25-gallon pot size, be aware of the length. I recommend choosing a strain that grows approximately 100 inches or 8 feet high. 

Now, why did I talk about the plant height?

I talked about the plant height because it has a direct relation to the yield per plant. Here’s how these two correlate with each other. 

Yield Per Plant:

Now, before telling you about the yield in 25-gallon pots, I’ll mention one thing. Here, we’ll measure the yield from one plant per pot. 

If you use one pot for multiple cannabis plants, you won’t receive the same results. Plants will show frequent growth spurts if they get an ample amount of space like this one.

Also, harvesting an 8-feet tall plant will leave little room for other plants to grow. 

But if you keep multiple pots in a squared area, the total yield will be different. For that, you have to identify the number of pots in 4×4 space. 

So, let’s get straight to the calculation, how much yield in 25-gallon pots?

Usually, for 15-gallon pot size, the yield is about 500 grams. In other words, 17.5 oz according to a plant yield calculator. Following this, for a 25-gallon outdoor grow, you’ll get approximately 834 grams per plant. 

But remember to keep the plants 2 feet away from each other. You’ll only get this amount of yield when the plants have received proper nutrients, sunlight, and care.

15-gallon pot is the best
Source: blog.omegastore.com

This is the minimum amount of yield you can produce from a single plant. But if you want, you can increase this amount. Like if you use fabric pots instead of plastic ones you’ll get more yield and it’s practically proven.

In the following segments, you’ll get to know what factors can increase the amount of yield.  

How Can You Increase the Yield Amount?

In general, there are some common factors that affect the yield amount. 

These are genetics, nutrients, weather, and the time spent vegetating. By putting more emphasis on these elements, you can produce more than the average outdoor yield. 

I’ll explain each of them in a bit.


Genetic strains matter a lot in getting sufficient yield. If you plant a weaker strain, it’ll be hard to get more yield. 

I’ll give you a few ideas about high-yielding outdoor strains. For example, a super skunk can yield up to 567 grams per square foot.

VIVOSUN 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags
Source: en.seedfinder.eu

Just like this, the Amnesia Haze, THC Bomb, Lemon Skunk, and Mango Haze all are high–yielding strains. You can even get up to 992 grams per square foot from them.  

So, you can use any one of these strains in a 25-gallon pot. The yield will be much higher than 500 grams. 

Now, apart from genetics, proper nutrition matters too. Keep reading to see how nutrients affect plant growth. 


A cannabis plant needs 20 macronutrients for proper growth and development. Especially, you must maintain the right balance of Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. 

I’m putting more emphasis on maintaining the right balance here. It’s because overusing will affect the health of your plant. 

That’s why grab any of these plant foods for proper nutrition supply.

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So, depending on the right usage of nutrients, you’ll be able to produce healthy leaves. This will help you to increase the yield as well.  

Weather and Temperature:

Sunshine is the best medicine for cannabis plants. When you’re growing plants outdoors, you’ll already be benefitted from natural light. 

Obviously, it’ll be foolish to use a 25-gallon pot indoors. 

That will criminally lower the yield and you won’t get your desired output. It’s better if you use VIVOSUN 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags or Gardzen 5 Gallon Grow Bags indoors.

But the temperature must be at the optimum level. Cannabis plants grow perfectly at 65- 80° F or 18- 27°C at the flowering stage. 

However, when it’s at the vegetative stage, 70-78° F or 21- 25.5°C is the best temperature.

choose the right humidifier for your grow tent

With this temperature outside, your cannabis plants can yield more than 500 grams. 

Now, you can also use a humidifier to keep the humidity stable if you’re growing inside a grow tent. You have to choose the right humidifier for your grow tent

Time Spent Vegetating: 

Finally, we’ll talk about the vegetative stage – the most crucial time for bud growing.

This is the time when you can estimate the final size of the yield. So, you have to be cautious in this stage of harvesting.

I always recommend growers plant as early as possible. Outdoor plants start flowering when the autumn light hits the plant. 

Basically, this is the time when buds start growing.

So, if you plant your cannabis plants early, you’ll get buds throughout autumn and spring.

I would like to mention one thing here. Make sure you’re putting much effort into the vegetative stage. The more time you’ll spend here, the larger yield you can pull out.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I grow weed in a 25-gallon pot as a newbie?

Yes, you can grow weed in a 25-gallon pot as a newbie. But I often discourage starting with this size. It’s because bigger pots need extra care than the smaller ones. It’s best if you can start with a 3-gallon pot in the beginning. Only go for 25-gallon pots when you’re really passionate about it. 

Do bigger pots mean bigger buds?

No, bigger pots do not mean bigger buds. You should select a pot size according to the size of the plant. If you plant a high-yielding strain, it’ll have long roots. So, the pot must be big enough to make room for it. This will allow the plant to absorb enough water and nutrients from the soil.  

What yields more indoor or outdoor? 

Usually, outdoor strains yield more than indoor strains. It’s because outdoor plants get natural light. The plants can grow healthily with the help of natural resources. However, some of the indoor plants also yield more than average. These are Strawberry Kush, Choclope, NYC Diesel, and Big Bud.  


I hope you got your answer about how much yield in 25 gallon pots. You must remember whether you’re using the right strain for the right pot. 

By ensuring proper sunlight and nourishment, you’ll be able to get more yield from one plant. So, try to keep an eye on these matters. 

I’m sure you’ll have a great amount of yield!

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