Will a Broken Seedling Grow

Will a Broken Seedling Grow? 3 Easy Fixes!

Planting a seed and watching it grow is like watching your child growing up. You want your plant to grow properly and have lush vegetation. However, when that seedling gets broken, it’s one of the saddest sights you’ll see.  

If that’s the case it’s natural to wonder, will a broken seedling grow?

The chances of the broken seedling growing depend on how damaged the seedling is. If the damage is minor such as just falling over you can help the seedling to grow. Attach a stick with the stem and give it some support. If the root is detached, keep it in the water so it can grow the root back. 

Well, that was a quick glimpse, now let’s get down to the details. 

Will a Broken Seedling Grow – When and When Won’t?

The seedling can be broken or damaged in different ways. Now the main thing is how much it is damaged? 

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First, identify whether it is minor or major. Such as a small falling or because of a little friction it won’t get highly damaged and there are chances oh further growing. And if it is broken at a medium level then there are ways to fix it.

At last, if the damage is extremely high then it won’t grow. Well, you might be thinking of ways to fix damaged seedlings. 

If the seedling is completely broken and ripped apart, then there’s no chance. But if the seedling has fallen over or just laying down, there might be a chance. 

Seedling is the first phase of anything you grow. And at this stage, the plant is extremely fragile and really vulnerable. So, you must take some care of the plant. Otherwise, the plant just might die. So, the answer to the question can you save a broken seedling is yes, you can. 

Below we have given 3 solutions of how you can fix the seedlings.

How to Fix a Broken Seedling?

To fix the seedling you need skilled hands more than any other equipment. Since the seedlings are really vulnerable, they need extra care while handling. Also, you need some simple tape and sticks. 

So, let’s get started with the solutions. 

Solution 1: Reattach the Seedling

One of the easiest ways to fix a broken seedling is to simply reattach it. But that depends on if it is possible with the breakage. If the seedling is just falling over or the seedling top broke off, this will work. 

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But if the seedling is completely separated from the roots, this method can work. So, how to fix a broken seedling, take some sticks and tape. 

However, make sure to get the right kind of tape. Not all tapes are appropriate for this. You need wax cotton tapes that are biodegradable. Here are some of our top picks for tapes:

Depending on the height of the seedling place the stick beside it. Poke it in the soil so it can be stable. 

Now simply attach the stick using tape with the seedling. You don’t need to worry if the cotyledon broke off. But do remember can a seedling survive without leaves is always no. 

Solution 2: Regrow the Root of the Broken Cannabis Seedling

If your seedling is 4 to 5 inches long, you can try this method. Sometimes they get snapped just above the root. Then, without the roots, the seedling cannot take water to the leaves. 

But this method will not work on clones. Especially if clones are yellowing with no roots. Since the seedling is already damaged. But it is hard to fix if a germinated seed root broke. 

But you can try to grow the root back. Take the broken cannabis seedling and place it in a jar of water. Let the stem sit inches deep in the water. Now leave it there for a few days. And hopefully, you will be able to see its growing roots within a few days. 

Solution 3: Put Some Support Strength Along with the Breakage

This method is similar to reattaching method. But here the support is much stronger. You will be needing a few sticks and some tape. This method is used when there is seedling stem damage or is the seedling snapped. 

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Take those sticks and poke them in the solid so it can get some stability. Do remember to arrange the sticks around the seedling. Now take the tape or any thin rope and attach the stick together. 

This way a fence will be created around the seedling. Also, it will give the seedling some stability so it can grow with proper strength in the stem. 

How to Prevent Seedling from Breaking?

Do you know what is better than fixing something? It is preventing the problem from happening in the first place. So you can take some precautions about your cannabis seedling which can help the seedling from the beginning. 

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So, let’s get down and learn about the precautions you can take. 

Tip 1: Spread out the Seedlings

If you grow your seedling in a tray, it is better to plant them not too close to each other. You should give them space to grow so that they can have strong roots. Cause the roots are the base or which hold the seedling to the ground. 

So, leave at least a 4 to 5 inches gap among the seedlings. This will leave them with adequate space to grow roots. 

This is why using separate pots for the seedlings is better. They have their own room. So if you’re looking for separate pots, check the links. 

Both of these pots come in different sizes and also, and they keep the seedlings separated. 

Tip 2: Grow the Seedling on Solid Grounds

Having solid ground can be beneficial for the seedlings. The solid ground can hold the seedling with some strength. But if the ground is too loose, the seedling can fall over and get snapped from the middle. 

It is also important to remember that, if the ground is too hard, the seedling will die. The ground has to be perfect. This means not too loose and not too hard soil. Also, you can try coco coir or deep water culture

Tip 3: Put the Seedling in a Cage of Net

Keeping seedlings in a cage in the first stages of growth can help a lot. Even if you keep the seedling in a closed environment, there are risks of damaging the seedling. So it’s better to take some caution. 

Using some net is best for this type of scenario. Nets let light and wind to low. Also, you can spray water on the seedlings. So take some net can wrap it around the seedling so it stays protected. 

Do remember to keep space between the seedling and the net cage. Wrap the net into a circle which has 4 to 5 inches in diameter. 

Tip 4: Put the Seedling in a Humidity Dome

A humidity dome is necessary as it keeps the seedling humid. The name seems like this is a high-tech machine. But it’s really easy to make one. You can just cut a bottle in half and put it above the seedling. Although, humid domes are available in the market as well. 

The bottle will let light in for the seedlings which will keep it humid inside. Do remember to keep the ground a bit wet cause the source of humidity is the steam of water. 

After you place the dome, check on the seedling. You might be able to see some water droplets on the wall of the bottle. And that means the dome is working. 

And this is everything you need to know about broken cannabis seedlings. 


What Kind of Tape can I use to Strengthen the Seedling?

You can use medical tapes to strengthen the seedlings. Medical tapes are really easy to take off and easy to apply. The tape looks while and you can even use a marker to right on. 

Will a Broken Seed Grow?

Unfortunately, a broke seed will not grow. A seed cannot grow because it won’t be able to germinate if the embryo is damaged. It will not be able to provide nutrition to the plant when it starts to grow. 

How Long do I Need to Keep the Humidity Dome on?

Keeping the humidity dome depends on what you are keeping the dome for. Keeping the dome on for a maximum of 14 days. The dome will provide water to the plant and keep the surroundings moist. Which can be really helpful while growing. 


That’s everything you need to know about will a broken seedling grow. We hope we cleared all of your confusion regarding this topic.

Make sure to always keep your seedlings in a protected place. The first few stages of growth are really vulnerable. 

Happy planting!

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