When to Top Clones

When to Top Clones? Buy the Perfect Time

As a new planter, you would definitely want the clone to be alive.

So, it’s obvious for you to think about when to top clones?

When the plant is 4 to 8 weeks older during the vegetation period. This depends on many factors. If you are out of space in your plantation area, you can top the stems of the clones. This way you can save up some spaces. Also, when you need a harvest boost, you can top the clones.

Now to get perfect timing, perfect knowledge is necessary.

As a planter, I get you and that’s why I have brought you this article. Once you are done with it, you will have a remarkable idea of clone topping.

Get the cloning gel ready! It’s time to cut and sort. Now we go into the main part.

The Right Cloning Time: Finding Factors

When you are up for topping, it is a natural question when to top outdoor clones

This “right time” depends on many factors. They are the identifiers that will help you choose between topping and no topping/.

Source: grasscity.com

You should clone your plants when you’re:

Running Out of Space

If you are low on space, then it is a good idea to crop your clones. Top the clones when you don’t have enough space in your grow tent. 


Because when you top, your plant gets a shape. Also, the mainstream growth of the plant stops. 

As a result, instead of turning into a big bush, the growth will be suppressed. 

Ultimately, you won’t run out of your space and the topping will be done as well. Two birds at one stone!

When There Are More Than Six Nodes

You can check the nodes of the clones. This way, you will know when you can start topping your clones!

When the clone has more than 6 nodes coming out of the meristem, crop the clone. Use a sharp disinfected pruning scissor or knife for that.

By this time of having 6 nodes, the clone can be topped. It is because the clone gets developed enough to withstand the cropping.

Moreover, your clone will give more nodes when you cut the previous ones. Because the cut leaves an impact that triggers the hormones to grow more clots. 

Just like hydra!

When The Clone is at Vegetation Period

How tall should clones be before flowering? An answer that can tell you when to top outdoor clones.

When the clones of your plant are at the vegetative phase, you can clone them. A plant goes through this period after germination. 

When you top the clones, more nodes will be created at the plant. 

After vegetation, when the clone gets ready for flowering. Thus, there will be more flowers, since there are more nodes. 

This ultimately increases your plant’s reproduction rate along with its growth rate. 

So, try to cut the clones when they are in the middle of the vegetation interval. The best time is around 4 or 8 weeks during vegetation.

When Plant Wears Down

Sometimes, what can happen is your plant might wear down. Now that is not a good thing. Because in this way, your precious clones might die.

What to do?

It is time for topping them. When the topping is done, the growth hormones regenerate. 

As a result, the growth of new stems will continue, and therefore, your clone will not die out.

Source: thcfarmer.com

This way, you can save your clones from yellowing!

Topping Boosts Harvest

If you want some really chunky harvest out of your plant, top the plants. 

Topping increases growth. Now you know the answer to your question:

When can I start topping my clones?

This will give you a harvest boost!

So, demand for high harvest can be a time checker for topping the clones.

Cloning gel is an essential for the cloning task. And it’s really important to use the best cloning gel available. So here we are with some suggestions!

These clone gel will boost the rooting of your clones, making them capable of plantation.

Things to Look Out for!

Up to now, you have seen the right timing for topping the clones. However, there are always some things that you should keep in mind while using tops for clones

Give Some Time

If you are up for topping the clones, always wait for the right time. 

Clones come to form the mother plant. Naturally, they are not as strong as the mother plant, not before a few weeks. 

So, let the clone grow and become mature. You have to be very careful about this timing. Give them proper lighting and fertilizers for growth.

Otherwise topping might result in loss of clones instead of maximum harvest.

Choose the Clone Carefully

Choose the right type of clone. Your topping and timing for it can depend on the clone as well. 

Whenever you want to top the clone, choose genuine clones. Pure clones of any mother plant contain the maximum trait of its mother plant. 

Moreover, these clones survive the most. Sometimes impure clones cannot tolerate the topping and thus die. 

So, choose the clones that are pure. Also, choose the healthy clones that have grown enough.

Source: cannabisnow.com

The Solutions

Let’s not only judge the clones now. You have to consider the mother plant as well! 

Try to always get the right mother plant. Not all the time it is the clone that can be defective. The mother plant can have defects as well. 

Check the mother plant. Avoid sick and weak mother plants. Otherwise, from cloning to topping everything can go wrong!

That’s it! Along with timing, keep these things in mind while topping. Then you can get enough time to think about when to transfer clones.


What is The Vegetation Time for Clones?

Normally this can take up to 2 months for a clone. Within this time vegetation takes place. Clones get enough time to achieve the highest yielding ability. Plus, the roots of the clones also get stronger. However, you can pick up the clones before this time as well and get them ready for flowering.

Should I Mist My Clones?

Yes. In fact, you should mist the clones after every one day. Gently remove the cover that holds the humidity. Then fog the clones as necessary. Once done, put on the cover. This keeps the temperature optimum for the clone to grow.

Do Clones Yield Different Than Seed?

No. There is a slight difference in the yielding of a clone than a seed. Clones yield less than seeds. It’s because clones have two stages in their life cycle- one is vegetation and the latter is flowering. There is no seeding phase. Clones directly jump to the vegetation for growth.

What Is The Best Part of A Mother Plant for Cloning?

Any part of a mother plant can be used. Some planters think that the clone made from the base of a plant can grow faster than any other clone. On the other hand, the upper part of the plant is considered to be the perfect spot for cloning. However, proper nurture is the key to getting a good clone!

Final Word

When to top clones, I presume you know now. As we have explained everything in an easy manner.

Very well then! Our journey ends. 

Just remember, for further confusion, you can always knock at any plant specialist. They can give you some heck of advice!

Until we meet again.

Happy clone cropping!

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