When to Stop Using Nitrogen During Flowering

When to Stop Using Nitrogen During Flowering: A Complete Breakdown!

Just like other plants, cannabis requires nitrogen too. However, cutting off nitrogen during flowering is vital.

What most growers don’t know is when to cut off the nitrogen supply during flowering.

So, when to stop using nitrogen during flowering?

You should stop giving nitrogen after 3 weeks when flowering starts. However, if hemp flowers aren’t stretching enough, you should slowly discontinue. Because your hemp plants aren’t getting enough nitrogen. Otherwise, your plants will be harmed. But, after 6 weeks, you should totally cut nitrogen.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You should know the whole of this to take the proper steps and stop using nitrogen timely.

Let’s see exactly when to stop the nitrogen supply.

Why Nitrogen Is Important for Your Hemp?

There are many necessary nutrients required for hemp plants to grow. Nitrogen is one of those. But, why nitrogen is important for your hemp?

For starters, nitrogen contains the growth factor, an amino acid. Amino acid builds the blocks for the hemp plant’s proteins and enzymes. It’s very important as hemp plants require constant energy as the cells divide continuously.

Source: edrosenthal.com

Furthermore, nitrogen is the basic element of chlorophyll. As we all know, plants prepare food using chlorophyll. The same thing is also required for your hemp plants.

Nevertheless, without nitrogen, your hemp plants’ leaves, roots, stems, and flowers won’t grow. Also, an inadequate amount of nitrogen can cause hemp plants to die.

The natural source of nitrogen for hemp is air, soil, and sun. However, if you grow cannabis indoors, you need a proper supply of nitrogen. Hence, some of the best nitrogen-based fertilizers for your hemp plants are given below:

These nitrogen supplements will bolster the growth of your cannabis plants. Using them will make your plants grow sturdy and make the leaves livelier. Try them out!

Now you know why nitrogen is important for your hemp. Also, knowing about other cannaboost-like options for cannabis can be beneficial.

But there’s a catch. Supplying too much nitrogen during flowering can be harmful. So it’s necessary to learn when to stop supplying nitrogen to the plant during flowering.

In the next section, I will talk about that. So, let’s move on.

Should You Use Nitrogen During Flowering?

Using nitrogen during flowering is vital for plants. Because at this stage, the cannabis growth rate becomes very high. The cells continuously multiply. Thus, hemp plants require lots of nutrition.

But should you use nitrogen during flowering?

You should supply plenty of nitrogen during the 1st week of flowering. That way, your soil will have enough nitrogen to provide for hemp plants.

If you supply the right amount of nitrogen, you will see that plants are growing healthy. Nitrogen boosts the growth of the cannabis plant. However, during this period you will see buds growing slowly.

On the other hand, using too much nitrogen can have consequences. For example, The stems and leaves will not grow wider.

These buds are known as flowers. During this period, you should maintain at least 10-12 hours of darkness. The darkness helps to trigger the growth of the buds for plants.

Providing either Honey or molasses for hemp plants can be a great source of food for the plants. You may consider either one of those during this period. The application of the nutrients should be proportional to the size of the growing pot.

Source: growdiaries.com

When Should You Stop Using Nitrogen During Flowering?

Even though nitrogen is very beneficial, you need to stop it during flowering. But when is the right time to stop nitrogen supply? It is a very vital step as any improper measurement can ruin your hemp plant.

When should you cut-off nitrogen during flowering?

To be on the safe side, you should slowly stop using nitrogen in the 3rd week. Afterward, observe how the buds are blooming. If the leaves are giving a hint of purple tone, you should provide nitrogen.

Remember, the nitrogen to potassium ratio during the stage should be 1:2. Some soil fails to hold that ratio. So, to avert the problem you should also apply potassium. Nevertheless, the lack of nitrogen can be present in the soil.

So, from time to time you may apply nitrogen. However, after week 6 during flowering, you need to completely stop using nitrogen. Due to the fact that the flowering stage takes 8-11 weeks to complete, it is vital.

Your buds need to grow healthy and mature. So, after week 6 is the ideal time to stop using nitrogen. But, what happens if you don’t stop using nitrogen during flowering?

Well, I will address the consequences in the next segment.

So, let’s go to the next section.

What Happens If You Don’t Stop Using Nitrogen During Flowering?

Nitrogen can act toxic during flowering. But why does that happen? Well, too much nitrogen can raise the level of nutrition intake for hemp plants. As a result, your hemp plants will suffer from a lack of iron.

If you keep feeding nitrogen, it will grow red hair, soft. Also, too much presence of nitrogen can toxicate the soil. Hence, your plants can die. Furthermore, to seed new hemp plants, you need to change the soil.

On the other hand, the excess presence of nitrogen can cause more leaves to grow. This leads to buds not getting enough nutrition to grow mature. Thus, all your hard work can go to waste.

The ph level of the soil also drastically varies depending on the amount of nitrogen in the soil. So it’s highly advised to monitor the ph level using a soil ph meter every once in a while.

Source: ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

There you go, these are the consequences of not stopping nitrogen during flowering. So, you should take the proper steps and stop using nitrogen at the appropriate time. Because in the flowering stage your hemp plants can survive with leftover nitrogen.

A very popular method is to clone the cannabis mother plant for a healthy cannabis plant. This is a very cost-efficient way to cultivate hemp or cannabis indoors. So, you can consider this option.


Can Nitrogen Hinder Blossoming of Hemp Plants?

No, nitrogen will not hinder hemp plants from blooming. Plants require nitrogen as one of the necessary macronutrients for growth and development. Nitrogen-rich conditions promote hemp plant development, especially stem and leaf growth. Without the proper amount of nitrogen, blooming gets delayed.

Is It Hard to Grow Hemp Indoor?

No, growing hemp indoors is easy. Because hemp is easy to grow plants. Hemp is inherently pest-resistant and tolerant of a broad range of climatic and soil conditions. Also, with proper care, you can grow the best hemp. As a result, you can grow the best quality hemp in large quantities at low cost. 

How Many Grams Can a 250 Watt HPS Grow Light Yield?

Using 250-watt HPS light, an average yield of 80 to 150 grams of hemp yield is possible. However, experienced growers can yield around 250 grams with 250W HPS. It is possible by following a proper nutrition guide for your hemp. Because HPS light isn’t the only factor of such yield, but a critical factor.


That’s all regarding when to stop using nitrogen during flowering? Hope this article comes in handy for you. 

Here’s a piece of advice: use light for 12 hours a day. Otherwise, your plants will get burned and turn brown. So, you should be careful about it.

Have a good day and take care!

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