Week 6 Flowering Small Buds

Week 6 Flowering Small Buds: [5 Reasons and Solutions]

It’s pathetic to put everything into your plants but end up getting a low yield. Right! Popcorn buds can be the reason for getting the lower value of your hard work.

Let’s find out why you are getting small buds after 6 weeks of flowering!

These undeveloped buds are generally called popcorn buds. It is caused by less water or nutrition. Again overcrowding or low lighting can also be the reason. Sometimes the imperfect temperature can cause this issue. Aside from that, it can happen for some other issues too.

Let’s not make any delay and dig into the article. 

How 6 Week Buds Should Look Like! 

If your flower is 6 weeks old and still small then it should be a concern, right! Because everybody loves big and dense buds, don’t they? There is a general concern that if the buds aren’t big, it is not of good quality. 

Source: 420 Magazine

But the case is not like that. Small buds are more likely the same quality as big buds. To be frank, quality may not a factor but looks matter right! 

After the 6th week of flowering, you would definitely expect big beautiful buds. 

Basically, we can define the 6-week old small term. It is widely known as popcorn buds. These kinds of buds are well matured but don’t grow in size. That’s why it looks like popcorn in the following picture. 

Source: GrowDiaries

These small buds can also happen with week 7 flowering even autoflower week 8.

You also should find the best ways to add weight to buds

But no need to worry at all because we are here to kick out all the confusion. 

Why 6 Week Old Buds are Still Small? [Reasons and Solutions]

There can be so many reasons that can cause small buds/ popcorn buds. Basically, stress is the main reason for growing popcorn buds. Stress like poor watering, lack of care, lack of nutrition, pests, and so on.

Let’s talk about some common reasons in detail. So that you can get a clear idea what is the reason for your mature small buds. Sometimes you can also get small buds after 4 weeks of flowering or 5 weeks of flowering.

Sometimes you can also face the hair becoming red fast problem. However, let’s stay on the issue in our hands.

Reason 1: Less Water or Nutrition

Your cannabis plants need enough water and nutrition to grow healthy and beautiful flowers. Overwatering and underwatering both can harm your plants. 

Then again lack of nutrition also causes popcorn buds.

Solution: Proper Watering and Nutrition

So if you wanna see your buds big and dense you need to be concerned. You should put the perfect amount of water it needs through the water pot. More or less any amount of water can cause these popcorn buds.

Things can get confusing while choosing sprayers. So, here I am to help you out.

Then again you need to take care of the regular nutrition of the plants. And there is nothing better than the perfect trio of nutrients from Fox Farm. You can buy them in a package or individually, however you like.

Don’t miss the nutrition or don’t give overdose. Both are equally harmful to flowers. In that case, you should strictly follow fox farm feeding schedule.

If you are not interested in Fox farm’s nutrients, then no worries! I’ve got your back. Check out these perfect alternatives-

There is an exact way to water your buds which should be followed strictly. 

Reason 2: Overcrowding or Low Lighting

You know what is dangerous! Lack of proper training for growing plants. Every plan needs its own space to grow properly. If the room is too crowded then the plants won’t get enough space to grow. 

If the place or room is too crowded or the shading is not proper then it’s a big issue. Because the plant won’t get enough light that they need to grow properly.  

On that note, check out some of the best grow lights that you can find in the market.

Solution: Spacious Room with Good Shading.

You definitely need to make sure that you have a spacious room. It must contain enough space for each of your plants. And the shading should also be a concern. 

Both space and good shading help to grow the flowers big and dense. For that, you need proper training about space and shading. Only proper training can give the perfect calculation for space and shading for your plants.

Check out the recommended space required based on the number of plants.

Number of PlantsArea Required 1 sq ft/ plantArea Required 2 sq ft/ plantArea Required 4 sq ft/ plant

Reason 3: Too High/ Too Low Temperature. 

Temperature control is the trickiest and most important element of your harvest. Because overheating or humidity helps to grow small/popcorn buds. Even it helps to grow insects.

It resists the natural growth of buds/flowers. That’s why the flowers become small and don’t get the perfect mold. 

Solution: Control Temperature Perfectly

To grow healthy and beautiful big buds, put your room temperature moderate. Try to keep the temperature fixed at 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And keep the humidity around 50%.

There is nothing better than some dehumidifiers to control your grow tent’s humidity. 

But it can also depend on the number of plants you have. So before starting harvesting you should have a proper idea of the space and heat. If you can make a good combination you can definitely grow big and dense flowers.

For that, you can use different indoor thermometers. Let us suggest some for you. 

These are the best thermometers you can get in the market. 

Reason 4: Insects and Plagues

This is the most annoying factor of failing in harvesting. Because this can create a direct effect on the growth of flowers or buds. The pests or plagues can attract the plants during the late flowering and vegetative phases. 

Source: Fast Buds

Those insects mainly suck the nutrients from the plants. What can create a bad impact on the growth of plants? Which affects the size and weight of buds.

Solution: Apply Insect Killers

If you see the pests are too much-bothering plants then you should go for treatments. You can search for good insect killers for your plants and use them. But keep in mind use in a proper amount.

Because over chemicals can harm your plants badly. Then again you need to take care of the heat/humidity as we’ve discussed previously. 

Reason 5: Lack of Proper Training

If you start your harvesting without proper training that harms you the most. All those problems we have discussed earlier can be prevented if you have proper training. 

Without having proper training you won’t have any idea about the heat, light, space, and mainly nutrients. 

All this lacking knowledge can directly affect the growth of your flowers.

Solution: LST or HST Method

Low-stress training (LST) can be really helpful for your harvesting. It is never late for anything. So you can start your training from now to produce the next healthy batch of buds. 

High-stress training (HST) can also be a helpful solution. So start your healthy harvesting before it gets too late. 

Hope you have all the reasons behind your small buds now. If you follow our solution process of ours then we are sure you can overcome this issue.


Why are my buds still small?

If your buds are more than 6 weeks old and still look small then it’s a problem. There can be various reasons for this problem. But generally poor watering or lack of nutrition, overcrowding, or low lighting can create this issue. Imperfect temperatures can also create popcorn buds. 

Do buds grow after Week 6?

Generally, by 6 weeks the buds reached their full size. By that time all the flowers should look big and dense. If you don’t get the expected size by week 6 then there must be some issues. If it is the popcorn bud then we have described all the possible solutions to solve it. 

Are small buds less potent?

Small buds are called smalls or popcorn buds. Generally, these kinds of buds are counted as lower-quality buds. You won’t get the same amounts of value from these buds that you get from larger nugs. Many popcorn buds can be the same in quality but they won’t be that much potential. 


So we hope you have got that, why you have got small buds after 6 weeks of flowering! If it is the popcorn buds then you don’t need to worry that much about the quality. 

But we would like to request you to follow our solutions to get big and dense flowers. If you have any other queries then drop them in the comment section.

Till then happy harvesting.

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