Water Curing Vs Air Curing

Water Curing Vs Air Curing: Which Way to Go?

Curing is one of the crucial aspects while growing cannabis. And there are tons of different methods that can make you flustered and confused. Well, the confusing days are things of the past now because I’m here to help!

So, can’t decide between water curing vs air curing?

Well, air curing takes more time than water curing to complete for most cannabis. However, air curing is better suited for strong smell and potent taste. It provides a fuller build with a reduced level of THC. On the opposite side, water curing is a lot more smooth and easy to process.

These are only a few factors. There are tons of other things to consider. Are you up to enlightening yourself further?

If so, relax and enjoy this detailed comparison thoroughly!

A Brief Overview of The Two Curing Methods

These two curing methods deliver very contrasting results for your cannabis. You won’t find many similarities between them as you’ve seen while comparing 3500k vs 3000k light

So, get ready to see the differences between these curing methods now!

The time taken to complete the cycle for these two varies by a large margin. Even with the best of effort, air curing takes 2 to 8 weeks to complete. Whereas water curing can be done in just 10 days!

However, air curing has some good qualities too. For example, the bag’s appeal and taste are superior with air curing. Here’s a detailed on hand experience you can check out!

Now, look at this table for more differentiating factors about air and water cure

FactorsAir CuringWater Curing
Duration4 to 8 Weeks7 to 10 days
THC Level Reduced THC LevelHigher THC Level
Simplicity LevelA Bit ComplicatedLess Complicated & Easy
TasteStrong & More AromaticStrong But Less Aromatic
Bag AppealGreat, Better AppearanceDecent

You might be thinking that what else there to know? Well, don’t be so quick to judge. You definitely want to look out for the full comparison that’s about to come.

So, why limit yourself when you can know more?

Head-to-Head Comparison

Here, you’ll get to know all about these five factors in full detail. Try to be as attentive as you can. Because you might miss important points if you’re not careful. 

So, let’s get going!

Duration of Harvesting

Do you want your curing process to be fast? Or do you prefer to take your time while growing? Either way, these two methods will fulfill your needs.

When quick harvesting and curing is your priority, water curing is the way to go. It takes only 7-10 days to complete the full cycle. 

Source: Cannaconncetion.com

On the other side of the spectrum, air curing needs around 4 to 8 weeks. A bit slower than water curing.

Source: GrowDiaries

Winner: If you want fast harvesting, there’s no better option than water curing. Otherwise, air curing can be considered.


Both the methods are not so tough for average growers. However, even the slightest simplicity can make you love a different curing process. 

So, let’s get into the details.

Water curing involves very simple instruments to begin the process. However, you do need some knowledge about water culture beforehand. You may have already seen bits of it in the dwc vs coco-coir comparison.

You won’t need to give too much effort and labor for water curing. So, no need for learning any technical skills at all!

On the other hand, the air cure needs some heavy tools. For example-

These can cost you some heavy bucks.

But they all are a good investment. Because you’ll get good quality buds using those tools. You can look at these highly recommended wide mouth mason jars before going for air curing-

I hope, you find these recommendations helpful.

Winner: for simplicity, go for water curing. And if you prefer a proper setup, air curing will go a long way.

Bag Appeal & Appearance

Let’s be honest, everyone wants their cannabis to look good. So, bag appeal is definitely an important factor to consider in these two methods.

Unfortunately, water curing method shows a disappointing result in terms of looks and bag appeal. Water cured bud looks are not that great. Along with that, the appeal takes a big hit.

While bag appeal is not everything, for those who prefer it, they have air curing. Air curing allows the buds to have a stronger appearance and looks. 

Source: Herbies Seeds

This method is possibly the best when it comes to getting a superior bag appeal.

Winner: Bag appeal and appearance have a clear winner. And it’s air curing. But don’t be so fast to judge as there’s one last factor to look at.

Smell & Taste

Let me tell you as straightforwardly as possible. Water cure will definitely take your heart with its potent smell and strong taste. While the THC level struggles in the air curing method, the taste is amplified. 

The weeds burn faster and more aggressively.

But don’t think air cured buds do not have their perks. You obviously don’t get that strong metallic vibe from air curing. 

However, you will get a smooth and mild taste that’s good for a quick session. 

Winner: Water curing offers a better smell and taste. But if you prefer a mild taste, air curing is the one.

Which Method is the Best for You?

So, are you clear about these two methods now? If not, let’s summarize everything concisely.

When it comes to the air curing method, you get better bag appeal. However, the water curing brings out more flavor and potency in your weeds. You will definitely get high when you go for water curing.

I think you know which way to go when strong taste is your first priority. Still, air curing is not that bad if you want to use it on your plants.

Water curing is less time and labor-consuming and offers a smoother taste. Also, water curing allows bud rot weeds to grow beautifully. That’s a plus point for you if you choose to go that way.

So, for a smooth taste and simplicity, go for water curing.

I hope you can now choose between air cure vs water cure methods!


Is Water Curing Effective in Removing Terpenes?

Yes, water curing is quite effective when it comes to removing terpenes from your cannabis. However, you have to water it after you’ve gone through the drying process. Water curing not only removes terpenes and particulates but also saves a lot of time. So, you can definitely try it out.

Is Water Curing & Bud Washing the Same?

By no means water curing and washing of the buds are the same. Bud washing is a cleaning procedure to clear out the debris and dust. On the other hand, water curing is a curing process that comes after harvesting and drying. Also, curing takes several days as opposed to a few minutes of washing.

How Long Should I Air Cure My Cannabis?

For air curing your cannabis, it takes around 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your buds. Many growers even get good results within just two to four weeks of curing. However, that’s not feasible for every strain of your plant. Some may deliver flavorful and strong potency after curing for six months.


That’s all I had to say about water curing vs air curing. I hope you’ll be able to draw a conclusion about your indecisiveness.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment down below. 

Good luck with your curing process!

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