voodoo juice vs great white

Voodoo Juice vs Great White: Which One to Choose?

You might be harvesting cannabis for a while and thinking about an additive. With all the numerous additives present on the market it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. 

But recently Voodoo Juice & Great White has been all the rage.

So, which one to choose when it comes to Voodoo Juice vs Great White? 

Voodoo Juice offers a quicker working time and less usage frequency than Great White. But it lacks growth rate, storage time, and price. Great White is better if you want the most value out of your money. Great White offers a better growth rate and storage time. Also, the price is cheaper than Voodoo Juice. 

Cheer up, we have made a detailed comparison on Voodoo Juice vs Great White. Hopefully, it will help you make a decision. 

Let’s begin.

Voodoo Juice vs Great White: Quick Comparison 

Before we jump into the main discussion, Let’s have a look at this quick comparison;

Aspect Voodoo Juice Great White 
Ingredients 5 strains of Bacteria 7 Endomycorrhizae & 11 Ectomycorrhizae species
Usage Frequency 2 ml per litre every 3 weeks1 tbsp per 2 gallons every 2 weeks
Plant Growth RateUp to 117% Up to 120% 
Working Time 1-2 weeks to be fully functional About 4 weeks to establish symbiotic relationship 
Storing Time2-year shelf life 3-year shelf life 
Price Check Price from Amazon!Check Price from Amazon!

But again, these are just a brief summary. But don’t worry. We have elaborated on these factors as much as possible.

Before moving on to the next segment check out this graph for a comprehensive view.

voodoo juice vs great white

Now, let’s jump into the main discussion.

Voodoo Juice vs Great White: Detailed Comparison

While harvesting cannabis, plant growth, and the yield rate is the most important thing. Choosing between voodoo juice and great white can be quite challenging.

ingredients of Voodoo Juice
Source: maxgrowshop.com

Worry not, we got you covered from all aspects. Choosing the right additive for your harvest will be easier than before.


One of the key factors of an additive is ingredients. It determines the additive’s functionality and effectiveness.

Now, what are the ingredients of Voodoo Juice?

Voodoo Juice is a bacteria-based additive containing 5 strains of bacteria. It’s a bacteria-based liquid mixture for root growth.

On the other hand, Great White is a mycorrhizae-based additive. It has 7 Endomycorrhizae & 11 Ectomycorrhizae species.

If you’re not satisfied with these ingredients you can always invest in some pk boosters for explosive growth rates. But not all pk boosters available on the market are suitable for hemp. Here are my go-to pk boosters for growing hemp:

Using these will maximise your yield!

While Voodoo Juice is better for root growth, Great White is good for plant growth & vigour.

Hence, if you want explosive root growth, Voodoo Juice is your get-to-go. Otherwise Great White is a wise option.

Winner: It’s a tie in this category as both products have different important ingredients. 

Usage Frequency: 

If you choose Voodoo Juice, you need to use it every 3 weeks. The amount is 2ml per litre. 

On the other hand, the Great Shark needs to be used every 2 weeks. The amount is 1 tbsp per 2 gallons.

Voodoo juice requires less frequent usage whereas Great Shark requires every 2 weeks usage.

If you don’t want to use additives frequently, Voodoo Juice is your get-to-go.

Winner: The winner in this category is Voodoo Juice as its usage frequency is less. 

Plant Growth Rate: 

The main goal of using additives in cannabis harvest is plant growth. You must be wanting an additive that gives the best growth rate.

 You will also want your clones to become green and grow roots faster. However, if you find your clones becoming yellow and having no root, then you need to be concerned. 

The Great White has a growth rate of approximately 120% and it solely works on the Mycorrhizae principle.

best growth rate
Source: scynceled.com

On the other hand, Voodoo Juice has a growth rate of 3%. It is 3% lower than Great White. Voodoo Juice works on the microbial principle. 

If you are willing to get more growth rate, Great White will be ideal. 

Winner: For a higher growth rate, Great White is the winner in this category. 

Working Time: 

You got your plants growing, but you might be thinking, “when will the additive kick in?”

The working time is a major factor in choosing the correct additive. You will be wanting to get effective results as soon as possible, just like removing perfume taste from weed.

This is where the Voodoo Juice shines. The Voodoo Juice kicks in within 1-2 weeks. You can use it in both growing and blooming phases.

The Great White kicks in a bit later. But do keep in mind that it offers a 3% more growth rate. This makes it a good Voodoo Juice alternative.  

However, if you’re a Great White user don’t panic just yet. You can get a faster kick in time by using compost. 

When my buds need an extra boost I add organic compost. With all the available compost on the market, it’s easy to get confused. Here are some of my go-to compost for buds:

Using these composts alongside Great White will give your buds a better and faster growth rate. 

However, If you strictly want a faster kick in time, you can choose Voodoo Juice.

Winner: Voodoo Juice is the winner here as it has a shorter working time. 

Storing time:

While choosing an additive for your harvest, storing time is a must-consider factor. You will want an additive that can be stored for a long time.

Voodoo Juice alternative
Source: hg-hydroponics.co.uk

This is where Great White shines. It can be stored for up to 3 years which is 1 year greater than Voodoo Juice.

So, if you are considering longer shelf life, Great White is your best choice.

Winner: Great White has a longer shelf life hence the winner is Great White. 


When choosing additives, you must be willing to get the best value for money. Here, Great White is the clear winner. It is more cost-effective than Voodoo Juice.

The price of Voodoo Juice ranges from around $20-21 per ounce. This price range can be quite steep in the long run. 

On the other hand, Great White prices at around $14.15 per ounce, beating Voodoo Juice by 6.84$. Thus, choose Great White if you want the best value for your money.

Winner: The winner is Great White as it provides the best value for its money. 

Final Verdict: Which Additive Should You Go For?

Voodoo Juice offers better root growth than Great White and requires less usage frequency. It kicks in faster but has a 3% less growth rate than Great White. 

However, Great White is suited for a variety of soils, climates, and plants. The microorganisms thrive in increasing plant growth and vigour.

It kicks in slower than Voodoo Juice. But it has a better growth rate of 120%.

Also, the Great White has a longer storing time of 3 years. This is 1 year more than Voodoo Juice.

Finally coming down to price comparison, Great White outperforms Voodoo juice by a large margin. It has a better monetary value.

So the ultimate decision of choosing the perfect additive comes down to your preferences and needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Voodoo Juice have nitrogen in it?

Yes, Voodoo Juice has a nitrogen fixer microbe in it. In fact, Voodoo Juice has 5 strains of microbes. These microbes facilitate both organic and chemical conversion by colonizing the plant’s root system. However, Voodoo Juice is not a mycorrhizal mixture. It is mainly an organic liquid mixture.

Can I use Voodoo Juice for clones?

Yes, you can use Voodoo Juice for clones. In fact, you can use Voodoo Juice on clones, transplants, and seedlings. It maximizes the development of roots and you will be greatly benefited in the long run. Choosing Voodoo Juice for clones is a good option for starters.

Does Great White help with root rot?

Yes, it helps with root rot. For that, you need to combine hydro guard and Great White at label rates. Also, you need to keep your room lean and keep the environment optimal. This will prevent root rots from happening. It is also effective in hot and dirty reservoirs. 


So, that will be all regarding Voodoo Juice vs Great White. Hopefully, you have come to your decision on choosing the best additive for your harvest.

Keep in mind that no matter what additive you use, try investing in good compost for faster results. 

Have a great time growing cannabis. See you again.

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