Topping vs Not Topping

Topping vs Not Topping: What’s Better For Your Plant

It’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s better between topping and not topping. Cutting off the main root of the plant to grow it more might be a better choice. But you never know what brings disaster to your plant. As a grower, it’s fair to be confused about this.

So we need to understand the differences that exist in topping vs not topping.

Between topping and not topping, in case of growth, topping is a great technique. As topping creates a wider surface your plant will get proper sunlight. But topping can also create new wounds to make your plant vulnerable. You also need a larger room if you top your plants.

Don’t be puzzled seeing just the preview. This article will let you know the major differences between these two in detail.

Jump in to know more about this instructive debate. 

Topping vs Not Topping Your Plant: Notable Dissimilarities

To find out what you want to do with your plant you need to educate yourself on the main factors. We have gathered four factors to give you the knowledge you are seeking.

FactorsTopping Not Topping
Plant Growth Leads the growth to width. Can increase the height of the plant.
Energy Absorb and Distribute Creates a larger surface to absorb.Only the top surface can catch the light 
Vulnerability Vulnerable until wounds are closedLess vulnerable to diseases. 
Need for a Large SpaceNeeds larger space to grow.Can grow in standard space.

To know more about these factors in detail jump into the head-to-head battle.

Topping or Not Topping: Head-To-Head Battle

Before we head to the battle we need to know the explanation behind topping and not topping. 

Basically, if you cut off extra tops to have more width, it’s called topping. On the other hand, if you let the plant grow naturally growers will say you are not topping.

These two commonly used techniques give totally different results. So you need to understand in advance what is going to happen to your plant after this technique.

To clear out all of your confusion we have stated the details of the notable differences.

Plant Growth 

It may seem impossible when you hear that cutting a part of your plant can be beneficial for your plant. But yes, topping can be a technique to make your plant bushier. 

Topping your weed plant can give the plant a chance to have more branches. This technique will remove all the extra branches or leaves. 

Let’s have a look at the comparison between not topping and topping side by side.

Source: Reddit

After giving your plant topping it will take time to grow. But the growth will be wider. The leaves and branches will grow more.

But you need to know when to cut branches, when to top the clones, and when to cut off excess leaves to get the best growth.

On the other hand, not topping will naturally grow the plant. You might ask what’s the natural way of growing? For most of the plants, it’s growing higher.

As not topping leads to height growth it’s not great for the plant. So for the growth of the plant, you can go for topping.

Winner: Topping 

Energy Absorption & Distribution

Topping gives a wider surface to the plant to absorb sunlight. But if you are not topping your plant only the upper portion will get light.

To make sure your plant gets enough light to make food for itself, topping is necessary.

Plants grow by creating glucose for themselves. This glucose comes from photosynthesis which only happens with the help of sunlight. 

As we mentioned before, topping will make new branches and leaves. So the whole surface of your plant will get sunlight and distribute it.

Plants need nutrients. Most plants need proper light too to be healthy. With a wider surface, it’s easier for plants to get all the nutrition.

So topping also wins this factor as it is giving the plant a wider range to absorb energy and distribute it properly.

Winner: Topping


When you are topping your plants it’s going to open some wounds. Keep in mind that you are cutting parts of your plant. And plant wounds are vulnerable to diseases.

Your plant remains in a vulnerable condition after you topped it. This vulnerability will last until the wounds are fully recovered.

However, not topping your plant will make sure there are no open wounds in your plant. So you will not face any consequences of vulnerability in your plant.

But for the overall growth of your plant, you need to go for topping. To defend the vulnerability of your plant you can take some precautions. 

You can go for some products or you can go for water curing or air curing.

We have gathered these amazing pruners for your plant to defend it from diseases. Check them out!

Winner: Not Topping

Need for a Larger Space

Some plants are bigger and some are not. To grow a wide plant you need bigger space. A good amount of room is also great for growth.

As we mentioned, topping gives your plant a wider range. This also creates a lot more branches. So your topping plant needs more room than the not topping one.

It’s better if you have a veranda or rooftop garden for topping plants. This technique should not be applied to the plants you keep in your room.

This might not be a huge deal for you if you have large space for your plants. But for the growers who don’t have much room, topping is not for you.

Winner: Not Topping 

Who’s The Winner?

Are you still thinking if you need to do topping or not? Well, don’t. We have mentioned and discussed all of the details to let you know you should go for topping.

Topping your plant might make you worried if you are doing it for the first time. But the experienced growers will always suggest you go for topping. 

This technique has always given the plant a better life cycle. On the other hand, not topping your plant can make you face many disadvantages.

Well, that was all the information we had for you today. We hope you understood who won the battle. Now you know why you should go for topping your plants.


Does topping increase yield?

Topping does, in fact, improve yield. Some argue that topping does not boost yield because the colas get smaller with each topping. When you top your plants, however, the cumulative yield is significantly higher. 

When should I stop topping my plant?

You should wait after the initial topping of your plant.  That’s because It’s essential to wait until the plant has grown to this point.  So that it is able to take the shock of topping.

Can I cut a bud off my plant early?

No. You should not cut a bud off your plant early. Cutting too early can diminish your overall output and potency. Since production peaks in the last two weeks of maturity. 


Well you have all of the details to decide whether topping vs not topping is best for your plant. But we have shown you who is the winner for your plant.

One last tip. If you decide to top, do not replant after topping. Wait for a while.

That’s it for today!

If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments.

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