tiresias mist vs colloidal silver

Tiresias Mist vs Colloidal Silver: Which Is Better?

By inducing gendered pollen with the use of feminizing spray, growers may produce feminized seeds. There are silver ions that inhibit ethylene in the feminizing spray. The plant needs that to develop female blooms.

But what is the best feminizing spray between Tiresias mist vs colloidal silver?

Between Tiresias Mist and colloidal silver, Tiresias Mist gives a slightly better result. The success rate of Tiresias mist is 100% and the success of colloidal silver is 99.99%. However, colloidal silver is easier to use than Tiresias mist. The price of colloidal silver is also a lot cheaper than the Tiresias mist.

We’ve elaborated on these factors in detail throughout this article. Do stick with us till the end to find what you’re looking for. 

Let’s dive in. 

Quick Discussion on Tiresias Mist & Colloidal Silver

When it comes time to sow seeds, most producers opt to use feminized cannabis seeds. Most individuals buy feminized seeds from commercial seed banks to assure seed feminization.

The most reliable, safe, and efficient alternative for creating feminized seeds is Tiresias Mist. For one branch to receive enough solutions to create female pollen, just one bottle is required. 

This excellent natural antibiotic spray kills germs, fungi, and viruses. Colloidal silver therapy has been proven to be efficient. It helps treat more than 650 different illnesses and ailments.

Okay now, let’s have a quick look into the aspects of both Tiresias Mist vs Colloidal Silver.

FactorsTiresias MistColloidal Silver
Dosage3–4 times each dayOnce in a day
Duration of Use14–21 days10-18 days
Success rate100%99.99%
Best PPM2030
Quantity NeededLessMore
Price (1 Ounce)Check Price from AmazonCheck Price from Amazon

You now have all the details you want regarding these two goods. Let’s take a deep look into these. 

But before moving on to the next segment check out this graph for a comprehensive view.

Tiresias Mist vs Colloidal Silver Chart

Now let’s dig into the article to see which one of these two is better and why!

In-depth Discussion 

Tiresias Mist gives growers the ability to produce feminized seeds when used as directed. Tiresias Mist is a dependable, risk-free alternative to conventional strategies that result in subpar results. One bottle of solution from one branch will be sufficient to produce female pollen. 

Tiresias Mist is a mineral solution made from naturally occurring minerals. That won’t hurt people, plants, or animals because it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and safe.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver has been used since the beginning of growing marijuana to feminize the seeds. 100% pure colloidal silver effectively feminizes marijuana plants. 

Rest assured the differences between Tiresias mist and colloidal silver isn’t as complicated as the differences between azaguard and azamax. Now let’s get to see the differences in details. 


Growing feminized marijuana plants is crucial, regardless of how skilled or novice the grower is.

Anybody may quickly create their own feminized seeds using Tiresias Mist. But how can you exactly feminize seeds with Tiresias Mist?

1 ounce of Tiresias mist is needed to be applied to one branch consistently in order to produce feminized seeds. It can be used on the same plant or plants that have undergone genetic female crosses with it.

By giving treatment to one branch, that branch is able to acquire male characteristics (pollen sacs). This makes it possible to pollinate flowers with pollen. That is on the other branches of the plant and produces feminized seeds.

On the other hand, Colloidal silver drop is applied as a foliar spray to the target area. Has to be sprayed on the plant for 10–18 days in a row at a concentration of 20 ppm or higher to see changes. 

The silver ion inhibits the ethylene production that the cannabis plant needs to produce female flowers. 

As a result, the female plant is compelled to make male pollen sacs using pollen from a plant that has been colloidal silver-treated.

This was brought about by the lack of male chromosomes in female plants. That’s why 99.99 per cent of the seeds produced will be female.

Other than that, do remember that feeding nutrients to your plants are vital. To get the maximum yield from your feminized plant you need to use some specific pk boosters. Here are some pk boosters that I frequently use on my buds: 

These are the best ones available in the market. These should yield some good results.

Winner: Both of the products get the job done so it’s a tie!  

Duration of Use and Dosages:

Now, let’s move on to the more important questions as how to use Tiresias mist? 

To use Tiresias Mist select a plant that is at least two weeks into its vegetative cycle (approximately 5″ in height). And has not yet begun to blossom. Spray 3–4 times each day for 14–21 days on one complete branch (without any leaves). Before the pollen sacs open, cut the branch off and place it in a glass of water. 

Now, watch for development to be completed. 

During this period, let the plant develop until female flowers begin to appear. When ready, delicately sprinkle pollen on your female blooms. Grow on till feminized seeds are ready.

The right moment exists for feminization with colloidal silver. By following a fixed procedure you can use the colloidal silver as well. 

Spray colloidal silver on fresh growth as soon as you can, and do so every day until male sacs begin to develop. Typically it takes 10-18 days.

how to use Tiresias mist

As soon as you notice the male sacs starting to form you need to isolate the plant. Separate this particular plant from other flowering plants to prevent it from pollinating other female plants. 

The less air movement, the better to prevent pollen from becoming airborne. 

Male sacs require time to develop, open and produce pollen. These pollens are yellow in colour (typically 2-3 weeks but vary with different genetics.)

Winner: As we can see Colloidal Silver is easier to use, it is the winner here. 

Usability and Advantages: 

Both of these products have several benefits for users. Let’s see what are those:

From the duration of use and dosages segment we’ve got to know that Tiresias Mist is not that user-friendly. But it has some great advantages. Let’s get to see those: 

  • All seeds are female. No more guessing
  • Stop waiting weeks for international deliveries.
  • The tap root from seed can provide greater harvests.
  • Crop timing will benefit from seed storage.
  • More easily transported than seedlings or clones are seeds.
  • Make your own genetic strains to become your own mad scientist.
  • Allows you to relax and makes that possible!

Like Tiresias Mist, Colloidal Silver may not have that many advantages. But it is user-friendly and the success percentage is close to 100%. Now let’s take a look into the benefits of Colloidal Silver:

  • You may make feminized seeds from any two female cannabis plants, including clone-only varieties.
  • Constant seed production is possible.
  • You are in charge of how many seeds are created.
  • Numerous feminized seeds can be easily produced if necessary.
  • These are all the advantages you need to consider regarding the two sprays.

Winner: As Tiresias Mist has more advantages it is the clear winner here. 


You can see that one ounce of Tiresias Mist costs a whopping $16-$20. And also it is not that user-friendly to use. So, it is a concern for us.

On the other hand, Colloidal Silver costs around $10-$16 per ounce. Which is a lot lower than the price of Tiresias mist.

Tiresias Mist

Colloidal silver gets the job done at an affordable price range. That’s why it provides the best value for your money. 

Winner: For the low price Colloidal Silver is the winner here. 

Brand Value: 

At the end of the day, both of these products are kind of the same. One is branded with a tiny portion of additive and marketed as Tiresias mist.

premium mist for feminizing seeds

It is a premium mist for feminizing seeds. Thus, it has a bigger brand value. 

On the other hand, colloidal silver is a basic ingredient that can be found in different stores. It also doesn’t have any specific brand value of its own. 

Unlike choosing between thrive alive and superthrive choosing a particular feminizing spray takes a lot of effort. It’s because the seed of the plant is quite sensitive.

Tiresias Mist is a very well-renowned brand for seed feminization. It is also more used than Colloidal Silver. That’s why it is a user favourite and more popular.

Winner: For having greater brand value Tiresias Mist is the winner here. 

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

You have seen that both Tiresias Mist and Colloidal Silver are well renowned. And both of them guarantee 100% of feminization. 

As you can see Colloidal Silver is easier to use than Tiresias Mist. Plus it’s way cheaper than Tiresias mist. So, for this exact reason, you can select that.

However, Tiresias Mist has a little more benefits than Colloidal Silver. That can be a matter of preference as well.

Therefore, you must make a decision based on your needs. And don’t forget to take necessary precautions while working with cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ppm colloidal silver is best for feminization?

A Colloidal Silver Fem Seed Spray of 30ppm is best for feminization. It enables gardeners to induce feminized pollen to produce feminized seeds. Colloidal silver contains silver ions that hinder the ethylene that the plant requires to produce female flowers.

How do you make S1 seeds?

S1s might be produced by a breeder as part of a reversal. In which they literally spray a chemical combination over a plant. That finally results in it changing from a female plant into a male plant. Since S1s are feminized, 99 per cent of feminized seeds will be female.

Can feminized plants be pollinated?

Yes, feminized plants can be pollinated. Self-pollination is another capability of the plant that developed the male parts. There won’t be as many seeds generated. As there would be by pollinating a different plant since there are fewer female flowers formed. 


So, we hope now you have all the ideas about tiresias mist vs colloidal silver. You are free to make your preferred choice.

Just consider your situation properly before choosing the right one for your hemp garden.

Till then happy growing.

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