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Thrive Alive Vs Superthrive- Which Tonic is Better?

The debate between thrive alive and super thrive has been going on for ages. Some growers think super thrive is more advanced as a growth tonic. While others believe there’s nothing better than an organic supplement like Thrive Alive!

So, what are the differentiating factors of thrive alive vs superthrive?

Superthrive uses some secret ingredients compared to thrive alive organic elements. Superthrive covers the same area with its 1/4 tbsp as thrive alive’s 1/2 tbsp. But, you can’t use superthrive in all the growing stages of cannabis plants. Thrive Alive can be used in both vegetative and flowering stages.

While these may seem like all the important differences, there are more to disclose!

That’s why I urge you to come along with me to know everything about these topics.

A Short Preview of the Comparison

The thing about growth supplements or tonics is that they can be a bit overpowering sometimes. Obviously, Superthrive or Thrive Alive are not fertilizers and you can’t use them as replacements. 

These can only be used alongside your fertilizers.

That’s why it’s essential to know everything about these before you can make a judgment. 

With that said, let’s take a quick look at all the features in a side-by-side comparison table-

FeaturesSuperthriveThrive Alive
Active IngredientsNitrogen, Vitamins, Hormones, 1-Naphthyl Acetic AcidSoluble Potash, Iron, Vitamins
Used InBoth indoor and outdoorIndoor and outdoor
Optimal for 2-4 weeks old plants, vegetative stageBoth vegetative and flowering stages
ApplicationDirect soil injection, mixed solution, with/without fertilizer, hydroponicsFoliar spray, rooting & transplanting, hydroponics
Area Coverage1/4 TBsp. per gallon or 3 Oz per 100 gallons1/2 Tbsp. per gallon or 6 Oz per 100 gallons

Let me remind you that these two are no fertilizers or pesticides. So don’t mix them up with antifeedants like azaguard or azamax

Being said that, I think we should move on to the full comparison.

So, let’s march ahead!

The Comprehensive Breakdown of Thrive Alive Vs Superthrive

With the basics being covered in the earlier segment, you’re now ready for the final showdown. From this point onward, it’s a battle between superthrive hydroponics and its nemesis, thrive alive. 

Ingredients Used:

The essential ingredients used in these tonics are very contrasting. At one end you have Thrive Alive which mostly uses organic ingredients. 

On the other end, you get Superthrive which uses inorganic elements.

superthrive hydroponics

The truth about superthrive is that the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the full ingredients list. That’s why many growers tend to skip on superthrive. 

But thrive alive uses organic supplements such as B-1 vitamin, iron, potash, and so on.

Because of their transparency, growers get more confidence to use it.

Winner: Thrive Alive is relatively better because of its transparency about ingredients and organic elements.


Applying growth tonics for your little cannabis plants can be daunting. Especially for products like Superthrive. That’s why if you don’t know how to use superthrive then you’ll be in big trouble.

Using superthrive for general plants or for cannabis, the application process is mostly the same. You can use superthrive directly to thirsty soil. Or you can use foliar spray on the plants. Either way, you’ll get a good end result from your buds.

However, if you use too much superthrive, then your plants will have severe problems. Some growers witnessed discoloring, while others observed dark wrinkles. 

Moreover, applying superthrive at a very early stage is also not recommended.

So, don’t use it in young plants and not more than 5-6 drops in the vegetative stage.

On the other hand, Thrive alive does not really have any side effects. Even if you use it too much.

Winner: Thrive Alive does not have much negative effect even if you apply more than the limit.

Feeding Stages:

A very important discussion for all growers is about the feeding stage of these tonics. Obviously, you can’t use them at all stages. So, when is the perfect time to use superthrive?

You can only use superthrive in the vegetative stages. You should never use it in the flowering stages. Your buds can get deformed if you use superthrive during flowering.

Don’t believe my words? You don’t need to because growers like you refrain from using it in flowering stages too-

Now, what about using thrive alive during flowering?

Yes, you can use the thrive alive b-1 red during the flowering stage of your cannabis plants. Gently put 1/2 tbsp of Thrive alive with 1 quart of water and apply.

thrive alive b-1 red

So, it’s best to get yourself Thrive Alive if you want to use it on both stages. Speaking of Thrive Alive purchase, don’t mix up Thrive Alive B-1 Red and Thrive Alive B-1 Green together.

Because red is used for general purposes as a nutrients supplement. While green has organic seaweed-based elements for specialized use. 

Winner: Thrive can be used in both the vegetative stage and flowering stage.


The price of both products clearly matters if you’re on a tight budget. So, I’ve to shed light on the reality of the prices.

The cost of superthrive is relatively cheaper than to thrive alive. While thrive alive dominants in all the other categories, it falls a bit short here. However, the price gap is not too overwhelming.

So, if you want to try out Superthrive, then this is the best time to do so! Because Amazon is offering a stellar deal on this highly regarded tonic-

So, is superthrive worth it at this price? 

Superthrive is definitely worth it because no other product can match the quality at this price range. If you’re planning to get your hands on some, don’t wait anymore! 

Thrive alive is also worth the extra bucks as it provides healthy and strong buds!

Winner: Superthrive offers better pricing and options to purchase.

Which One You Should Buy Between Thrive Alive and SuperThrive?

The only question that remains is which one should you get! Let’s check out the summary of the previous discussion.

Superthrive is definitely a good tonic for your cannabis plants with lots of pros. However, it’s tough to ignore the fact it uses unknown ingredients. That’s clearly not a plus point for superthrive. 

Thrive alive, however, uses organic ingredients which is definitely a great thing! Still, both of these have some clear disadvantages. 

These tonics can’t help you in the blooming stage. They mostly help in the vegetative stage. Thrive Alive can extend the duration to the flowering stage. In the blooming stage, you’ll have to go for either shooting powder bud expander or overdrive.

Being said that, the application of thrive alive is more flexible. However, the price of thrive alive is slightly higher than superthrive.

So, those were all the key points of this incredible comparison. It’s now up to you to make a decision!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Use Instead of SUPERthrive?

Instead of using Superthrive, you can use Vitazyme, Thrive Alive as an alternative. Contrary to Superthrive’s hidden formula, Vitazyme is completely organic. It contains artificial naphthaleneacetic acid. Moreover, the vitamin tonic is quite useful in providing a bigger yield. So, you can use both organic tonics for your cannabis plants.

Is Thrive Alive B-1 Organic?

Yes, thrive alive B-1 green is completely organic and harmless. It contains seaweed and Vitamin B-1 to create the perfect balance for your cannabis plants. The tonic provides a good amount of nutrients and decreases abiotic stress. Growers can use either the foliar spray or a direct solution with water.

Does Superthrive Really Work?

Yes, superthrive, as a growth tonic, works excellently in most cases. Superthrive contains vital nutrients such as nitrogen, vitamins, and growth hormones. Even some secret ingredients are also used. Using this tonic in your 2-4 weeks old cannabis plants can strengthen the roots.


Finally, you got to know all the major differences between thrive alive vs superthrive. So, there’s no chance of confusing the pros and cons of these two.

Whichever tonic you choose to use, make sure to follow the instructions. Otherwise, your cannabis plants’ growth might get harmed.

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