swollen calyx with tiny seed inside

Got a Swollen Calyx with Tiny Seed Inside? DO THIS!

“Am I high?”

Seeing a small seed inside the calyx, I thought I was. Soon enough, I figured out I wasn’t high at all. There’s REALLY a tiny seed inside the calyx!

So, what to do if there’s a swollen calyx with tiny seed inside?

The best thing to do for a swollen calyx with a tiny seed inside is to remove the pollen sac. It’s because they have a tendency to self-pollinate. They’ll pollinate the nearby female plants and produce low-quality weeds. So, it’s best to either prevent it or detach the pollen sac afterward. 

In this article, I tried to clear out all the doubts about a swollen calyx. Make sure you read it till the end of it. I’ve got some juicy preventive tips for you!

But first, you should understand what exactly a swollen calyx with seed means.   

What Does it Mean to Have a Swollen Calyx with Tiny Seed Inside?

First of all, having swollen calyx with tiny seeds inside doesn’t mean it’s a female plant. It’s a hermie. 

If you know what a tiny cyst looks like, you’ll understand how a swollen calyx looks. There’s a bump with a tiny hole in the middle of the calyx.

Hermie or hermaphrodite plants have both male and female reproductive organs. This kind of situation arises when female cannabis plants want to self-pollinate. 

So, they grow premature seeds inside the swollen calyx. Often, it’ll look even smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen. What plant has tiny black seeds! right?

You might have to use a microscope to zoom in!

What plant has tiny black seeds
Source: 420magazine.com

Now, the question arises if you should worry about hermies as a weed grower.  

Effects of Hermaphrodite Cannabis

Hermaphrodites aren’t really an abnormal case. You’ll find plenty of hermies while growing cannabis. But if you ask, is it good to smoke? I’ll say, no. 

Hermies have chances of self-pollination. So, there’s a chance they’ll grow multiple seeds. With too many seeds, the plant will lose its quality. 

So, the final product won’t be as good as you would expect. 

I’ll tell you why this happens to cannabis plants. Bear with me cause you might be the reason for growing hermies!

3 Reasons for Swollen Calyx to Have Tiny Seeds

The tiny seeds that you see inside your calyx are basically underdeveloped. They are caused due to hermie flowers in the early flowering stage. Hermes are quite common to see.

There are 3 reasons a swollen calyx grows a tiny seed inside. They are – genetic, environmental, and cultivator-specific reasons. I’ll provide a detailed explanation below for easy understanding.

Genetic Cause:

Cannabis with herming genetic strains usually leans toward producing tiny seeds inside the calyx. You might see this in some marijuana strains. 

It actually depends on the genetic origin. For example, Thai Sativa is more prone to producing hermies.

Moving on, some environmental factors also cause hermies. 

Environmental Cause:

If your plant gets heavily interrupted during the flowering period, it’ll grow into a hermaphrodite. Sometimes, diseases or insect attacks also turn a female plant into a hermie.  

Another great environmental factor is the wrong temperature. If the plant is exposed to more than 27°C temperature, it’ll react badly. 

Now, you might also be the reason your plants are turning into hermies. I’ll tell you what exactly you’re doing wrong here. 

Cultivator-Specific Cause:

Sometimes your cultivation method can be the cause of creating hermaphrodites. 

When you pour excess water onto your cannabis plant, it’ll react differently. Similarly, not providing enough water can turn them into hermies. 

That’s why 3/5/10/20/65 gallon pots have different watering methods.  

Just like water, nutrients are also important. You must provide enough nutrients so that the plant can grow healthily. 

Apart from irrigation and nutrition, harvesting period can also destroy the natural growth of cannabis. If you are too late in harvesting, hermies start forming.  

Also, using phototoxic products such as pesticides and fungicides might change the strain of cannabis.  

Now, the question is whether you should keep it or not.

Is Hermes Worth Keeping?

I already explained what a swollen calyx with tiny seeds inside can do. It’s not a good choice to keep if you’re harvesting for smoking. 

However, I would recommend keeping the calyx if you have only one plant. 

A cannabis plant is pretty expensive to grow because of the extensive care it requires. So, it’s better to let it grow if you have only one plant. 

Make sure you keep it away from other female plants. Or else, there will be a risk of pollination.   

But it’s best to remove the pollen sacs from hermie if you have other plants growing. Do it only when you can financially afford it. 

And if you don’t know how to get rid of it, let me guide you with some tips.

How to Remove Pollen Sacs from Hermie Plants

You must be careful in removing the pollen sacs. Otherwise, it might pollinate other plants near it. So here are the ways you can do it:

  • Take a sharp razor to cut the sac gently. Make sure it’s really sharp. You can check latest price on amazon. A blunt razor might expose the pollen in the air. 
  • You can isolate the herming plant from the batch. Use a plastic cover so that it’s a safe transfer.
  • Another way is to wrap a Ziploc bag around the pollen sac. You can find it on amazon. In this way, all the pollen will be collected in the bag. Throwing away the bag will get you the job done.

But hey, what if you can be cautious before the calyx turns into hermie? That’d be pretty awesome right?

So, here are the preventive measures you can take before the calyx shows any hermie symptoms.

Preventive Measures

So, the first thing you should do is to reduce any kind of stress. This will help in keeping the risk as minimal as possible.

  • Prune or stake the plants before the flowering stage
  • Ensure the best environmental conditions
  • Make sure to maintain the perfect hygiene of your plant
  • Monitor any disease or insect attacks regularly.
  • Maintain harvesting deadline strictly
  • Keep your plants healthy by giving balanced nutrients

By maintaining all these steps, you’ll be able to reduce the chance of growing hermies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when your bud has seeds?

Your bud having seeds means the pollen of the male plant touched the female plant. It’s kind of like having baby marijuana. It’s just the beginning of a big grown plant. However, seeded buds are not good for smoking weed. Usually, they taste awful and will give you a bad experience. 

Can feminized seeds turn hermie?

In some cases, feminized seeds can turn into a hermie. But it depends on whether it has experienced weather conditions like hermaphrodites. Usually, it forms genetically from the parent hermaphrodite. But in most cases, feminized seeds grow by inducing a male pollen and a female plant. 

Are hermaphrodite plants safe to smoke?

Yes, you can smoke hermaphrodite plants. It’s 100% safe. But you won’t like it. You see, hermaphrodite plants usually have numerous seeds. It’s not as potent as a female plant. So, you won’t feel good smoking hermaphrodite. It tastes really bad. That’s why experts recommend not smoking hermies. 


In short, a swollen calyx with tiny seed inside isn’t really an abnormality. However, it’s not a good source of weed either. That’s why you must be cautious about the plants you are growing together.

By reading this article, I hope you’ll be able to make wise decisions. Before anything else, try to understand the reasons. It will help you take care of your plants at an early stage. 

Good Luck!

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