spraying bt during flower

The Blooming Magnetism Of Spraying BT During Flower

The production of cannabis cannot be done without careful measures. To ensure the most potent products, you need the sprays. The BT can definitely be your best guide to quality assurance. 

In a clear world, you would be asking for the benefits of spraying BT during flower

Spraying BT during flowering helps healthy buds and ensure good yields. There are a few main reasons why BT sprays are going to benefit cannabis production. First of all, it comes with the ability to completely wipe out any insect’s manifestation. Secondly, it will make the plants absorb nutrients for healthy flowering and harvest. 

Spraying BT appropriately increases potency of the plant. Read through this article to get the process right. 


  • BT is a natural pesticide.
  • Cannabis growth can be boosted by using BT.
  • Budworms can be prevented or killed by using BT.

Why Should You Be Spraying During Flowering?

The flowering stage is a critical one.This is the reason why spraying BT during flower will be beneficial. 

It is mandatory to spray pesticides during flowering but BT can be a healthy alternative. Certainly, any issues such as wilting clone effects after cutting can be avoided. 

Doing the same job as any pesticides, the bacillus thuringiensis (BT) spray removes the side effects. 

You should spray BT for 3 reasons. Let’s see those.

Reason 1: Kills Insects:

A dense plantation system is covered by a growth of insects around the area. When the flowering stage is reached, things can get vulnerable. The incoming caterpillars late in the flower stages can make things worse for the plants. 

Spraying BT at the right time will kill any insects or Beetles followed by the caterpillars. Caterpillars love this stage as the flowering process benefits their growth. The BT is going to get into the digestive to attack the growth.

This means alongside the caterpillar, any insects will be infected by the BT contents. As a result, the death of these plant feeders will be imminent. 

In such a context, you can ask can I spray spinosad on buds as another alternative? You can definitely do that, but over the years, BT has shown better promise. 

You may continue to ask how BT stands out to promote a healthy flowering stage.

By producing protein crystals, BT stands out to promote a healthy flowering stage. This is a toxic component that attacks to damage the gut of the insects. The acidic manifestations inside completely kill the insects in a few seconds. This blocks further insect intrusion. Thus, BT helps cannabis plant during flowering by preventing insect infestation.

The BT is popularly known as a bacterium that grows on rich soil texture. For this reason, it is often recommended to get the right products. These products have some good nutrient mixtures to assist a healthy process.

Following the Monterey B.T. Instructions are important for the best results. These products have good reviews and can nicely help you grow gardening. 


Don’t contaminate your cloth with the BT chemical sprays. Have some protection – wearing aprons is a good idea.

Caterpillar on cannabis plant
Source: Homestead and Chill

Reason 2: Absorbs Nutrients Better:

Many would suggest lost coast plant therapy during flower stages for healthy outcomes. The introduction of such therapy can benefit BT sprays wildly. The main reason is to deal with moisture formations.

Any external moisture can affect the end product. For this reason, proper nutrients are needed. In such an aspect you should be implementing the right ingredients to lower humidity effects. Thus, using a humidifier and a dehumidifier is crucial.

When the plants are free from outside intrusions, it is going to absorb nutrients better. The use of hydrogen peroxide for bud rot can support BT sprays. The chemical fixtures of hydrogen peroxide deal efficiently with moisture.

In the later cannabis production stage, things will be free. This means there are enough nutrients for more potent cannabis. The harvesting scenario will be good as the colors flourish. To ensure the expected yield, below are two fertilizers that will help you a lot.

The use of these products is going to assist healthy growth. As the quality is better, the end product is going to be excellent!


When the fresh BT chemicals are flaring around, don’t eat or drink anything.

Reason 3: Delivers More Potent Cannabis:

All the hassles and hard work should not go to waste. The BT sprays can make way for the best flowering cycles. With proper nutrients, it is evident that the most potent cannabis will be appearing. 

The successful prevention techniques of insects, worms, and caterpillar bud rot have helped you. This means the hacks into cannabis THC increase is ensuring quality delivery. 

Before the transition from vegetative to the flowering stage, you have wondered what kills budworms. BT should be your best friend here. Just see the yield by using BT of this cannabis plant.

To avoid any chemical side-effects, some natural ways are there. This is to ensure the most potent end product. The BT will work just fine to ensure the THC and CBD level of cannabis.

3 Reasons to spray BT during flower

How Much BT Should You Spray 

Over spraying any chemical formula is not recommended in wider terms. Certainly, the beneficial effects may lose their power with too many chemicals infecting the plants. 

In such a context, the question arises of what is the right amount of BT to spray on plants.

To get the right amount of BT to spray on plants, you need to use a nozzle spray bottle. A nozzle spray push should inflict 4 tsp (per gallon) of fluid to the flowering plants. You must add a little less than 1 ounce of water to the mixture. Spraying such formula every week is going to make things healthy for the plants.

Here are the essential products you need to spray BT spray-

Give or take, following application instructions will be a guide for you. You should not experiment without following expert indications. 

How To Spray BT During Flower 

In order for the formula to mix in sufficiently with the plants, apply certain methods. This would be done by looking at the separate areas around the plants. This means recognizing which part to utilize within the process of BT spraying during flowering

Definitely, the leaves require it the most. Why would you be spraying branches? Keeping this in mind, here are some things you need to do:

  • Spray the leaf surfaces thoroughly
  • Go to the bottom with the spray as well
  • For outdoor plants, spray a little amount just after a heavy rain
  • Use gloves to wipe out any dust before spraying
  • You can also add a little alcohol to the water spray

These are very simple things to do. You really don’t have to do too much. Just apply a gentle and caring approach to the process. 


Make sure the spray bottles don’t leak.

Spraying BT on Cannabis Plant
Source: Delicious Seeds

When Is The Best Time To Spray: 

While working with the sophistication of BT spray, you must understand when to apply the sprays. In indoor setups, if installing light-proof ventilation scenarios helps moisturization, the plants would benefit. 

Indoor or outdoor, following some good indications will make you achieve the most. Here are some right time frames for the BT spray:

  • Spray when the soil is dry, this makes the leaf surfaces dryer.
  • When the sun is shining brightly in the outdoor arena.
  • In the indoor setup, just after 4 hours of LED/HPS lighting.
  • Most importantly, if the number of insects is more than before.

Inspecting the plant growth at regular intervals is the real part of the process. The more you observe, the better you will know how and when to spray. 


Ensure you are storing the BT spray bottles in a safe area.

How Long Does BT Take To Work:

Just like any pesticides, with BT sprays, don’t expect super fast reactions. Don’t expect these inspects to die within a couple of hours. It should be taking a few days.

However, you must not worry, because your plants are safe all this while. The chemicals slowly infect the insects causing their metabolism to deteriorate. Bit by bit it would infect the inside of the insects.

In such a gentle context, any kind of insect, worm, or caterpillar would die within 1 to 5 days. 

Patience is something you need to have for this. As BT works slower than most pesticides, it has zero side effects. Some fast-acting formulae can carry some negative plant-harming contents. 


Spraying BT more frequently will damage the cannabis growth.

Spraying pesticides on cannabis
Source: Cannabis Life Network

When Should You Stop Spraying: 

Considering the actions supporting when to stop BT sprays, get the real facts. It involves some insights pointed out earlier. Here are the right times to stop spraying:

  • In the outdoor arena, stop when the weather is cloudy and rain is expected soon.
  • When the weather is cold. 
  • In the indoor setup, when the dark hours are more than the lighting hours.
  • When the plants are coming to the end of flowering with harvest coming soon.

Make sure you follow product instructions properly. Take assistance with some more experienced people around. Being in a community helps the process more sufficiently. 


Do not try to sniff to smell plant leaves right after spraying.

Are There Any Risks of Spraying BT

There are also some risks associated with the pesticides like BT sprays. The BT toxin effects on humans cannot be avoided. For this reason, you need to have some protection while spraying. 

Here are a few risks that can be associated with humans, plants, and surrounding areas:

  • Eyes and skin irritation in humans.
  • Surface and groundwater contamination.
  • Can easily contaminate the soil and affect fertility.
  • The decline in the pollination process.

It is a good practice to avoid BT during the vegetative stages. The sprays should be applied in the flowering stage when things are most fruitful. 


Clean the floor of the room where the plants are growing.

using bt with a spray bottle
Source: Zambeza seeds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs);

At what intervals should I spray BT sprays?

You can apply the BT spray once every week. You should keep spraying it as long as any insects are there. It is good not to over-spray the contents. 

How long does BT take to work?

BT starts to work immediately after the initial application. It will take about a day or two for the insects to completely die. Most commonly due to starvation when the gut is infected.

Is BT a pesticide?

The BT contents work like pesticides and are also called a certain type of pesticide. However, its features are different from most pesticides. The protein mechanism inside BT produces toxic substances that kill insects, worms, and caterpillars. This natural pesticide won’t harm any plants if used correctly.

Final Thoughts

As you have understood the benefits of spraying BT during flower, you may not avoid it. Hopefully, you will be able to get the most out of the process.

Wishing you all the best, it is time to go!

Bye for now!

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