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Solo Cup Grow Yield [4-Tips to Increase Your Plant Growth]

If you’re a cannabis grower growing them in a cup must have crossed your mind. After all, if we can grow other plants in a cup why not cannabis? It might save space but the main concern will be the amount of yield.

So how much can you expect from a solo cup grow yield?

From a small-medium-sized solo cup cannabis plant, you can expect 5-10g of yield. If yours is under the range it needs more attention. Try using bigger-sized solo cups for getting more yields. The plant will grow more if the container is big. That’s why it’s better to use 2 or 3-gallon solo cups.

That’s the highlight of today’s discussion. Need more intel on that? Then you can count on our next segments on growing solo cup yield.

Let’s begin!


  • For solo cup cannabis yield, a 2 or 3-gallon pot is enough.
  • With the right cup size, a maximum of 20-30g of yields can be possible.
  • Not changing the cup size can mitigate the growth.

Growing Hemp in a Solo Cup

Just like many other plants cannabis can be grown in small solo cups. In fact, there’s a popular challenge among the growers called the solo cup challenge

It’s a challenge because growing pot in a solo cup is not easy. Even for experienced growers. A lot of restrictions come up with growing hemp in small pots.

And the biggest challenge of it is to get an adequate amount of yield. Whether it’s the leaf, buds, or seeds the amount will decrease a lot. Growing cannabis in pots vs ground doesn’t differ much in terms of yield.

But if we’re talking about the size of the solo cup then it definitely matters. Because the majority of the environment your plant is getting is constricted in that cup.

Depending on the size of the cup the height and growth of cannabis will vary. Cannabis plants grown in smaller solo cups won’t get much bigger.

In fact the smaller the cup is the smaller your plant will be. So is the yield. If your solo pot is big the plants will grow bigger. But it may not reach the height of those that are grown on the ground.

After all, there’s only a little space for the roots can expand in a solo pot. This is not the case with cannabis grown on the ground. Those plants can expand their roots without restriction.

So the plant also grows adequately long and gives more yield. So, if you’re growing hemp in solo pots know that the yield will be small.

Here’s a chart on the measurement of the solo cups. That’ll give you an idea of how much yield you can expect from your plant.

Solo Party Cup MeasurementExpected Yield
8 oz-16 oz3-10 g
1-2 gallon10-20 g
3-5 gallon20-30g

Know that this isn’t any absolute yield amount. This is the regular range of yield you can expect from your plant. If your yield is more than the amount then congratulations, you’ve mastered this!

But if the range is pretty low there is room for improvement. The segment will thoroughly guide you.

Cannabis Growth in a cup
Source: Grow Weed Easy

How to Increase the Yield in Solo Cup

Here’re a few things that can increase the yield of hemp grown in solo cups. Let us walk you through them.

Step-1: Use Bigger Cups:

Flowering plants in different sized containers gives a variety of results. Don’t use the smallest size solo party cups if you wish for bigger yields. 

Your plant can only grow roots far if the soil is deep. But these cups are not enough for the roots to reach their maximum length. They’ll be tightly compacted with each other with no further area to expand. 

This is true for even bigger size party cups. If you pull the plant out of the cup you’ll see the roots compacted below. So at least try to use 1 or 2-gallon party cups

At least the roots will get much more area to expand with these cups. As the roots expand the size of the plant will expand too. The flowering stage in a 2-gallon pot gives a more satisfying result than tiny solo cups.


Using a small pot during the flowering stage may alter the growth.

Step-2: Setting the Solo Cup Properly:

Since solo cups are mostly smaller, setting them properly is very important. You’d have to make the best out of the space you’re getting. Start with germinating the seeds.

Take a plate and two paper towels. Dampen one of the paper towels and set it on the plate. Put the seeds on top of it but maintain an inch distance between each.

Do the same with the other towel and place it on the seeds. There should be no extra water on the plate. Store it in a warm place and the seeds will sprout within 5 days.

Create a few holes on the bottom side of the cup. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. It’s to ensure the soil drains properly. Mix nutrient solutions into the soil and place them in the cup.

Don’t press the soil too much. Lastly, transfer the sprouts to the soil. Use earbuds or tweezers as they are very fragile to handle with hands.

Cannabis Vegetative Stage in Solo Cup
Source: Grasscity Forums

Step-3:  Transfer the Plant in Different Cups:

Let’s say you’ve started off with a small solo cup. The plant has grown to its maximum length and now it’s not growing anymore. You can see the size of the plant is not satisfactory.

If you transfer the plant to a bigger container it may grow more. Put more soil and nutrients too.


If you leave the plant as it is it’ll start to rot and go yellow.

Step-4: Water & Nutrients:

Plants in small cups can suffer from malnutrition more if not taken care of properly. It also requires more watering than regular plants grown on the ground. 

You may have to water them multiple times a day. Usually, it’s standard to water them twice. But if necessary you can give three or more times.

But make sure not to flood them. Mix the nutrients in the water so that the plants can stay healthy. For nutrients, you can simply use maxi bloom from the veg to the flowering stage.

During the flowering stage, the following nutrients for plants can come in handy.

Step-5: Keep Your Plant Stress-Free:

Keeping cannabis plants stress-free isn’t an easy task. If you’re growing them on solo cups it’ll be even harder. Your plant will need more attention and caution. 

Hemp grown in solo cups is mostly done indoors. The room you’re keeping them at must be at an appropriate temperature. The light and dark cycle is the same as the regular cannabis plant.

But the watering schedule might be different. If you see hemp plant stress symptoms then try to figure out the cause. Trim the yellow parts regularly.


Check out the roots and see if they’ve started to rot or not. Clip out the rotten part and move the plant to a different cup if necessary.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in growing more yield.

Steps to Increase Solo Cup Yield

Advantages Of Using Solo Cup For Hemp Growth

Using solo cups for hemp growing gives you some advantages over open field growth. For example, solo cups are better at providing insulation to cannabis plants. 

Especially at the early stages. Because it keeps the nutrients and water locked in. It helps the plants to absorb the necessary ingredients during the growth period. 

That’s why most growers grow the plant in solo cups in the early stage. Easy to move, and grow in small places. It also makes it easier to monitor plant growth if the cup is transparent.

They are cheap and easy to use. Especially in terms of transferring the plant to bigger pots. All you need is to cut the cup and transfer it to a bigger pot.

Solo Cup Yield
Source: Growlab

Disadvantages Of Using Solo Cup For Hemp Growth

Using solo cups has some mentionable downsides as well. And it is mostly due to its size. Unless you’re using a gallon-size cup, the issue of lack of space will always remain.

It also tends to require more water than plants grown in soil beds. You’d also have to look out for the chemicals that are used to build the cup. Some harmful chemicals might be present in it.

In such cases, the plant can get hampered.


Use biodegradable or eco-friendly solo cups to avoid harmful chemical build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What type of cannabis seed is more suitable for solo cup growth?

Try to pick auto-flowering cannabis seeds for solo cup growth. These types are the sturdiest among other species. They’re also very compact and don’t require too much space. This makes them the ideal type to grow in solo cups. A few varieties of Indica Sativa may also survive in solo cups.

When to start flowering in a solo cup?

After the third week is passed from the vegetation stage the plant can start flowering. To initiate this stage you’d have to maintain the 12/12 light-darkness cycle. Otherwise, the plant will not enter the flower cycle. In this stage, the plant grows in size from both ends.

What type of light to use for indoor hemp growth?

There are varieties of options for indoor lighting. But LED is the best answer for cannabis growers. They can be used in all stages of the plant’s growth. They’re a more economical option than regular indoor plant lighting. But avoid the “Blurple” coloured lights. Use more natural ones.


That’s all from our end regarding solo cup grow yield. Hopefully, our discussion was able to provide you with the information you were searching for.

We hope you can increase the yield on your solo cup plant. Don’t forget to germinate the seeds before planting them.

Happy growing!

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