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Shooting Powder Vs Overdrive: Which One Should You Pick

Growing cannabis inside the tent often requires external nutrients. There are tons of nutrients available on the market, but all of them aren’t suitable. 

Nowadays, the two nutrients people are talking about are the shooting powder and overdrive. Both are great but people are trying to buy the best one.

So, what’s the better option in shooting powder vs overdrive?

In shooting powder vs overdrive, shooting powder has phosphorus and potassium. Overdrive contains magnesium & potassium. Shooting powder works at the beginning of the flowering stage. On the contrary, overdrive works 3 weeks before harvesting. The dosage of the shooting powder needs altering but overdrive doesn’t.

This was only a briefing about these two products. Read the article till the end to know all the information!

Shooting Powder Vs. Overdrive: Quick Comparison

Before diving deep, rolling your eyes over some quick comparison of these nutrients. A  quick comparison is given below. Give it a good read!

Differentiating FactorsShooting PowderOverdrive
Ingredients Phosphorus, PotassiumMagnesium, Potassium 
Blooming enhancerYesYes
Time of use3 weeks before the flowering cycle ends  3 weeks before harvesting
Taste/aroma changesNoYes
Present toxinsNoNo

These are some of the core differences between shooting powder vs. overdrive

Now it’s time for some in-depth analysis. I’ve elaborated on the differentiating factors below. Take a look!

Shooting Powder Vs. Overdrive: Detailed Comparison

Small details about these products might not seem enough. So to help you, I’ve provided some serious details for comparing these two. Read along.


Phosphorus and potassium are the two major active elements in shooting powder. All oils, starches, and sugars are made using phosphorus. This is also necessary for photosynthesis. 

Phosphorus promotes maturity while reducing stress and enhancing fast growth. This also helps flower and root development. It can also help cure the swelling issues of the calyx.

The overdrive fertilizer ingredients consist of Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Phosphate, and Potassium Nitrate. It has double the number of ingredients compared to shooting powder!

Magnesium helps plants to absorb important minerals effectively. 

Chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis, is also produced with its assistance. Magnesium also significantly enhances a plant’s capacity to produce fruit and flowers.  
Winner: The winner in the ingredient section is overdrive because it has more ingredients.

overdrive fertilizer ingredients

Type of Blooming Enhancer:

Both shooting powder and overdrive are non-organic type nutrients. That is what makes them so elegant from other chemical nutrients!

Shooting powder consists of Phosphorus and Potassium. Phosphorus is organic. It can be found in soil microorganisms and remains from dead plants and animals. These organic bits are also the main differences between top shooter vs shooting powder.

On the other hand, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, and Potassium are non-organic. There are various uses for these non-organic substances. For instance, the use of magnesium phosphate is very wide in other areas as well.

These ingredients are mainly used to produce salt to provide nutrients to the plants. That’s why using overdrive for cannabis plants is a good idea! 

Winner: So, both shooting powder and overdrive is the winner here.

Time of Use and Dosage:

For both overdrive and shooting powder, the time of use and dosage are different. It’s important not to mix their routines up.

Shooting Powder should be used during the final three weeks of flowering. Using shooting powder during flush is also a good idea.

For the dosage of shooting powder, add 1 sachet to 25 gallons of fertilizer water. This dosage is for the first week. During the last two weeks of flowering, add 2 sachets to 25 gallons of nutrient water.

For the house and garden shooting powder instructions, this dosage requirement is the same. 

If you were wondering when to use overdrive nutrients, use them during the final three weeks. In the final two weeks of your flowering period, mix 2 ml per liter. 

With a good stir, it readily dissolves into your water reservoir. All types of soil, hydroponics, coco coir, and sphagnum may be used with Overdrive.

Winner: The winner’s overdrive since it doesn’t need dosage altering like the shooting powder.

Taste/Aroma Changes:

Whenever you’re using nutrients on a plant, it can have altering effects. One known altering effect of nutrients is the taste of the aroma. 

For the shooting powder, it does not change the taste. If you use shooting powder as a nutrient for any plant, the aroma/taste will remain intact. Of course, you will need to know exactly when to use shooting powder for that.

On the contrary, Overdrive plays a role in making the scent and taste of cannabis slightly different. So if you’re planning to not alter any taste and aroma, overdrive’s not for you. That’s why overdrive cannot be considered as an alternative to canna boosting.

Although overdrive does a phenomenal job at plant growth, it’s not the best at containing aromas. 

Shooting powder is also known to boost the flowering cycle.

Winner: In this category, shooting power wins because it does not affect the taste or aroma.

Present Toxins:

Since nutrients are a booster for plants, it’s normal that they contain some sort of toxin. Correcting toxicity of nutrients is also important. Similarly, there’s a chance of toxins existing in the shooting powder and the overdrive. 

However, I’ve got good news. The shooting powder does not have any toxins. That means it has nothing negative to impact the plant’s growth! When comparing Moab vs shooting powder, present toxins can set them apart!

when to use shooting powder

The same goes for overdrive. Both of these nutrients are toxin-free. That’s the main cause behind shooting powder and overdrive being so hyped! Both Shooting powder and Overdrive help increase the blooming. 

Winner: Shooting powder and overdrive, both nutrients win here!


Picking a nutrient for your plant is a big decision because you have to stay consistent with it. And for consistency, budget is a huge contributing factor. 

Overdrive costs approximately 35$ per liter. Considering you will use only 2ml per liter, it will go a long way with one purchase!

On the other hand, 5 sachets of the shooting powder will cost around 45$. You have to use 3 sachets per cycle, so you’ll burn out the powder very quickly. 

Winner: Between the shooting powder and overdrive, overdrive wins the cost category.

Shooting Powder Vs Overdrive: Which One is Best for You?

Overdrive and shooting powder have a lot of similarities and dissimilarities. Choosing the best nutrient will solely depend on your priorities. 

If you want to use nutrients at the start of the flowering period, go with shooting powder. When you choose shooting powder, you’ll also be saving the aroma and taste. When it comes to shooting powder, it can’t get better than House & Garden Shooting Powder. You can find it on amazon.

But you can’t save costs because shooting powder is more expensive. It also consists of dosage changing, which can become a hassle.

On the other hand, choose overdrive at the end of the blooming stage. By choosing overdrive, you can get more ingredients and save costs at the same time! You can get it from amazon.

However, it can alter the aroma and taste of your plants. So you can’t have the taste intact!


Does Overdrive work as advanced nutrients?

Yes, overdrive can work at an advanced level. Overdrive will amaze you with yields you’ve never seen before. The crops will swell in size and gain weight. Note that overdrive is completely compatible with plants and won’t interfere with their “pH perfect” technology. So go for it!

Should I spray my buds with water?

Yes, you can spray your buds with water. When the sun is rising is the time they need water the most. It is ideal to water or spray the buds. It can increase their growth and also increase the weight of the buds. Avoid spraying on the heat as the roots may be harmed by the sudden shift in temperature.

How do I make my buds tastier?

You can make your buds tastier by using organic nutrients. These are better than the manufactured ones. The soil’s bacteria are fed by organic nutrients, which in turn nourish the plant. This is excellent for the environment and gives the taste buds an excellent flavor. Black molasses can also help.


Hopefully, this article has helped you decide between shooting powder vs overdrive.

There are other nutrients out on the market as well. Feel free to choose any of them! Just remember to sort out your priorities.

Good luck picking the best nutrient!

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