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Shooting Powder Vs Moab: Which One to Choose?

It’s almost the last three weeks of your blooming stage. Naturally, you are concerned about which pk booster to use.

Of all the options to go for, Shooting Power and Moab are the two popular ones. 

So, which one is better for blooming plants in shooting powder vs Moab?

Moab contains higher levels of phosphate and potassium than shooting powder. Although both of them produce similar yields, it can be achieved by a lesser Moab dose. Also, Moab won’t diminish your crop’s overall smell.  And budget-wise, Moab is the sensible option compared to Shooting powder.

But knowing only this much won’t serve your cause. So we’ve written a whole article about it just for you! So, be sure to stick with us. 

Shooting Powder Vs Moab- Quick Comparison

Honestly speaking, we all know that they are both excellent pk boosters. 

But when it’s considering the yields of your buds, we can’t leave any details behind. Cause even a percentage of greater yield or thicker buds can make a difference.

So, here is a quick review of the main differences:

CatagoryShooting PowderMoab
IngredientsAvailable Phosphate = .9%Soluble Potash         = .2%Available Phosphate = 52%Soluble Potash         = 32%
Yield20% more than usual but diminishes overall smell20% more than usual but doesn’t diminish overall smell
DoseIn the last three weeks:
First week: 1 Sachet to 25 gallons                   Second week: 2 sachets to 25 gallons
Third week: 2 sachets to 25 gallons
In the last three weeks:
First week: 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons
Second week: 1-2 tablespoon to 5 gallons
Third week: 1-2 tablespoon to 5 gallons
PriceCheck HereCheck Here

Sadly, it’s not possible to portray such a vast comparison within this table. But, fear not, cause we have got that covered too. 

Shooting Powder Vs Moab: Detailed Comparison

There is so much that you have to process before starting your blooming stage. Cause these last three weeks will greatly decide the payment for your hard work. 

But worry not! We have tried to make this as detailed and organized as possible. 


As the name suggests, pk boosters stand for fertilizers that are rich in phosphate and potassium. So, both shooting powder and Moab have these ingredients as their basic supplement.

But the question is how much?

In the case of shooting powder, the percentage of available phosphates is .9% and .2% soluble potash. Whereas, Moab has a considerably higher level of phosphate and potassium. These are as high as 52% and 32% respectively. This is a much higher bar than the shooting powder.

shooting powder

Also, there’s another benefit of using Moab. 

Ever wondered is it okay to reduce base nutrients while using Moab?

Well, yes. You can reduce your base nutrient level up to 50% if you are using Moab. Cause it already has much of it included. Along with that, it contains .01% Vitamin B1.

On the other hand, it’s different for Shooting powder. You have to prepare the feed water with proper base nutrients.

So, if you prefer higher levels of phosphate and potassium, Moab should be your choice. It will also provide you with base nutrients and vitamin B1 which shooting powder might lack. 


In both cases, the working process of pk boosters is the same. Even after undergoing the maturation stage, it develops an extra layer of skin on the fruit. Which, increases the yield in total. 

Well, the yield for using shooting powder and Moab are quite similar (more than 20% extra wield). But, this might seem to contradict you. 

In the previous segment, we told you that Moab has higher levels of phosphate and potassium. So why not better yield?

That’s an answer to be discovered in the next segment.

So, based on this factor, what should you purchase? A little extra information might help you. 

Have you ever thought does Moab reduce plant smell?

No, Moab does not diminish the overall plant smell. If you are concerned about your weed buds having less aroma, don’t worry. It adds to the yield without harming the natural fragrance.

does Moab reduce plant smell

On the other hand, the same can’t be told about shooting powder.

Aside from these, to get a proper yield, you have to keep the humidity level proper. For that, you have to know where to use the humidifier. And having a soil humidity checker to check the moisture and humidity of the soil regularly helps a lot.

So, if you want to keep that natural fragrance intact, Moab is the one for you. But, the amount of yield is almost the same. 


The dosage of both the boosters is pretty simplified. So, how much pk booster should I use?

For shooting boosters, it’s best to use 1 sachet per 100 liters of feeding water. This is for the first week. But in the last two weeks, you have to use 2 sachets in the same amount of water.

As for Moab, in the first week, one tablespoon of 5-gallon feed water is needed. But in the last two weeks, it can be between one to two tablespoons. 

Make sure you use a feeder hose for spraying the fertilizers.

Now comes the real question. From this how can we derive which one to use? For that, let’s break down all the measurements as follows:

1 Sachet Shooting Powder= 68 gm

1 Table Spoon Moab= 6gm ( 5-6 gm approximately)

So, we need 68g shooting powder for 25 gallons/ 100 liters of water.

Now, we needed one tablespoon or 6gm of Moab for 5 gallons

So, we need (6*50=30gm Moab for 25 gallons of water.

From this, we can determine that lesser amounts of Moab do the same work as shooting powder. 

A chart of comparison for all the weeks is given below for further details:

Last three weeks of blooming Shooting PowderMoab
Week 1  68gm30gm
Week 2  136gm  30-60gm
Week 3  136gm  30-60gm

Before applying these doses, make sure you’ve figured out to choose either octopots or auto pots. This will help you out incredibly. 

So, if you have good business sense, we think you can guess which one to choose. Since the Moab gives the same wield in a lesser dosage, it’s the more profitable option.


Both Moab and shooting powder are good quality pk boosters. But we have tried to keep your budget into consideration as well. 

So, is Moab cheaper than shooting powder?

Not only can you get the Moab for almost 15 dollars, but it’s also high in quantity. It is the cost of a 2.4-pound package. Whereas, even the 1-pound shooting powder costs about 25 dollars. 

Here’s a detailed table:

Shooting Powder:

  Weight( Sachet)  Price 
1 sachet9$- 11$
5 sachets32$-36$


Weight( Pounds)  Price
.3 pound12$-15$
2.4 pounds46$-50$

So, if you prefer something light in your pocket, we would suggest you choose Moab. 

Luckily for you, if any of the two pk boosters don’t seem to be fit for your plants, you can jump to other options. Check out some other top pk booster brands for ensuring healthy bloom of your hemp:

ProductFeaturesCheck in Amazon
Flower Fuel Bloom Booster by Element Nutrients100% hydroponic-grade, soluble bloom fertilizerOver 40 proprietary ingredients Treats 200 Gallons of WaterCheck Here
Bloom Booster, Incredible Bulk Vegan Organic Plant Food Up to 130 gallons of solutionPerfect blend of pkCheck Here
FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz,, Original VersionHigh-phosphorus fertilizer that won’t leave a salty residuepH balanced blend of extra strength nutrientsCheck Here

Thanks to this three additional alternatives, you now have more options to pick from. Learn more about the products by visiting the links!

What to choose?

We hope that by now, you have a clear idea about both the pk boosters. If so, then you should be able to choose the right one for you.

If you need higher phosphate and potassium levels with vitamin B, go for Moab. But if that’s not the case then you can also choose shooting powder. 

One of its perks is it is really soluble in water, thus, easy to use.

is Moab cheaper than shooting powder

Then again if you want better yield with lesser expenditure and dosage, go for Moab. But if you can bear the extra expenses, shooting powder will also provide similar yields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Top Shooter and Shooting Powder the Same?

No, top shooter and shooting powder aren’t the same. While shooting powder comes in powder form, the top shooter comes in liquid form. The mixing ratio with feeding water is also different in both cases. Although they are both under House and Garden, they are separate products. 

Should I Use Two pk Boosters at the Same Time?

It is suggested to not use two different pk boosters at the same time. Because every pk booster has its own ingredient ratio and its feeding chart. Mixing them might result in an improper balance of the supplements. Thus, it might adversely affect your plants. 

What Happens after Bloom Booster Overdose?

Extravagant amounts of bloom boosters are definitely harmful to your plant. Instead of increasing the yield, it causes slowed growth in the plants. Also, it could lead to nutrient toxicity in plants. Thus, it can be really harmful.


Now let’s hear your opinion. We sure hope that you got to know everything related to shooting powder vs Moab.

Were we able to help you pick one?

Here’s an extra tip for you. Whether you choose Moab or shooting powder, don’t worry much about your plant size. Even smaller plants can have thick buds.

If there’s anything left on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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