Seedling Sprouted with No Leaves

Seedling Sprouted with No Leaves: Here’s Why it Happens!

The first few weeks after you plant your indoor hemp plants are the most vital. Overheating, underfeeding, and fatal fungus can all harm fragile seedlings if you start with seeds or clones. 

But if you fail to do that, there will be results like a seedling sprouted with no leaves. 

So, what are the reasons behind seedling sprouted with no leaves? 

Seedling can sprout without any leaves if the coat of the seed gets stuck. Lack of airflow, unfavorable soil temperature and poor root system can also be blamed for this. In worse cases, fungal infestation can cause your seedlings to sprout without having any leaves.

Like the overview? Great! Looking for more information about gardening? Let’s find out all the information about seedlings sprouted with no leaves. Let’s jump to the main wagon.

Seedling Sprouted With No Leaves: Why?

There could be several reasons why your cannabis seedling sprouted with no leaves. We will be discussing a few of these here. 

Reason 1: Seed Coat Stucked

One of the many reasons can be that you have not planted the seeds deeply enough in the soil. For the sprout to lose the casing before breaking through the surface it is very important. If the outer shell of the seeds remains on top of or around the small new leaves. 


When the soil is parched, the seed coat might become trapped. So it will result in a hemp seedling sprout with no leaves. 

Solution: To solve the problem you need to spray the case with water using a water spray bottle first. After a few seconds, gently pull it off with your fingertips. Then, put seeds three times their size in the soil to avoid the problem repetitively. 

For example, plant a 1-inch seed three inches deep. Whereas the seed is growing, make sure the soil is continually wet. 

Reason 2: Damping-off 

A fungal infection that targets stem at the soil surface and also is typically fatal is the likely cause of a batch of apparently healthy seedlings falling over and withering almost overnight. Damping-off is facilitated by excessive moisture or nutrients.

Solution: You can avoid the problem by taking some necessary steps before it gets complicated. Firstly, spread sphagnum moss or medicine on the soil surface or other planting media you are using.

After spreading seeds, they will absorb moisture. Treat seedlings with fertilizers prepared for early development stages. 

And carefully observe specified dilution rates to ensure that the plant has enough nutrition available. It will simply solve the disease and save your seeds.

Reason 3: Ultraviolation

You must be doing something wrong if your hemp seedling sprouted with no leaves. On a blue sky background, ultraviolet-B (UV-B; 280–315 nm) exposure causes the formation of secondary plant compounds. 

For example, flavonoids sprout from subterranean root systems in the earth. The seedling stage takes four to six weeks to finish.

Solution: Manage to provide the needed formation of ultraviolet on. It will help your seeds to sprout with long, green, and fresh leaves. 


To make sure you balance the distribution of light spectrum properly to your plants, you need LED grow lights. But not all grow lights can manage to equally distribute lights in all the corners of the pit. For that, you require to have the best of the best.

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These are LED grow lights from some of the top competing brands in the market. Use their growlight to set up the optimal UV spectrum for your plants.

Reason 4: Damaged Cotyledon

A cotyledon is a component of the embryo inside a plant’s seed. When a seed germinates or starts to sprout, the cotyledon often becomes the seedling’s initial leaves

Botanists classify plants depending on the number of cotyledons they have in their seeds.

If the cotyledon is damaged or broken somehow, your hemp seedling will sprout with no leaves. Sometimes, a broken seedling can’t grow properly and it dies. This might be another reason behind this. 

Cotyledon is a very important component for the growth of your hemp plant.

The photosynthetic cotyledons stay on the plant till the genuine leaves emerge and can begin photosynthesis. The seed leaves only last a few days before falling off. 

They are still needed to assist in routing the energy contained in the seed. This is for new development, but they are no longer required after the plant is self-sufficient.

Solution: You have to be very careful about cotyledon so that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. So save your seedling otherwise, leaves will not come, and your plant will die eventually. 

Reason 5: Poorly Formed Root System While Transplanting 

The reason behind this can be drainage issues. Also, if the soil fertility for seedlings is low then the root system then it will not be able to form firmly.

Fertilizer salts, often known as “fertilizer burn,” are caused by using too much fertilizer.

If the soil temperatures are too cold, it will create problems. So the necessary humidity and temperature for indoor cannabis are required to grow perfectly.

Solution: The ideal soil temperature for seeds is 65°-75°. Overwatering and inadequate drainage can result in compacted soil. Also, there needs to be a minimum amount of air space in the growth media.

The most crucial thing to do after the hemp seedlings develop 2-3 sets of leaves is to supply them with nutrients! Most seed starting mixtures provide very little, if any, nourishment. 

We recommend applying a 14 to 12-strength fluid seaweed fertilizer to almost every watering to keep your seedlings happy!

It is essential to start seeds in a soilless seed mix. The soil-free seed mix is lightweight, fluffy, and ideal for growing strong, powerful roots in your hemp seedlings. 

The soil type of potting soil is sometimes overly thick and lacks drainage. It makes it difficult for young seedlings’ fragile root systems.

Seedlings should be maintained moist but not wet. It should never be allowed to totally dry out. This usually means watering your cannabis seedlings’ soil at least once a day, if not more frequently. 

Watering your seedlings and keeping the soil moist without getting it too wet is easy by using a spray bottle.

True leaves develop 1 to 3 weeks after germination in most cases. The length of time depends on the type of plant and the growth circumstances, such as light and water.

If the situation gets really complicated your seedlings might die. Also, diseases such as either calcium deficiency or leaf septoria can be seen. So you need to find out when and how you can save them from dying. You need to check the root system of the seedling daily. If your seedlings are dying, the stem will get brittle as well as mushy. 


If you find that both your roots and stems are brittle and mushy then it’s too late. Your seedlings are already dead and you cannot revive them. 

 Every day, check on your indoor plants so that they can grow nice and fresh.


What’s the Deal With My Seedlings Being So Spindly And Long?

Seedlings tend to stretch toward artificial lights once they are very distant from the plants’ upper little leaves.  Since artificial lights are considerably dimmer than the sun, they become spindly and long rather than firm.

How Can Seeds be Germinated without Being Drained?

They rob the soil of its moisture. However, you already have them in the pan. That might be preventing them from draining. Ours went into a germination chamber. They will appear in a few days. Then beneath the lights on the table. Almost every day, I drink water.

How Long Do Peat Pots Take to Grow?

Peat Pots will start sprouting within three days after being placed under the optimal lighting. Keep an eye on them for water requirements. They are the main thing you will notice when you go into the kitchen. It tends to stay overly wet or dry out quickly.


That was pretty much all we have to share about seedling sprouted with no leaves. Remember that you may switch with your plants and containers at any time.

So don’t be too concerned about the outcome. And get those lovely cannabis plants sprouting right immediately! 

Happy growing!

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