Removing Pollen Sacs Hermie

Removing Pollen Sacs Hermie: Everything You Need to Know!

When you’re growing a plant, the growth should be smooth and free of problems. The same applies to cannabis plants. Effortless cannabis production is possible.

However, the pollen sacs create major problems for the plants. It’s more problematic when the sacs are on a hermie plant. You need to remove them as soon as possible!

So, what are the steps to removing pollen sacs hermie?

It is very important to remove pollen sacs. Firstly, you can carefully try to pinch the pollen sacs off. Do it with a pair of tweezers or your hand. Secondly, try pulling the pollen sacs off using a small cloth. For both methods, don’t let the pollen come out of the sac.

This is only the briefing of the whole article. You’ll have to read it fully to understand it better.

So, let’s get right into the article!

What is a Pollen Sac?

Before getting rid of the pollen sac, let’s acknowledge what is a pollen sac.

In a plant that can develop a flower, there is one distinct pouch on it. That pouch of a seed plant anther is called the pollen sac. The anther is where the pollen remains. Each anther can hold up to 4 pollen sacs.

There is a chance that the pollen sac won’t produce fast. Sometimes, you can observe the pollen sacs late in flowering. The pollen sac usually takes 2 weeks to develop. It can develop and bloom before its time too!

Source: Grow Weed Easy

This is similar to the situation where the flower plant hairs turn red. This basically indicates an early finish time for the flowers and pollen sacs.

The pollen sac contains all the pollen. By the pollen, the process of pollination is possible. 

Note that, there are differences between calyx and pollen sacs. Try not to mix up these two!

Why Removing Pollen Sacs of Hermie Plants is Important? 

By now, we know what male pollen sacs in plants are. On the contrary, there are female flowers on a female plant. 

Also, a hermie plant means that it can have both male and female flowers on it. Take a look at some hermaphrodite plants examples for better understanding. 

Source: What Is Autoflowering Cannabis

Let’s try to summarize the process of pollination. The pollen sacs stay on the male plants while the female plants have stigmas. Any kind of medium between the stigma and the sac may initiate pollination. For instance, bees, wind, etc.

It’s important to know the sex of your plant. Only when you can distinguish between male and female plants, you can stop the pollination. There are many early signs of hermie plants that can help you.

Additionally, if you see pollen sacs on female plants, it’s changing their sex. Female plants turning into male ones can show this sign. By this sign, you can confirm that it’s a hermie plant. Since they have pollen sacs on them, a hermie plant can pollinate!

By pollination, a plant can reproduce and fertilize. It can develop flowers and fruits. Then why stop pollination, right? 

When pollination happens on a cannabis plant, the quality of it goes down immensely. THC levels go down rapidly and cannabis production becomes very slow. 

Also, when the pollen gets into a female flower, it produces seeds. The seeds aren’t worth smoking, they are a total loss. 

So it is absolutely critical to stop pollination before it happens! 

2 Methods of Removing Pollen Sacs

Since we know the importance of removing pollen sacs, let’s see some of the methods. There are multiple methods for this. 

A seed-free harvest is guaranteed by these methods. All of these are easy, just follow the suitable one for you!

Take a look at the methods-

Method 1: Pinching The Pollen Sacs Off

If you find a pollen sac developing in its early stage, you can follow this method. Removing the pollen sacs at this time is good because it stops the sex change. 

Generally, it is a step when knowing how to turn a hermie back into a female.

This is an easy and very quick way to get rid of the pollen sac. Carefully pinching the sac of the stem is the only step you have to follow. You can use a tweezer to do this, or you can simply use your hands. 

Grab the top portion of the pollen sac, pull it gently towards you. Make sure the sac does not explode and the pollen stays inside. Then get rid of the pollen sacs. 

If you’re doing it by hand, follow the same method. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Also, you can use scissors for this. Just cut the pollen sac at the level of its stem. Just make sure you’re holding the scissors safely! It can regrow and bloom again!

I have listed some good-quality scissors for your convenience-

These scissors will do the job of cutting the pollen sacs. On top of that, they are a great addition to the basic chores of your home.

Pulling The Pollen Sacs 

This is similar to the previous method we discussed. Although this method takes a bit more time, it’s safer. 

Just follow the previous steps. The only difference is, to use a rug or a towel while pulling the pollen sacs. The cloth will wrap the pollen sac inside so that no pollen escapes while being removed. 

If you’re using scissors, cut the pollen sac and put it on the rug. Make sure no part of the sac stays behind.

These are the 2 methods of removing pollen sacs from a hermie plant!

Additional Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to know for easier plant growing-

  • The pollen sacs are seen on male cannabis plants. So, if you know the sex of a plant beforehand; you can be aware! Whenever you see a pollen sac, remove it via the methods explained above.
  • Choosing a true female plant is the best option. Hermie plants are the worst since they produce both male and female flowers. In this case, you try to revert hermie to a female plant.
  • You can try avoiding unintentional pollen sacs. Since we were kids, we have known that “prevention is better than cure”. The same goes here. If you raise a pollen sac-free plant, you won’t need to remove it.

You can use a hermie spray to avoid pollen sac production. Avoid over-fertilizing, bad environmental conditions, and late harvesting. These might help your plant not turn into a hermie plant.


Do Flowers Fall off After Pollination?

Flowers do fall off after pollination but there are also additional factors behind it. Not enough pollination can also cause this. The environment is important for plants. Any problems with the environment can make the flowers drop. Additionally, this can happen when the soil is of low fertility.

Should You Cut Off Yellow Leaves?

The yellow leaves should definitely be cut off. They can cause a lot of problems. Many pests and insects can attack the plant because of the dead leaves. Since the yellow leaves are of no use, feel free to trim them! You can trim them with scissors. Be careful and try to trim only the yellow part.

Can I Cut a Bud Off My Plant?

Yes, you can cut a bud off of your plant. Although, you’ll have to follow some precise steps to do that. Hold the buds lightly by their stems. Find the sugar leaves and cut them off. Maintain a slow pace while trimming the skin. Then, collect trichomes. Throughout the process, protect the bud.

Wrapping up

This is the finish line of this article. Hopefully, you know the methods and steps of removing pollen sacs hermie.

Only a male and a hermie plant can develop a pollen sac. So, try to plant true female seeds to avoid them.

Good luck with removing the sac!

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