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Rapid Start vs Great White: Choose the Right Nutrient!

Searching for the best plant nutrient for your cannabis is kind of tough. Because your cannabis plants are really sensitive to nutrients. 

So you have to keep all of the factors in mind while you choose. It gets even harder when great brands like Rapid Start & Great White exist.

So, you might be curious what to get when it comes to Rapid Start vs Great White? 

Rapid Start has rare plant extract and nutrients for the roots whereas Great White consists of beneficial bacteria. Also, the application process of Rapid Start is easier. However, Great White is better for plant health. Great White promotes roots and flower development up to vegging period.

You get the idea right? But to understand the differences properly you need more details.  

So, without wasting any time let’s just jump into the article!

Quick Comparison

Before jumping into the detailed debate we need to know the key features of both nutrients.  

Let’s not wait any longer and dive right into some of the key differences between the two additives:

FeaturesRapid StartGreat White
NutrientsPlant extracts, Amino Acids, and Purified Mineral Nutrients.Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beneficial Bacteria, and Trichoderma.
Application2 ml per gallon, dip 0.26 or 0.76 inches of the plant.Dip in 1 Tbsp of Great white
Flower Developments Helps in the early stages of flower developmentMake the flowering period healthy and hearty
GrowthProvides healthy rootsProvides a healthy life for plants
CostCheck Price from Amazon!Check Price from Amazon!

Well, these are all the key points you need to keep in your mind. But don’t worry. We have elaborated on these factors as much as possible.

Before moving on to the next segment check out this graph for a comprehensive view.

Rapid Start vs Great White chart

Now let’s move on to the details!

Rapid Start vs Great White: Detailed Comparison

Your cannabis plants have all the nutrients they need in the environment. But, keep in mind that we are trying to develop them faster. 

That’s why choosing the right nutrient or fertilizer will help!

Now let’s go over the details and choose the best!


There are three main ingredients that the cannabis plant needs. This nutrient ratio is called NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium). 

But the different brands use various nutrient ratios. The ingredients in both of the brands change the nutrient ratios. 

Anyways, both Rapid Start and Great White are excellent when it comes to nutrition.

Rapid Start is designed to give your cannabis plants explosive root growth. It also has the nutrition for early flower development.

Now you may wonder, what are the ingredients of Rapid Start?

Rapid Start comes from plant extract, Amino Acids, and purified mineral nutrients. It has a perfect amount of Ammonium Molybdate and Ammonium nitrate. This helps the root grow faster. Rapid Start also has Monopotassium Phosphate and Potassium Nitrate. It helps develop the root hair of the plant.

The natural and synthetic hormones, beneficial bacteria, and fungal strains of Rapid Start will make your plant better.   

It also has the basic minerals and rare plant extract to keep your flowers healthy.

Now, we also used Great White on a few cannabis plants. This product is basically 16 different species of Mycorrhizal Fungi. 

Great White also has beneficial bacteria for your cannabis plant. 

Great White has the nutrients to break down the macro and micronutrients of your plant. 

Keep in mind that Rapid Start has the nutrients which help you to have solid root growth. 

If you don’t have solid root growth, the macro or micronutrients won’t matter. But if your root network doesn’t have any problem you should go for Great White.

One thing that both of these additives lack though is the amount of trace minerals. When my buds need an extra boost of trace minerals I add organic composts. 

With all the available compost on the market, it’s easy to get confused. Here are some of my go-to compost for buds:

By using these composts the number of trace minerals in your plants will rise. 

To summarize, I would go for the Rapid Start if I have problems with the root. But if there is no problem at the root it’s better to go for Great White.

The great white has nutrients and beneficial bacteria for a healthy cannabis plant. 

Winner: The winner here is Great White as it makes the overall plant healthier.  

Applications or Usage:

You may have already heard that rooting accelerators are always popular. Most growers use these accelerators for their cannabis.

Well, Rapid Start has always been one of the best rooting accelerators for cannabis.

Using Rapid Start for your plant is pretty easy. All you need to do is pour a small portion of it onto the root. You will not only promote root growth but also enhance plant vigour and yield.

Rapid Start can be applied at 2 ml per gallon. But I always use a little bit more, either way, the roots come out great. 

If you are using Rapid Start, you will surely notice a strong root network. You will have a vigorous plant. 

It’s your choice to dip the plant or not. But if you are going to dip, dip 0.26 or 0.76 inches of the plant. Don’t dip for more than five seconds.

Now, when I used Great White I have to use it for seedlings. I dust a little bit into the holes of the plant soil. Keep in mind that it’s before I planted them into the medium.

You should use water when you are going for Great White. And try using a humidifier inside your tent for better results. 

But if you are using great white for clones you should go for a dip. Make sure the dip has 1 Tbsp of Great white in it.

Dust the area of the plant you are growing into. Depending on the size of the pot, put roughly one gallon of water with Great White.

Now, you might be thinking that the application process for Great White is complex, right? But this complex process is worth it! 

Rapid Start and Great White both have the best ingredients for a healthy cannabis plant

As I have used both of the products, I have seen Great White is better. I know it’s complex but the outcome will be better.

ingredients for a healthy cannabis plant
Source: walmart.com

However, if you’re just getting into growing cannabis or you don’t want too much hassle, go with Rapid Start. It’s relatively straightforward and easy to use. 

Winner: Rapid Start is the winner here as it is easy to use. 

Flower Developments: 

Do you know what’s the best thing to see for a grower? A healthy cannabis flower. 

Rapid Start is a highly concentrated product. The plant extract and mineral nutrients provide explosive growth to the roots. 

But what about the flowering period in Cannabis? Well, this is not the first priority of Rapid Start. But this product will also aid in flower development.

Rapid Start is known for the benefits of producing roots. But it also provides additional benefits for the flowers and buds. 

It helps the plant in the early stages of flower development

Now, when I have used Great White in my plants I saw the flowers develop better. The difference between Rapid Start and Great White is here.

And that is, Great White, make sure the roots are nice and abundant. It also makes the flowering period healthy and hearty.

Source: sensiseeds.com

One more interesting fact is that it even extends to the vegging period. If you want to use any alternatives for Canna Boost, use Great White for flowering.

For an additional boost during the flowering period, I tend to use pk boosters! But not all pk boosters available on the market are suitable for hemp. Here are my go-to pk boosters for growing hemp:

Using these products will help with your yields surely!

To summarize, Great White makes your roots strong and breaks down the nutrients in the following period. 

Winner: The winner of this category is Great White. 


Rapid Start and Great White both are exemplary products for your cannabis plants. 

Keep in mind that Rapid Start has some plant extract, which provides you with the best result. 

Rapid Start has proven to be highly beneficial. Because it produces the fuzziest and fluffiest Rhizoids you have ever seen.

This strong and highly helpful product will give you the best roots. Trust me, you will have the best roots when you use Rapid Start.

Now, let’s come to Great White. The great white has the best ingredients for the overall life period of your flower.

Your cannabis plant will be healthy even before vegging period.

Now, consider which one’s is going to give you success. You should look at the overall time period of your cannabis plant.

alternatives for Canna Boost
Source: hg-hydroponics.co.uk

To summarize, for healthy roots go for Rapid Start, and for a healthy life of plant go for Great White. 

We can’t pick out a winner from this section. Because this is a matter of preference. 

Winner: It’s a tie as it depends on your preference. 

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

You have all the information now. It’s now time for us to find out which one is the better fit for you.

It always comes down to which purpose you’re trying to accomplish.

Usually, when I see my plants are having bad root networks, I go for Rapid Start.

In other cases, for the best and healthy life of the cannabis plant, I would go for Great White.

Keep in mind we don’t need the roots only we need the product for the whole life cycle of your cannabis plant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much Rapid Start should I use?

Normally, when you are using Rapid Start add 1 tbsp per 5 gallons of water. But if your roots are in an extremely bad position add 2 tbsp per 5 gallons. Keep in mind that the quantity of the water will depend on your pot or container.

How often should I use Great White?

Great White is used for a premium and healthy lifestyle of your cannabis plant. You can apply once per week to your plant. Don’t pour more than 1 tbsp per 2 gallons of water. Just remember to apply every other week.

Can I use Rapid Start in any other plant?

Yes, you can. Because this product is basically a plant nutrient. You can prompt a strong root network to any other plant by using Rapid Start. 


Now you know what to choose when it comes to choosing between Rapid Start vs Great White. You just need to understand the factors and choose wisely. 

Remember, if you want strong roots, go with Reba. And if you want a healthy life cycle of your plant, go with Great White. 

That’s all we had to offer for today!

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