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QB288 vs QB304:The Better GrowTent Quantum Board (2022)

Choosing an appropriate quantum board for your grow tent is difficult. Especially when you want the best for the ladies. The qb288 has been amazing thus far. But what about qb304? Are they any good for grow tents?

So, which quantum board is a better choice for grow tents in qb288 vs qb304?

In qb304 vs qb288, qb304 provides 321.6 lm/W and pulls 14000mA. Whereas qb288 pulls 3000mA. Comparing wattage, price, and parallel wiring factors, qb304 is definitely better than qb288. Qb304 has a better power handling ability as well. It also provides ample blue and red light for buds to grow. 

I’m sure you need more explanation on the matter. For that, I have explained everything in this article.

Spend a few minutes reading along and you’ll see why I chose this quantum board.

Without further ado, let’s roll!

Quick Comparison

When using quantum lights there are a few things that must be considered. And that is wattage, LER, and the current it pulls. 

Here is a quick comparison for you to see how qb304 is different from qb288. Take a look!

Wattage50W max.10-150W max.
Water-resistanceIp65 WaterproofIp44 now Waterproof
LER321.60 lm/W321.60 lm/W
Max Current per Board3000mA1400mA
Parallel WiringSame batch boardsSame batch boards
VersionV2, V2 RSpec availableNo update 

At a glance, the main differences are in wattage, max current and price. Now let’s delve into the deeper details to compare qb288 and qb304. 

Detailed Comparison: Qb288 vs Qb304

Well, a mere table will not do justice if you are comparing the qb288 and qb304. For the sake of your precious hemp, you need more detailed information.

Ready for the details of the factor to compare qb288 and qb304? Here we go!


To make the best use of the wattage, see how many plants you can place under each board. Maximum use of the intensity on plants will lead to higher yield. And that is exactly what we want, cost-profit optimization.

Qb 288 wattage can go up to max 50W. If it exceeds 50W, you will require a heat sink plate to absorb the additional heat. You can check out the Heat Sink TOPINCN. You can find it on amazon.

For qb304, it can run from 10W to 150W, which is a greater wattage range use. Here’s what qb304 full spectrum looks like.

With the wattage, you can either use 3000K or 3500K lights as per your need.

So, if you have a versatile range of wattage use, qb304 definitely is a winner for you. 


Qb288 was a water-resistant quantum board from the beginning.

The new qb304 was made water-resistant for indoor and hydroponic grow tents. Since qb304 was specially made for hydroponic grow tents, qb304 will be at your advantage. But that is if you have hydroponic grow tents.

So, we see a tie here between qb288 and qb304. 


Understanding LED grow light intensity is crucial for your grow tent’s harvest quality.

Both qb288 and qb304 produce 321.6 lm/W. It seems both produce the same amount of intensity. 

We see another tie here. 

Max Current per Board:

So, qb288 can work with 3000mA max current per board. On the other hand, qb304 works with only 1400mA max current per board. 

Yet, qb304 produces as much light intensity as qb288 but with half the energy. Which is almost double the efficiency. 

The new qb304 diodes have been massively improved to provide more efficiency and it worked. This also lightens the load of your electricity bill.

That’s a win for us, isn’t it? 

Next, is the lighting color. 1400mA will produce warmer light, meaning more red light and blue light. This promotes the growth of the hemp’ flowers and leaves. 

So, I have a winner here, and that is qb304. 

A tip: Sometimes the high wattage can increase the temperature causing a heating problem. You can make a DIY vent to obstruct extra light for your grow tent to regulate temperature. 


Qb288 costs about $70 – $75 per board. On the other hand, the cost of qb304 is almost half of its price, $30 – $35. 

And with half its price, qb304 provides more advantages than qb288. This is understandable because qb288 was the predecessor of the qb304 board.

But qb288 provides amazing heat control with high voltage, that even on an astonishing level. 

In terms of costing, qb304 runs ahead of qb288. 

Parallel Wiring:

Parallel wiring is crucial when you have a big grow tent. So, can you do it on qb288 and qb304?

The answer is yes you can. You can connect multiple qb288 boards to one kit. You can also do the same for qb304 boards. 

But the difference is, that qb304 boards can be connected parallelly as many as you want. 

On the other hand, you can only click 5 boards at once for qb288. 

For pro growers, qb304 is definitely a win!

However, avoid daisy chaining. Because it can cause the first board to handle a large current. And a surge of large current can harm the first board. 

Maintenance cost:

As discussed before, between qb288 and qb304, the price of qb288 is higher. And qb304 is sufficiently cheaper with upgrades. 

Now, qb304 can provide you the same intensity of light with half the electricity qb288 uses. This means when you use qb304, you save on the electricity bill. Qb304-

how qb304 is different from qb288
Source: aliexpress.com

You can safely use qb304 without any thermal interface between the board and the heatsink plate. Meaning less heat emission. Again it saves the cost of heat control in the grow tent. 

Overall, qb304 has less maintenance cost than qb288.

Power Handling Test:

Initially, I ramped up the current to 2100mA. And it was pretty stable at 57 celsius. 

After 15 mins, I further increased the current to 2500mA. It held up well at this point too. I tried removing the qb288 heat sink to see if that changed anything. 

Even without the heat sink, the board was stable at max 3000mA. The temperature was 75 degrees celsius

As for qb304, I applied the same method. Only this board’s current is a maximum 1400mA. So, I increased the current by 400 mA from 1400mA every 15 mins. Qb304 showed astonishing handling ability. 

It held up perfectly well at 200% of its capacity. 

I would say, qb304 is definitely a winner here.

qb288 vs qb304: Which board to choose?

It’s time for the final verdict.

If you are a fan of the qb288 boards, for a better outcome you can use qb288 v2. It has astonishing power handling ability. You can find it on amazon.

And qb304 is for the growers with a tight budget and a smaller range of current. You can get it from amazon.

Thus, depending on the preferences, both the boards can be suitable for respective growers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does qb288 need a heatsink?

Qb288 does need a heatsink for safe usage. Upon increasing the electric current and wattage, the quantum board will produce extra heat. The heat sink panel is made of unique aluminum material with a surface oxidation treatment. It greatly helps in the dissipation of heat produced by qb288.

Can I use qb304 without a heat sink?

Yes and no, you can use qb304 without a heat sink but it’s not recommended. qb304 works at 1400mA max. It held up incredibly well when I increased the voltage. I increased the current to 2900mA which is double the load but it didn’t explode. The temperature increased up to 84 celsius. So, using a heat sink plate is wiser.

Is qb304 any better than qb288?

qb304 is certainly better than qb288. It has more diodes to pull more electricity. It produces an equal amount of light with half(54V) the voltage of qb288 (108V) required. This saves you on your electricity bill. It produces more red light which is better for flower blooming, veg, and plant growth.


This concludes the article on qb288 vs qb304. Both are amazing boards for grow lights. But qb304 wins here for multiple reasons. Hope that helps you decide on boards for your ladies. 

Did you find what you were looking for in this article? Let me know in the comments.

Best of luck!

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