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Misting During Flowering: Proper Ways To Do It!

The flowering stage is the most anticipated time for a cannabis grower. And naturally, a cannabis grower will be very worried about the flowers too. 

You may continuously be thinking about which is good for the plants, and which is not. Especially if you are new at planting cannabis. 

So, it is very common that you think, is misting during flowering beneficial?

Yes, misting your cannabis during the flowering stage will help your plan breathe better. Especially, if you are in a less humid region. But it is not that essential. And it can cause a fungal attack on the plants if you aren’t careful enough. You have to take care of the humidity and other factors. 

That’s not all. It’s just a preview for you before I dive into the discussion. Read the article to know everything about it. 


  • Don’t use foliar spray to mist. It will damage the leaf and soft stems.
  • Too much misting will damage the plant.
  • Use a dehumidifier for indoor plants.

Proper Ways Of Misting During Flowering

Misting during the flowering stage is a sensitive task. You have to maintain all the processes very carefully. Let’s see how to mist your cannabis during flowering. 

Ways Of Misting:

You can mist your cannabis in two ways. Such as-

Spray bottle: This is the easiest and most common way to mist your plants. Simply spritz the leaves with water using a spray bottle. Cover the leaves just like how the morning dews do. 

There is no absolute minimum or maximum quantity that you must maintain. Try to cover all the leaves. But don’t spray excess water. It will make the drying take too long. 

Plastic bag: This is another way some cannabis growers prefer. After watering the plants, cover them with large clear plastic bags. Don’t let the plastic bag touch the foliage. Keep it that way for 30 minutes.

You will notice water drops or mists on the leaves. 

Also, there are misting fans and misting systems if you are planting in a bulk. 

Misting Weeks:

Determined to mist during the flowering stage? Then, misting should be done only in the early flowering stage. Which is typically the first 3-4 weeks. 

In the mid-late flowering stage, after 4 weeks, the buds stay tightly together. So the water from misting will get stuck on the builds and cause molds and fungus.

Misting the plants
Source: I love growing marijuana

Misting Frequency:

You may be thinking, should I mist my plants daily

You should mist the plants daily if the humidity in your region is very low. If not, then misting should be done only when the plant is dry. Typically 2-3 days a week. Misting too much may result in weak soil and lack of nutritions. So, don’t mist your plants too much at a time.

Outdoor Misting Time:

You will get the most benefit if you mist the plant at certain times. So, when to mist the plant? The morning and the evening are the best times of day to mist.  

Morning Time Misting:

Some regions are humid at night. In those regions, misting your cannabis during the day is the best choice. Be done with the misting at least an hour early before the sun hits the leaves. 

Because the mists need at least an hour to be absorbed. It is not good If there are dew drops on the leaves when the sun hits. It can burn the leaves. Because due to the water, the sunlight will be magnified. 

Evening Time Misting:

If the climate in your region is too hot or sunny, go for evening time misting. Because if you mist plants in the daytime, the water will be soaked up too early. And you won’t get any benefit. 

Misting in the evening will keep the leaves cool all night. Also, as the weather is hot, you don’t have to worry about the water sticking around. It will be absorbed nicely. 

Both Time Misting:

You can spray during both morning and evening if the climate is normal. By Normal climate, I am talking about neither being too humid nor too hot. Just make sure to spray while the sun is coming up.

And in the evening, mist when the sun is setting down. 

Misting your plant at night is not recommended. And also, don’t mist when the sun is hitting the leaves. 

Indoor Misting Time:

For indoor plants, you have the freedom to choose when you wanna mist them. But you have to adjust the lights accordingly. 

Here’s the tricky part. You can’t mist the plants while there is complete darkness. Because then the dew drops won’t be absorbed. 

Also, too much light will burn up the leaves while there are still dew drops. So, here’s what you can do. take the plant outside the grow room, where there’s light but not too much. 

But what to do when there are many plants? When you are misting, turn some of the lights off. After an hour, when the drops are soaked, turn on the lights. 

You must spray at the same time every day. So your plants don’t get confused.  

So, These are the right methods of misting your plants during the flowering stage. But there are some other factors you have to follow while misting at this stage. Otherwise, you can avoid the risk of misting. Read the next segment to know them.

Misting Frequency

Things to Follow While Misting During Flowering

You can avoid the risk and get all the benefits of misting. But You just have to be watchful enough. Let’s see what you have to ensure while misting during flowering.

Check the Humidity:

Only do the misting when the environment is very dry such as below 30%. Keep a good quality thermo-hygrometer near you. You can measure both the temperature and humidity conditions. 

But suppose you are done with the misting.  And then you notice the humidity is too high. What to do in that case? If the plant is outside, the extra water will somehow get dried out. 

But if you are planting in a grow room you have to take steps by yourself. In this situation, a dehumidifier is essential. It will help you keep the humidity level at the precise level you want. 

People sometimes get confused about where to place the dehumidifier or humidifier. It is best if you place it outside the grow tent. There are other certain things you need to follow before using these. Know them properly beforehand. 


Keeping windows open can be an cheap alternative for dehumidifier.

Control the Water Condition:

Getting the perfect water as per your plant’s needs is not possible most of the time. Because in optimum water, there can’t be any bad minerals. Also, the pH level needs to be optimum, and so on. 

So, if you are misting the plant, make sure to filter the water. That way bad minerals will go away. And measure the pH level of the water with a pH meter. If the water deviates a lot more than 6.5 pH, adjust the pH level


Too much water can harm the plant. A proper drainage system is required for that.

Don’t Use Foliar Spray:

Foliar spray is also a kind of mist. But it’s done with many nutrients instead of clean water. You may wonder, can you use foliar spray during flowering

No, you should not use foliar spray during the flowering stage. There are many concentrated nutrients in a foliar spray. In the flowering stage, plants can’t absorb this concentrated mist. And grows mold and suffers from fungal attacks. 

If you can control these factors, you can go ahead with the misting without any worry. But you must be thinking, why should I bother with misting? Is there any benefit? Yes, misting in this stage has some benefits. Let’s discuss those in the next segment.

Indoor Cannabis Plants
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Benefits of Misting During Flowering

The flowering stage is crucial for cannabis. You have to maintain a lot of things at this stage. Such as, how much to water, how long to use nitrogen, whether misting is necessary, etc. 

By doing proper misting, you can get beautiful cannabis like this person.

You may have heard that flowering stage misting helps the buds. Yes, it is true. There are a few benefits of misting cannabis during flowering.

Benefits of misting

Helps to Clean the Buds:

Obviously, if you are thinking about misting your plant, there must not be much rain. And your plants are getting dusty. In this case, misting the buds helps. Just spray some water on the buds and they will be clean. 

As a result, the stomata or tiny pores of the buds will get open. They help the buds breathe. So open pores allow your cannabis to be better respiratory. It will lead the plant to yield more. And the quality of the hashish will be better.


You can use fans to clear out burned leaves and dusts.

Provides the Plants with Essential Humidity:

Sometimes the weather can be very dry. Especially if you reside in a desert region. In these cases, the buds can use some humidity from the misting. 

Also, if you plant indoors, your cannabis doesn’t get the water drops in the morning. So, the misting will help them achieve that experience. So, the misting will help your cannabis breath better. 

Helps the Plant to Remain Cool:

In extremely hot weather, your cannabis also suffers. Extremely hot temperatures can decrease the quality of the buds. That’s why you can mist them in the evening. It will help the buds to cool down all night. 

So, these are the benefits you will get from misting during the flowering stage. But wait a minute! You may assume that it is easy, but it’s not. There is some risk if you don’t spray the cannabis properly. I am going to discuss them in the next section. 

Risks Of Misting During Flowering

Flowering is a crucial time for your cannabis. For our little carelessness, the yield, and quality of the buds will turn out poor. If you are not careful enough with the misting, some problems can occur. Such as –

Mold Or Fungal Attack:

The optimum humidity of the flowering stage is 40-50%. At most, you can go up to 60%. But more humidity than that can ruin your whole effort. Sometimes while spraying water during the flowering stage, we are not careful enough. 

Sometimes the humidity increases, and the mist can’t get dried out. And this extra moisture leads the buds to grow molds and fungus. Even the buds can get rotten. These moldy or rotten buds are not even good for smoking. 

Harmful Elements Absorption: 

When we use water on our plants, we don’t even care much. We just use tap water. But it can contain many minerals that are not beneficial to your plant at this stage. But the plant will absorb all the nutrients of the water.

That’s how harmful minerals can get absorbed into the buds and slow down the yield. 

Misting the plants in the flowering stage can be risky. So, if it is not really that necessary, you can avoid this extra work. 

But when your planting environment is very dry, you need to mist the plants sometimes. For that, you have to ensure the proper way of misting. 


Always check and clear tares. They take away vital vitamins for plants.

Early stage of cannabis plant
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Misting Your Plants Do Anything?

Yes, misting the plants provides them with the necessary humidity it requires. Especially if you live in a desert area, or your grow room doesn’t have a humidifier. It also cleans the dust off the stomata. And help the plant breathe better. 

Can Misting Cause Root Rot?

Yes, misting can cause the roots of your plants to rot if you aren’t careful enough. When you mist the plant too much the excess water gets stuck on the root. It leads the root to rot. Also, if the water temperature is too high or low, it causes the root to rot. 

How Close Should Plants Be to a Humidifier?

The humidifier should be placed 3-6 feet away from your plants. Some plants need more humidity than others. Place the humidifier according to that. Also, place it a little (2-4 feet) above the ground. 


So, that’s all I had to say regarding misting during flowering. I’m hoping that this information may be useful to you as your cannabis is flowering. 

Listen to your plants, and mist them if needed. Just follow some rules with a little effort. And you will get better quality hashish. 

That’s all for now. Have a good day.

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