humidifier inside or outside grow tent

Humidifier Inside or Outside Grow Tent? [Explained]

Humidity is one of the major factors affecting cannabis growth & quality. Hence, you might be thinking of using a humidifier to increase your plant’s growth and yield rate. 

But you could be thinking, should I use a humidifier inside or outside grow tent?

You can use a humidifier both inside and outside the grow tent. Setting up a humidifier outside the grow tent is best for maintaining medium humidity (40-50%). However, to maintain high humidity ( 60-75%), using it inside the tent will be best. Also, there are factors to consider for the humidifier.

Don’t worry, we have covered all the aspects of choosing where to place the humidifier. 

Hopefully, this will help you decide what to do.

Let’s start.

Where Should I Use the Humidifier? Inside or Outside Grow Tent? 

You can use a humidifier both inside and outside the grow tent. However, it is recommended that you put it a few feet from your plants. And, if possible, in the middle of the room.

If you put it too close to the plants, it could wet the soil and leaves. Mold and fungus can grow on leaves that have too much water on them.

You can also put it outside grow tent. In this case, you need to place it a few feet away from the intake fan.

So, there are no big drops of water in the air. It simply circulates humid air within the room, which is pulled into the tent.

Using Humidifier Inside the Grow Tent

If you are using the humidifier inside the grow tent then you must be aware of the pros and cons. So look into this-

setting up the humidifier


  • Creates an ideal environment for your plants
  • Helps the plant absorb water vapors easily
  • Increased yield & faster plant growth 
  • Easy maintenance of optimal temperature and humidity


  • Requires you to set up a new humidifier every time you add a grow tent
  • Needs frequent maintenance and cleanup 
  • Might be cheap at first but on the long run the resale value is lower

Using Humidifier Outside the Grow Tent

The pros and cons for using the humidifier on the outside is given below-


  • No large droplets of water in the air 
  • The blowing process distributes the air uniformly
  • Doesn’t have to be placed in close proximity to plants in order to work.
  • You’ll need it for other reasons other than putting up a grow tent.


  • Might not provide optimum temperature and humidity inside the tent 
  • The humidifier will be prone to environmental damage
  • Plant yield rate and growth might be lower than setting up the humidifier inside 
  • The initial cost is higher and requires a larger unit.

From the above discussion, it seems, setting up a humidifier inside the tent is ideal. 

However, there are some other factors to consider while setting up a humidifier.

Stay with us to know about those.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Humidifier 

Choosing a humidifier inside your outside your grow tent can be quite challenging. You may get overwhelmed with what to choose for your tent. 

Stop worrying, everything will be handled properly. Here are the most important criteria to keep in mind while selecting a tent humidifier.

Room Size:

Here is a chart for you to understand which type of humidifier you will need for your room

Small Humidifiers up to 300 sq. ft 
Medium Humidifiers 350-500 sq. ft 
Large Humidifiers 550-1000 sq. ft 

So if you have a small room, you can check out the MOVTIP Mini Humidifier. You can find it on amazon. It has an auto adjustable timer and multiple spray modes. But if you have a big room, you need large humidifiers. In this case, the Tower Humidifier is a good choice. It can cover upto 1000 sq feet of area. You can get it from amazon.

A small tip-  small humidifier should target 50% relative humidity.

Yield and Growth Rate:

While harvesting, you should focus on getting better plant growth and yield rate from a grow tent of 5×10 and others.

Setting up the humidifier inside the grow tent allows the plants to absorb vapor easily. This also creates an ideal environment for the plants. 

On the other hand, Setting up the humidifier outside the tent doesn’t have this facility. You need to set up intake systems manually. Hence, a slower growth and yield rate will be seen.

Thus, setting up a humidifier inside the grow tent will allow for better growth & yield rate. 

Overall Cost: 

One of the major factors while setting up a humidifier is the cost. Setting up a humidifier inside the room may sound cheap. But there is a catch. 

Each time you set up a new grow tent will require another humidifier which adds up to the overall cost. This might not seem cost-effective in the long run.

On the other hand, setting up a humidifier outside the grow tent will require a larger unit. In this case, it will cost more than the inside setup. 

However, setting up the humidifier outside the tent gives you full room coverage. Hence, you won’t need to set up a new one when placing a new grow tent. 

Temperature and Warmth: 

This solely depends on the outdoor climate. You should consider the yearly environment as the humidifier needs external air to sustain airflow. 

You need a cool-mist humidifier if you live in a hot and dry climate. IN that case, the Megpad Cool Mist Mini Humidifier is a good choice.

Conversely, if the environment is cold year-round, you will need a warm mist humidifier.

Mineral Dust:

Your humidifier’s performance will vary depending on the mineral dust you choose to use. It is as important as honey & molasses for the plant.

Use an evaporative humidifier if the air is too dusty or has too many germs to breathe comfortably. These impurities will be eliminated before the water is evaporated and released.

If you don’t have to deal with this problem, then any of the other humidifiers is probably better.

Humidifier Inside or Outside Grow Tent: Final Verdict

Setting up a humidifier inside the grow tent gives you a better production & yield rate. But if you need to place a new grow tent, the cost goes up. 

Setting up a humidifier outside requires a larger humidifier considering the room space.

But, in the long run, the cost will be lesser if you place new grow tents.

Considering all the factors, set the humidifier inside to do small-scale harvesting only.

But if you plan to grow your harvesting, setting it outside will be the wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequent queries and replies for you-

How far away should I place my humidifier from a plant? 

You should place your humidifier four to six feet away from your plants. This allows the plants to breathe comfortably and absorb water vapors. Therefore, the plant does not get wet or saggy. If your humidifier has a hose, do use that. It helps the plant absorb moisture easily.

Is a Cool mist humidifier good for plants? 

Yes, cool mist humidifiers are perfectly good for plants. However, there are factors to consider while using a humidifier. If you are living in a colder area, you might not be needing a cool-mist humidifier. Also, the cool-mist humidifier is prone to mold growth. Do keep an eye on that.

What should I do if my hygrometer is not working suddenly?

If your hygrometer stops working suddenly, you can use the ice cube test. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. If there is condensation on the glass body after 10 mins, the humidity is high. Otherwise, the humidity will be lower.


That’ll be all regarding the humidifier inside or outside grow tent. Hopefully, you have come to a conclusion about using it inside or outside the tent.

Have a great time cultivating cannabis in your grow tent. 

Good Luck!

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