How To Turn Reggie Into Loud

How to Turn Reggie Into Loud – Tips to Get the Best Hemp

You worked hard and grew a batch of Reggie. That’s just disappointing as you can’t do anything with Reggie. Because Reggie is considered as the lowest grade cannabis. 

But, are all hopes lost? Well, there might be something to salvage from this disaster.

So, the question is exactly how to turn reggie into loud?

There are some ways to turn Reggie into loud. You can increase the potency by curing it a bit more. Turning into edibles will extract the best parts. You can also try turning some into a hash to mix with the rest. Using an efficient delivery system like a bong can make it loud as well.

Now that you know the basics, why don’t you start fixing the goods?

So, let’s get right into the game!

Why is It Important to Turn Reggie into Loud?

Reggie is the absolute poorest quality of hemp. It has a very bad taste, color, and feel to it. Reggie is consumed by people who are ignorant about the qualities of hemp.

Source: Colorado Cannabis Tours

The right one in the picture is Reggie and the left one is mid-grade goods. As you can see the right lot looks just like our life, dull and meh.

If someone is taking hemp as medication, Reggie won’t give you anything. But what if you take it only to get high?

You will get a high from Reggie, however, it won’t be a feel-good high. reggie hemp will leave a very bad taste and you will get rushed thoughts. Consuming too much reggie hemp will leave you with a bad headache.

On the other hand, loud is the king of kings. This one will give you all the goodness you’re looking for in hemp. You will get the pleasurable high from the high quality that loud hemp provides.

If your doctor prescribed you cannabis as medication, he was talking about loud hemp. Because only the good stuff can give you the pleasant feel and relief that you seek.

That’s what some loud cannabis should look like.

If you are a grower, there could be some reasons that made low-quality goods. Let’s see what could be the cause behind it. Later we will check out how to turn that hemp into loud.

How Can Hemp Turn into Reggie?

When you’re growing your own hemp there are factors that you need to take care of. If everything is not up to the mark, your hemp can be a reggie hemp plant

And certainly, you wouldn’t want that. Because working hard to grow hemp and then getting bad results is demoralizing.

Let’s see what are the factors that can turn hemp into low quality:

1. Genetics

This is something that you don’t have much control over. Because when growing a bad gene can cause your hemp to be weak.

What you can do is collect seeds from proven good strains and avoid reggie hemp plant. That could minimize the risk of getting Reggie hemp with weak strains.

2. Early Harvesting

This is a mistake that most beginners make. Harvesting hemp too early will result in impotent hemp.

On the first harvest, hemp takes more time to mature to be worthy of harvesting. So, be patient with harvesting and ensure they look like the following picture.

Source: Royal Queen Seeds

Because if you take under-developed hemp, it’ll you runny thoughts and headaches.

3. Proper Light in Flowering Stage

When your cannabis is in its flowering stage it needs light to bud properly. If it does not get enough light that results in airy and impotent buds. 

Sometime there can be be small buds even at 6 weeks of flowering. That is not very pleasant experience as grower.

There are lots of techniques for using artificial lights. Provide your plants with proper lighting, so that they grow to their full potential. 

On that note, here’s a chart of required watts per coverage area. This can vary with the number of plants you have. But this will provide you with some approximate idea.

AreaWatts per Coverage Area
1’ X 1’30~40
2’ X 2’120~140
2’ X 4’240~300
3’ X 3’250~300
4’ X 4’500~650
5’ X 5’700~900
6’ X 6’1000~1200
4’ X 8’900~1100
8’ X 8’1200~1400

Also, I have curated some of the grow lights to make your growing experience easier.

4. Proper Processing after Harvesting

After harvesting it is really important to properly cure and dry your buds. 

After harvesting and drying, the cannabis gives it much better potency, smell, and smoothness. It should be slowly dried for at least 3 days up to 7-10 days. 

But you should not dry it under a fan or it will have a very harsh taste later on.

Also, after drying it needs to be cured by being put into air-tight jars. And it needs to be exposed to bursts of fresh air every 3-4 days. 

This reduces the harshness and the green taste. And also strengthens the potency of your cannabis.

Source: Leafly

If all these factors aren’t followed, your hemp can turn into reggie. So if it happens then can you turn reggie into loud

Let’s check out what solutions you could try out:

5 Ways to Turn Reggie into Loud

After everything you do have a batch of reggie hemp, don’t worry too much. There are some ways that you can turn those reggie hemps into louds. 

Following these steps might give you the high-quality cannabis that you seek. These’ll also work if you want to know how to turn mid into loud.

So, let’s see what steps you can take to turn reggie into loud:

Step 1: Further Cure Green Or Wet Buds

After finishing all processing you might want to check your yield once again. There could be quite a big number of green or wet buds in there.

Having green or wet buds means they haven’t been cured properly. 

So curing them again will help a lot. While choosing curing methods, choosing between air curing and water curing can give you headache. So, it’s better to follow the previous curing method you opted for.

You will see a noticeable difference in potency after curing green or wet buds once again.

Additionally, they will smell much better and have a smooth feel to them. 

Properly cured buds are tighter and lighter in color. That will give you the best feeling you can get from hemp.

Step 2: Turning into Edibles Or Oil

It is a good way to use your weaker batch of hemp. Because while processing to make edibles or oil you’ll be extracting the main ingredients. 

On that note, check out these oil extractors for easy home extraction process.

With the edibles, you can control how strong you want your cookies, brownies, or chocolates. 

Step 3: Turning into Hash to Mix with The Rest

If you have a lot of buds that are not potent, then this is the best possible way of using them.

You can take some of your buds and then turn them into hash. You could use the dry-ice method of making hash.

After turning them into hash you can sprinkle them on your existing buds. that will exponentially increase the potency of your buds.


This works great and is one of the best ways to get high-quality output.

Step 4: Using A Efficient Delivery System

You can take your cannabis in a few different ways. And each will give you a different amount of delivery.

The most efficient way is to use a bong or a water pipe. That will give you the most out of your hemp. You should know how to roll loud but it’s very inefficient.

Step 5:  Crushing Dense Buds

Sometimes you’ll see some buds that are dense and formed balls. Those need to be grinded to make it smoother. That will increase the potency and will give better results

These are the methods on how to turn reggie into loud. But it is better to try to get a high-quality yield in the first palace.


How Long Does Curing Generally Take?

The whole process takes nearly a month to do. You need to dry your hemp for 10-12 days. Then lock it in an airtight jar and give it bursts of fresh air from time to time. This spans for 2-3 weeks.

Why is Cannabis A Medicine?

Cannabis has CBS or Cannabidiol which is used for anxiety, pain, muscle disorder, Parkinson’s disease etc. It is legal in many countries for the good effects it has.

Is Cannabis Globally Used As Medicine?

Over 30 countries have made the medicinal consumption of cannabis legal. The United States follows this too but for a selected few states.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article will help you in how to turn reggie into loud. The methods shown here are pretty straightforward and hopefully, they’ll work out for you.

Oh wait, here’s a tip! While crushing dense buds, be aware of not making them powder like.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

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