how to turn a hermie back into a female

How To Turn A Hermie Back Into A Female? Top 2 Tips!

Growing cannabis is costly and quite challenging. They require lots of extra protection. But the unfortunate part is, even with care and protection it’s not always 100% safe.

Sometimes the female seed you planted may turn out to be hermaphroditic. This means that it has both male and female flowers.

So in situations like this, your concern is, How to turn a hermie back into a female?

To revert a hermie plant into a female, start with cutting off the male parts. Don’t just cut off the male organs rather cut off the whole branch. Keep removing them until no more male parts get produced. You can also try using reverse hermie sprays to suppress hermaphroditic characteristics.

Ready to learn the processes? Then join us for the full discussion.

Let’s begin!

Can Hermie Plants Be Turned Back To Females?

When it comes to farming, growing seeds, or crops, female plants are more precious. The case is even more so if it’s a cannabis plant. 

Because they are moderately rare and critical to preserving thanks to their hermaphrodite characteristics. Cannabis plants can turn into a hermie under stress and high heat.

So can the opposite also happen? Can hermie trait reverse? It’s a common question asked by those who’re new to cannabis production. The answer to this is yes.

A hermie hemp plant can be turned back to female. There are a couple of methods you can use for that. But the question is do you really want to turn a hermie into a female?

The reason why I’m asking this is because it’s quite a risky gamble. If you’re new to growing cannabis, know that hermie hemp plants are to be eliminated.

That’s the best course of action you can take with them. Otherwise, you’d be putting all the cannabis plants in your garden at risk. 

It won’t be long before other female plants will turn to hermies. Also, the result for reversing the process doesn’t always come satisfactory. 

So, are you willing to take the risk despite all these? Then we’ll share some tips that might help turn Hermie into a female again. Ready for the ride? Let’s begin.

Tips to Turn a Hermie Back into a Female

A hermie plant is female in gender to begin with. It turns into a hermie when it’s under stress, mismanagement, and the wrong temperature. 

Also, it turns hermaphrodite when it’s facing threats like extinction. Under these circumstances, cannabis plants will start to grow male pollen sacks. Two genders will exist in one body.

That’s how female cannabis turns to hermies. But there are a few tips that you can apply to revert your hermie plant. Before that, a gentle reminder that the outcome may or may not succeed. Because it depends on many variables.

But you can still give these processes a shot-

Tip-1: Cut Off Male Parts

This process came out as the most common and effective method to deal with hermies. Although it may take you a big amount of patience and work. But maybe it’s worth it.

It’s applicable for hermies that are newly developed. This means you can apply it to plants that have started to show male parts. Keep an eye out if there are any early signs of hermie plant.

Source: autoflowering-cannabis

Initially, you’ll see a reduction in the number of female buds in your hemp plant. Following by the appearance of pollen sacs on female plants will be discovered.

So if you’re wondering why is my female plant producing seeds, that’s the reason. Removing pollen sacs hermie is your first and foremost task. 

Learn the differences between male and female hemp plants properly. Then distinguish the developing male parts on your hemp plant. 

Rather than just removing the male part try to remove the full branch. It’s safer this way. Do a thorough inspection on a regular basis. No sack should go missing before you remove all the pollen sacs of hermie.

Otherwise, your whole plant bed is at the risk of turning to hermies. Keep repeating this process until there are no more developing male parts on the plant.

To remove the male parts, you can use the following tools.

Many people have claimed that this process has been useful for them.

Tip-2: Use Reverse Hermie Spray

These chemicals are used to suppress the growth of male traits. It’ll stop the production of male flowers or pollen sacks forming on the female plants.

You can use any type of reverse hermie spray to fend off hermaphrodite characteristics. There are many well-branded sprays that you can use for your hemp plants. Here’s our recommendation for that.

  • If you want effective results to turn your hermie into female, you can check  out Optic Foliar Switch 1L. It stops the male flowers from opening and doesn’t let the new ones grow.

Before applying them, read the user manual properly. Different brands may have different measurements and procedures. Make sure to follow them properly.

Apply the air or water curing sometimes. It’ll help you with the maintenance.

Are Hermie Plants Worth Keeping?

Reverting your hermies is a desperate act to save your cannabis plant’s purity. Once a female hemp plant turns into a hermie the seeds it produces won’t be pure anymore.

Even if you revert your hermie back to female again the risk will remain. The seeds you’re gonna get from the plant will have a risk of producing hermies.

If that is the case, there isn’t a point to go through all these hassles. That’s why many experts suggest that when you first acknowledge hermies just kill them.

The seeds may or may not be good. So rather than going through so much risk and hassle, protect the remaining plants. 

Because they are at risk too when you’re trying to revert the hermies. So, is it worth it? No. but the final decision is yours.


We’ve included some related questions you might be curious about. Hope this comes to be handy.

How long before male pollen sacs open?

Male pollen sacks begins to disperse as soon as the flower opens. It happens when the plant’s darkness cycle changes to a 12 hours basis. The pistols on the plant will start to develop into clusters. And the pollen will be released. Male hemp plants grew sexual parts earlier than female ones.

How long does a hermie plant produce pollen?

A hermie plant produces pollen for nearly 2 to 4 weeks. Hermies produce pollen sacks once the male flowers start to show up. A single male flower from hermies can produce nearly 350,000 pollen grains.

Will the seeds from feminized cannabis plants have female seeds?

The seeds produced from feminized cannabis are usually called female seeds. But they are not exactly female but rather feminized. Since these seeds grow out and reveal similar flowers to female ones it’s called such.


That was all about how to turn a hermie back into a female. So, what’s your opinion on this? Would you like to revert your hermies?

Don’t forget to keep your hemp plants in a proper darkness cycle. It’s very important if you want to prevent more hermie production. That’s it for today’s post.

See you soon!

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