How To Neutralize Pollen

How To Neutralize Pollen: 4 Easy Methods!

Things can go south anytime while growing some good cannabis. Noticing pollen sacs in your plants is one of those bad omens. However, not noticing them can be a total massacre.

But if it’s done then it’s done right? All you can do is to neutralize all the pollens.

So, why don’t we find out how to neutralize pollen?

You can neutralize pollen in various methods. You can disinfect the whole plant to eliminate the pollen. You can also try using chlorine solution on your cannabis plant. Another way is to bleach the whole grow tent or grow room. If these doesn’t suit you, use UV light rays to kill off the pollen.

You can try any of these aforementioned methods as you please. Even though they might seem easy at first you have to be razor sharp with all the instructions.

Why don’t you head into the details and neutralize all the pollen all by yourself!

Why Do You Need to Neutralize Pollen?

Pollination is the method of reproduction of plants. Through pollination cannabis plant produces seeds.

Source: Grow Weed Easy

And as we all know seeds of cannabis will not contribute towards yield. So, at the end of the day the flowers are wasted. In fact, if pollination happens the quality of cannabis decline a lot.

The THC level reduces a lot and the production of cannabis becomes slow.

So it is absolutely critical to stop pollination before it happens! However, you might miss out on the opportunity to cut or nip the pollen sacs.

If the pollen sacs looking like this, it might be too late to stop pollination.

In that case, all you can do is to neutralize pollen inside the grow room. Let’s find out how you can easily do that with your preferred method.

4 Simple Methods To Neutralize Pollen 

The first method we need to focus on is the cleaning method. Let’s jump into it!

Method 1 of 4:  Disinfecting Plant

Before you start this method you need to take some precautions. Wear hand gloves and surgical masks to keep yourself safe.

You need to create a mixture with Sodium Hypochlorite. Take an empty spray bottle and pour your solution into that.

Now, go to your grow room and start spraying on the surfaces of the room. You can also spray in the plant where you think the pollen might be there. Spray in the air also so that it kills pollen in the air.

Source: Delicious Seeds

After spraying, wait for a while. When you are letting the solution sit, keep the windows and doors of the room closed.

We suggest you do this method in the daytime. The sunlight heats up the solution and lets the pollen remove itself.

The solution will settle in your plant room and simply die. It will also kill all of the pollen. As a bonus, it will also kill viruses, mites, and other substances that are not resistant to it.

Make sure you are cleaning pollen from grow room after you finish this method. Clean up the plants also. Don’t forget to remove pollen sacs hermie.

If this did not work for you, go for the second method.

Method 2 of 4: Cleaning to Neutralize The Grow Room

Cleaning the grow room or grow tent should be your first priority to neutralize the pollen. Removing pollen from the tent and plant areas can help neutralize it.

Follow the following sets of instructions to clean your grow room properly.

First, you need to mop, dust, and vacuum your whole tent area. Make sure the door and windows of your tent are closed when you are doing it. 

You need to ensure that the pollen is not sitting on the rug of the plant room. If you are using an air conditioner to control the temperature make sure you change the HVAC filter.

On that note, why don’t you take a look at some of the best HVAC filter replacements-

You also need to wash your grow room clothes. Because pollen stays trapped in your clothes for a long time if you don’t wash them.

You need to know how long does pollen last on surfaces. Wash all surfaces inside and outside of your tent. 

You also need to clean the outside space of your growing area. When you are not using a specific area, keep the area covered with a sheet or a rug.

Washing and mopping the floor will clean all of the pollen in your tent. Be the pollen killer and grow a better tent!

If it did not help you can try the bleaching method.

Method 3 of 4: Bleaching Plant Room

This method also requires you to take some precautions. We will make chlorine bleach for your grow room.

To create the bleach you need to take a bucket full of water. Now, measure the chlorine and do not add more than 1 quarter to 1 gallon of water. 

Take your time to mix up the chlorine with the water. Wear gloves so that chlorine does not affect your skin. 

Now take an empty bottle of the sprayer. Pour and make the bottle full of chlorine water. 

Now, fix the nozzle of the sprayer to a ‘fan’ shape. We should be cautious about the chlorine we are spraying to the plants.

Spray the solution on the plants and under them. Just one or two sprays are good enough.

If all these seems too much of a hassle, try getting some chlorine bleach from the market.

Now you might ask, does bleach kill pollen? 

Yes, but keep in mind that many plants like cannabis and oak will get brown or yellow if you put too much chlorine. This situation is called ‘chlorine toxicity’. We need to be aware of that. 

If you spray right the pollen on the plant, the grow room will kill itself. And this will neutralize eventually.

Method 4 of 4: UV Light Method

Planting a UV light in your grow room can make a difference you won’t believe. You can get rid of pollen in grow tent just by installing a UV light.

Source: Greenhouse Grower

UV bulbs have an effect on pollen. When you are installing a light in the room, the temperature will rise. Rising temperature kills pollen. 

This method is time-consuming but it’s effective. After you turn off the lights, wait for one day to show you the result.

UV bulbs damage the pollen cells. The rising temperature also causes the pollens to kill themselves. UVB is also a pollen killer.

If you are using a UVB make sure not to turn it on for a long time. Turning it on for a long time will make the plants dry. It will lead to crispy buds when you dry this much.

Yes, UVB are scary as they can lead to cancer. They can also damage the plant cells but they are effective in killing pollen.

We suggested some amazing UV lights for your room. Check them out!

Now, you might be wondering what pollen does to you! No worries, We are letting you know all about it.

Effects of Pollen on Grower Himself

Most common problem created by pollen is hay fever. This fever gives you cold-like symptoms.

Pollen also causes runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and also congestion. 

If you have pollen in your immune system it might overreact. It will lead to nasal congestion with many other symptoms.

If you are not sure you have a pollen allergy or not just look for the symptoms you are having. It’s better to check up with a doctor for this matter.

That is all!


How long is pollen active?

Pollen can be active for one or two weeks if everything is normal. But if you are sealing or freezing pollen it can last up to a year.

Can I sanitize my grow room?

Yes, you can. You can wash everything in the room with hot soapy water. You can also clean with isopropyl alcohol. 

Can I bleach fumes in my plants?

You can use oxy bleach or oxygenated bleach. These bleaches won’t harm your plants. You can also use chlorine bleach with a small amount. Too much chlorine will damage your plants.


Now you know how to neutralize pollen. The methods we mentioned are safe for your plants so stop worrying.

Keep in mind to use fewer solutions if you are going with the chlorine method.

Now, grow your precious plants without getting worried about pollen!

Thank you for sticking around with us till the end!

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