How To Lower Humidity In Curing Jar

How To Lower Humidity In Curing Jar- 5 Easy Steps!

Curing the cannabis buds is the most tricky and challenging part of growing weed. From open space to the concealed jar, humidity level must be strictly maintained.

However, maintaining the humidity inside the curing jar isn’t so easy. After all, they start with a very high percentage.

So, how to lower humidity in curing jar?

To lower the humidity in the curing jar, you’d have to perform the burping process. In the beginning, keep the jars open for 1-2 hours in 12 hours intervals. Reduce the time to 20-15 minutes as the humidity level lowes. Also, use humidity packs. They work on absorbing the moisture from the bud.

That’s the sneak peek of the total discussion. Care to know the detailed process? Then read our step-by-step guidelines until the end.

Let’s move forth!

Keep Humidity Lower In The Curing Jar

Growing cannabis might be challenging. But not as much as the curing and storing process. These are the most critical steps that define your cannabis’s quality.

These 2 processes are related and come side by side. It’s tricky and one must have knowledge of the matter. Otherwise all your effort to grow cannabis might just go down to drain.

When it comes to curing, the most challenging factor is to fight off humidity. In the presence of moisture, the cannabis cut plants will grow mold.

When that happens, that product will no longer be of use. So, it’s very important that you maintain the humidity level. The ideal humidity level for curing and storing marijuana is 55 to 65%.

Reaching this range can be pretty tricky for new cannabis growers. When a cannabis plant is still intact you can manipulate the temperature and moisture level.

But how to keep the humidity under control when it’s stored in a curing jar? Sounds challenging? It is, but not if you follow the process below.

We’ve come up with the solution to exterminate excess humidity from cannabis curing containers. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

Step-1: Storing Buds At the Right Time

Calculating the humidity level starts from the moment you decide to cut the plant. Keep a hygrometer near you because it’ll be needed. 

If you don’t have one yet, how about choosing one from this table?

This is a must have tool when the curing process starts. Start to take the reading as soon as you prepare hanging whole plant to dry

Starting from now, until you store the buds the humidity level will be near 70%. This phase can last from 2 to 7 days. Keep a lookout for the crispy cannabis buds while drying.

Step-2: Storing Buds In the Curing Jar

Once the cannabis buds reach a crispy yet flexible state, it’s time to store them. The best way to store it is to use an airtight container. Use the curing jar for weed.

Also, the container/jar should be filled in a ¾ or ⅘ ratio. It is to make place for the hygrometer. Now, start to store the stem-free buds in the jar. 

Source: ilovegrowingmarijuana

Place the hygrometer in and close the lid. The humidity level you’ll be expecting is 70% at the moment. If it’s even a percent higher, the buds need to be dried more. 

That is out of the jar of course. The maximum can be 70% and your goal will be to reach 65% humidity.

Step-3: Monitoring the Humidity Level 

Lowering the humidity for curing is a systematic process. The moisture won’t go down in a day or two. You’ll have to wait and keep a close look at the hygrometer.

If the humidity is too high the percentage level will jump rather quicker. Like adding a percent more per hour or even faster. At this point, the bud is in the wet stage.

Wait 24 hours until you get the complete reading of the humidity. Now, you can start with burping the curing containers.

Step-4: Burping The Curing Jars

The moisture in the bud can’t evaporate quicker in a concealed state. And thus we need to use burping for curing weed. The process is easy.

Keep the jar open for one or two hours every 12 hours. This is for the beginning phase. Keep a close look at the hygrometer reading. The humidity should go lower now.

If the rating comes closer to 65% then you’ve reduced the time for burping. Instead of an hour, keep it open for about 15 to 20 minutes. Continue doing it in a 12 hours gap.

Also, take notice if you get any ammonia-like smell from the buds. If it smells like ammonia then it’s probably mold affected. Smoking moldy weed can make you sick.

Step-5: Using Humidity Packs

If the humidity level still hasn’t reached 65% then you’ll be needing a helping hand. And that is using humidity control packs. You’ll find small humidity packs for weed from many brands.

Boveda 62 humidity pack is the popular choice among them. Place one small-sized pack inside your curing jar and close the lid. Humidity packs not only reduce the humidity level but also helps to maintain it.

It’ll help to keep the humidity level in check by maintaining a constant level. If the buds are too moist, they’ll absorb it. If they are too dry, it’ll add moisture to them.

That’s how it maintains the humidity level inside the curing jar. Also, you can expect the humidity level to be around 62%. Which is a very good result to achieve in curing. 

You can also use the Integra boost Medium 8 gm humidity pack. It’s known to keep humidity at 62%.

Humidity packs are inexpensive. It’ll be a great supporting hand for you to keep the RH level in check. They don’t affect the aroma or the flavor either.

So, try following these steps to achieve a perfect cure every time. Don’t forget to store them in a proper manner. You can look into cured cannabis in fridge to know the proper manners for curing.


Need more information regarding the following topic? This segment might help you-

At what humidity level does the curing stop for weed?

The curing of weed stops when the humidity hits 55%. This means the curing dies down. However, it won’t affect the quality of your product. Because it has already reached the desired curing level with the perfect humidity. So, focus on storing and keeping the humidity level constant.

What is the ideal temperature for curing weed?

The right temperature for curing weed is between (19-24)°C or (66-75)°F. If the temperature gets even mildly hot like 85°F, the cannabinoids may end up burning. So, make sure to maintain the temperature strictly. Also, the night and light cycle should be properly maintained.

How long does it take to cure cannabis?

Curing cannabis can take from two weeks to six months. It’s ready to be distributed at the end of the second week. But the longer you store them properly the better the quality becomes. Weeds that are cured for the longest amount of time are considered to be the finest.

Final Words

Now you know how to lower humidity in curing jar. We hope our discussion will be of use to you.

Don’t forget to maintain the temperature and night cycle of the plant while curing.

It is as important as the humidity level. Otherwise, your efforts won’t reach the destination. We’ll be cheering for your success!

See you soon!

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