How To Get Rid Of Perfume Taste In Weed

How To Get Rid Of Perfume Taste In Weed: 5 Ways & Tips

Weed does have a significant smell and you don’t want that to disappear. But in many situations, you find your weed smells good. But this ‘good’ isn’t good for your weed, right?

So your fears are not baseless. To avoid such a bad time be aware of the quality of your weed. 

So now, want to know how to get rid of perfume taste in weed?

To remove the perfume taste in weed, you can water cure the weed. You can also try fruit peels and freezer. Though they have very little chance for completely removing the perfume. Other than that air curing is also another way to remove this perfume taste.

But that’s not it. There are a lot of other things that need to be covered to remove this smell.

So let’s not waste any more time and get to it!

Is it Allowed to Smoke Weed With Perfume?

No, smoking fragrant weed isn’t exactly safe or healthy. Perfumes are made up of substances that are dangerously illegal to smoke. Does your weed taste like air freshener or does your weed taste like laundry

If either of them is the answer, then definitely you got to do something about this. In many cases thinking to keep away, the moisture people keep it in dryer sheets. Know how to get rid of dryer sheet taste from weed now. 

Perfumes contain flammable substances. You always notice the hazard sign on top of the bottle, right?

So definitely it’s not safe for anybody to flame a weed perfume smell. So if you think about how weed taste like candy? It’s probably any candy-flavored perfume. Curing is a solution to this. But curing needs to be done following rules, unlike curing in the fridge.

Every perfume has ingredients that make smoking weed harmful. So now let’s know more!

How To Get Rid of the Perfume Taste?

Consumption of weed has its health benefits. Weed does not have to get you high always. Includes a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a lot of antioxidant properties too.

Weed is also considered a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Regardless though, there are other ways to consume weeds. Especially given the medical benefits that they can potentially provide. 

But thinking about why does my weed taste like flowers? So, why don’t we go have a look at the ways to get rid of the perfume taste! 

Water Curing

Water curing is one of the best ways to cure marijuana. However, it also comes in handy in removing chemicals from the weed. Which in this case, is the perfume taste.

The cannabinoids in cannabis, mainly THC and CBD are fat-soluble. So, the water cannot be eliminated from the plants alone. So, don’t get afraid of soaking your plants in the water. 

Source: 420magazine

You need to keep your buds submerged in the water for a week. You need to use jars big enough to put buds in them. 

Here are a few options for the type of jars you will need for curing. 

These jars will show results in the quality of your curing. Make sure to use the correct jars for better results. 

When using air curing, you must wait longer for the leftover chemicals to degrade. See the difference between air curing and water curing for an elaborate understanding. 

Water intervenes, and the process speeds up. Water curing is far more effective than letting the buds absorb the carbohydrates. 

Also, any source of water is very safe to use. Yet, recycled water osmosis can do the job faster since faster osmosis equals faster dissolving.

Fruit Peels

This is not a 100% effective way but worth a try! Have you seen your grandma put peels around the house? This was to put away ants and sometimes bad odor. The citrus smell helps to mitigate odor that is not wanted. 

But this isn’t a total ten on ten for clearing away perfume odor from weed. But at times of emergencies, it is better to try.

You can get rid of different tastes of weed by this. Just put fruit peels in the same bag of weed. Keep it there for some days. Then it may work effectively and faster. 

Air Curing

Curing weed is something that needs to be done after harvesting. But in cases like this one, you can air cure in order to remove this unwanted fragrance.

It will help you in restoring the weed scent.

Not only this, but intensity, and longevity can also increase. All you need to do is keep buds in air tight mason jars for a few days. You can also leave them hanging upside down.

Even if your weed tastes like perfume these guidelines could save you. 


Can I pass the perfume smell to my stash of weed from my body?

It’s very unlikely to pass perfume from body to stash. Unless you didn’t bother to use an air-tight bag and keep it under your jacket or dress.  In this case, try to use air-tight bags. Also keep the stash in an airy, humid place but too closed area.  

Is it possible to get high by smelling perfume?

One can get high by spraying the perfumes onto a cloth or bag and inhaling them. Even selling them straight from the bottle. Spraying fumes into noses and mouths will make the effect even worse. 

Best humidity levels for weed dehydration?

Best humidity levels for weed dehydration is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also recommended to keep moisture levels between 50 and 60%. Purchase a modest fan to draw air and maybe a dryer if the air humidity in the space keeps rising.


I hope we answered your question regarding how to get rid of perfume taste in weed? We are glad to assist you!

Always be conscious of what you’re smoking and verify its quality. Remember that your life is more valuable than a puff of smoke.

Until the next time!

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