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How Many Pots in 4×8? Explained!

So, you have a 4×8 grow tent. But you’re confused regarding how many plants you should fit in there. Worry not. We’re here to clear out your confusion. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur harvester. All you need to do is go through this article to get what you’re looking for. 

So, how many pots in 4×8?

The number of pots in 4×8 depends on the size of the pots and the growing methods. But generally, harvesters use 2-gallon, 3-gallon, and 7-gallon pots. Besides, there are 4 methods of harvesting. Low-Stress Training, Sea of Green, Screen of Green, and Pruning. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have explained these factors in detail throughout this article. So stick with us till the end. 

Let’s begin. 

Number of Pots Depending on The Size

Hemp pots come in different sizes. 

The sizes may vary from pint-size to a 7-gallon pot. Depending on the size, you can keep a fixed number of pots in the 4×8 grow tent. 

Let’s have a look. 

Number of Pots in 4×8 Mathematically:

The sizes may vary from pint-size to a 7-gallon pot. Depending on the size, you can keep a fixed number of pots in the 4×8 grow tent. The measurement is different from the number of pots in 4×4 grow tent.
Mathematically speaking, for a 4×8, you’ll have a 32-square feet grow tent.

32-square feet grow tent

In a 32 square feet area, you can fit a fixed number of pots. The total number of pots that can fit depends on the size of the pot.

As mentioned before there are different sizes of pots. But the most commonly used sizes are 2-gallon, 3-gallon, and 7-gallon pots. 

Let’s see how many pots can fit in a 32 square feet area.

2-gallon Pots:

The diameter of a 2-gallon pot is 8.5 to 9 inches. Let us consider the diameter as 9 inches or 0.75 feet. Therefore the radius, r is 9/2 = 4.5 inches or 0.375 feet.

We know the area of a circle, πr^2.

So, the area of each pot isπ4.5^2 square which is 63.61725 square inches. Or,

 0.44178645833 square feet

Now, the total number of plants that can fit in the 32 square feet grow tent is

32/0.44178645833 which is 72.4331843963 grow tents. 

Even though this method suggests we keep approximately 72 pots, it’s incorrect. 

We can use an alternative mathematical method.

We can calculate the number of pots we can keep in length and breadth. 

Here, lengthwise the number of pots we can keep is = length/diameter.

=8/0.75. This is approx 10. 

Again, breadthwise we can keep breadth/diameter 4/0.75. That is approx 5.

Therefore total = 21+10. So 15 pots approximately

If you’re planning on 2 G, here are my recommendations.

Apart from pots, 2 gallon grow bags are also famous.

3-gallon Pots:

The diameter of a 3-gallon pot is 9.5 to 10.5 inches. Let us consider the diameter as 10.5 inches or 0.875 feet. Therefore the radius r is 10.5/2 = 5.25 inches or 0.4375 feet.

Similarly, if we calculate we will get the area of each pot = 0.60132 square feet. The total number of pots in the 32-square feet grow tent is = 53.2162575667. Approx 53 pots.


Number of pots lengthwise = 9.14285714286, approx 9 pots. The number of pots breadthwise = 4.57142857143, approx 4 pots.

So total 13 pots approximately. You can check out Pro Cal Premium Nursery Pot 3 Gal.

7-gallon Pots:

The diameter of a 7-gallon pot is 13.5 to 14.5 inches. Let us consider the diameter as 14.5 inches or 1.208333. Therefore the radius, r is 14.5/2 = 7.25 inches or 0.6041667 feet.

Similarly, if we calculate we will get the area of each pot = 1.14674 square feet.

The total number of plants in the 32-square feet tent is approx 27 pots.


Number of pots lengthwise =  6.62069148157 approx 6 pots.Number of pots breadthwise = 3.31034574079, approx 3 pots.

So total 9 pots approximately. You can check out Smart Pots 7-Gallon.

Number of pots in 4×8 In Reality:

Even though mathematically you’ll get the above numbers but in reality it’s different. Do note that this is a rectangular grow tent. Unlike 4×4 or 5×5 grow tents

Mathematically the calculations show the number of pots without any gaps. But in reality, there should be gaps. Firstly the corners cannot be covered by circular pots. So, there will be space at the corners. 

Secondly, there should be a minimum gap between the 2 pots. Depending on the method the plant is growing. There are 4 methods of growing hemp. We’ll discuss these in a bit. 

And lastly, some additional space might be kept for mobility and maintenance. 

Now you could ask how many 2-gallon pots in 4×8. Also how many 3-gallon pots in 4×8 or how many 7-gallon pots in 4×8.

Considering all that, the recommended number of 2-gallon pots in a 4×8 grow tent is 12-14. For 3 gallons pots, it’s 10-12. And finally, for 7-gallon pots, it’s 6-8 pots. 

Method of Growing

The growing method is essential in how much space a plant will require. Cannabis plant training could be difficult if you don’t have a cannabis plant training guide. There are 4 types of growing methods 

Method 1: Low-stress Training Method

The Low-stress Training method or LST  is an efficient way of increasing the plant yield. In this technique, the stems are tied down as they begin to grow. Rubber-coated wire, stretchable plant tape, or pipe cleaners should be used to tie it down. 

In this method, the hemp instead of growing vertically, grows horizontally. Ensuring every bud gets matured. Instead of the only one at the top. 

You could ask, what is the importance of low-stress training?

Low-Stress training is very effective for yield. In this method, the plants get a wider spread. Hence even the bottom buds get proper light. By doing this, you may increase your yields and get many large buds. This will enable you to have total control over the size, shape, and height of your plant.

For a 4×8 = 32 square feet area you’ll require 12 to 15 3-gallon pots. 

Method 2: Screen of Green Method

The Screen of Green is a very effective method.

The cannabis plant’s growth pattern may be controlled more affordably with this technique. Plastic or metal screens are used in the technique to modify how the plant grows.

This technique reduces energy waste and maximizes energy consumption. Which helps the plants to provide adequate yields.

Each 3-gallon pot plant yields between 200 and 400 grams of screen-grown greens.

For a 4×8 = 32 square feet area, it’s recommended to use 6 to 9 3-gallon pots. 

Method 3: Sea of Green

This Sea of Green is another effective yielding method. In this method, the plant hits the flowering stage before it should. The plants are manipulated to do so. The plants are manipulated by adjusting the lighting a certain way. 

The plants that are produced using this method are little and situated close to one another. They are engineered to generate the most production possible and are harvested early. 

Hence, you can use more pots in this method. 

For a 4×8 = 32 square foot grow tent, it’s recommended to use 17-23 3-gallon pots. 

Method 4: Pruning

The Pruning technique is the last step. To restrict growth, this procedure suggests chopping off portions of the plant. As a result, the technique stresses the plant.

The procedure involves changing the plant’s growth pattern. To control the plant’s growth, you must cut off certain portions of the plant. You still get a decent yield from the technique even after cutting to control the growth.

For a 4×8 = 32 square feet area, it’s recommended to use 125 3-gallon pots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve curated some of the most frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Can you over-train hemp plants?

Yes, you can overtrain hemp plants. Removing the proper quantity of leaves at the proper time, the buds will keep growing. It’s due to the way cannabis buds respond to light and air. Doing this too often or too late in the blooming period might cause harm. This will result in less yield. 

When should I start flowering Sea of green?

You should start flowering when the plant is about two to three weeks old. It is the time when they are around six inches tall. It is important to ensure the plants are all receiving the same amount of light. And are all at the same height. Your choice of lighting is crucial at this point. 

How long should I veg for the best yield?

The plant should be kept in the vegetative stage for about 60 days. Around this time the plant should have enough time for a good yield. Around this time the plant has a chance to maximize its yield. And also adjust to the growing environment. The plant won’t have enough time before that.


Hopefully, by now, you’re clear about how many pots in 4×8? 

Remember in the end everything depends on how you want it. So, choose any number of pots you want to fit in the grow tent. 

Just make sure to have proper lighting. 

Happy harvesting!

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