how many 5 gallon pots in a 4x4

How Many 5 Gallon Pots In A 4×4 Grow Tent? Find Out Now!

You’re looking to extend your grow tent to a 4×4. And you have plans to buy some 5-gallon pots.

It is a bit tricky to figure out how many gallons would fit. Let’s admit, for a lot of us, math isn’t our favorite subject.  

So, what is the answer to “how many 5-gallon pots in a 4×4 grow tent?”

Mathematically, a total of 16 5-gallon pots will fit in a 4×4 grow tent. However, it won’t be wise to cram them together. Since higher yield is the main goal, optimizing space and resources will lead to increased yield. Depending on the methods, the number of 5-gallon pots in a 4×4 tent will vary.  

We’ll explain a few methods to fit 5-gallon pots in the 4×4 tent for better yield.

Let’s dive into the article to know all about it!

Calculation of 5 Gallon Pots In A 4×4

Let’s take you through a step-by-step calculation to fit 5-gallon pots in a 4×4 grow tent. 

First, we need to figure out the length of one of the 4×4 grow tents. Which are 48 inches to be exact.

5 Gallon Pots

Now the diameter of a 5-gallon pot is about 10.75 inches. So how many 5-gallon pots can you fit side by side?

48/10.75 = 4.46.

As we can see, a total of 4 pots with some spaces in between. In a 4×4, the highest number of 5-Gallon pots you can fit in a 4×4 grow tent is 16. 

The Tricky Part of Placing 5 Gallon Pots in a 4×4:

We found out we can fit 16 5 Gallon pots. But, there’s a problem with fitting 16 pots in a 4×4 tent. That it won’t be a healthy environment for them to grow. 

Plants require an ample amount of lighting and space for their healthy growth. If you cramp the plants together your 5-gallon grow yield will be low.

Also depending on the methods, pot placement will vary. Let’s explore how many 5-gallon pots will fit in each method in a 4×4 tent. 

3 Methods to Place 5 Gallon Pots in 4×4

There are actually various methods to grow cannabis. And 3 of them allow placing 5-gallon pots in the 4×4 tent in a healthy way. Let’s explore them and find out many pots you can fit in each of the methods –

Low-Stress Method: 6 5 Gallon Pots in 4×4

Plants that receive low-stress training tend to produce more buds. This helps in getting the most out of a limited grow area that is often inside. Also, this method works for a 4×4 autoflower setup.

4x4 autoflower setup

You can effectively flatten your canopy by engaging in a low-stress workout. To accommodate a canopy for each plant, ample space is necessary. The number of 5-gallon pots you can place inside a 4×4 grow tent is 6. 

All of your buds will have access to the same light source. As a result, hormone distribution will be more even throughout the plants. 

Following a proper method can lead you to have a 2.5lb yield in a 4×4 grow tent.

The Screen of Greens: 4 5 Gallon Pots in 4×4

The Screen of Green (ScrOG) approach promotes horizontal growth by using a big screen.

You can build a screen to begin ScrOG using items like rope or plastic trellis netting. To hold the screen over your plants in place, you’ll also need something. You can use some wooden stakes or nylon ropes.

Install the screen when the plants are still in the vegetative stage. Wait until your plants get big enough to contact the screen after installing your screen.

build a screen to begin ScrOG

In the end, each plant will have 10–20 branches that extend through the screen. Pull the branches furthest away from you. The branches should then be woven in and out of the screen.

With this method, you’ll need more horizontal space for each plant. Placing 4 5 Gallon pots in a 4×4 grow tent is enough for branches to extend. Snip the branches that are hidden and you’ll harvest a higher yield from just 4 plants.

Pruning: 4 5 Gallon Pots

By definition, pruning is the act of cutting a plant’s parts off. A stronger plant will arise if you remove the bad leaves/branches in small, precise amounts. Pruning and grooming are related in several ways.

4 5 Gallon Pots

Pruning cannabis can even prevent leaves from turning yellow! During the course of a marijuana plant’s life cycle, a certain number of leaves will perish. Your plant might be prevented from exhausting resources on dead limbs by their prompt removal.

Cut these weak leaves off early in a precise manner. That way you can save your plant weeks of extra work because they don’t wither rapidly. For the Pruning method, few plants will be enough to maximize yield in a 4×4 tent

You can produce up to 25 oz. from one harvest from a 5 Gallon 4×4 grow tent. That’s extraordinary!

Pruning leads to the production of healthier and stronger buds. 


Because pruning prevents the cannabis plant from spending nutrients on bad buds and branches.

Those nutrients are then utilized in growing extra stronger buds in an increased amount. 

Here’s what the yield would like once you’re done with the maintenance-

So, patience is the key here!

Tips to Increased Yield in 4×4 Grow Tent

You can follow any of these methods for your 4×4 grow tent. But you must make sure of a few things in order to get the most out of each yield. Take a look at these tips – 

  • Use LED grow lights to grow the tent, ensure 550 to 630 Watts of lighting for 12 hours.
  • Have a CO2 tank regulator inside the tank to maintain 1200-1500 ppm of CO2 in the air. 
  • Provide Molasses during the flowering stage to kick start the growth of buds
  • Make sure to flush out the residual Molasses and fertilizer when you are near the harvest time.
  • Do not put more than 2ft. Of soil in a 5-gallon pot/bucket.

With these tips, you can utilize most of a 4×4 grow tent with 5-gallon pots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pots can fit in a 4×4 grow tent?

It all depends on the developing method you’re employing. You can’t fit many pots inside the tent with the ScrOG method for a 4×4 tent. You can add 10 to 13 (medium size) pots within a 4×4 grow tent for SoG.

How many watts in a 4×4 grow tent?

The optimal lighting for a grow tent needs about 32 watts per square foot of space. There’s 16 sq. ft. space in a 4×4 tent. So, 32×16= 512 watts of lighting is required. However, the wattage might vary, anywhere between 500 and 650 watts. And with LED you will get the required watts with spending less.

How much can a 4×4 grow tent yield?

The harvest from a 4×4 grow tent might range from 1 lb to 2 lb (16-30oz). Keep in mind that it’s an estimate. There are certain determining elements for yield. Such as the growing methods (SoG, ScrOG, Flux, Bush), height restrictions, plant count, environment, etc. Yield depends on these factors.


Now you know all the answers to How Many 5 Gallon Pots in a 4×4.

If you want to place yield from more plants, go for the ScrOG method. For a less number of 5-gallon pots, better to go with pruning.

Which method did you follow for placing 5 gallons inside your 4×4 grow tent? Share your feedback and knowledge with us. 

Best of luck with your grow tent!

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