How many 3 gallon pots in 3x3

How Many 3 Gallon Pots in 3×3 Grow Tent? [Debunked]

You have recently bought a new 3×3 grow tent. Plus, a new batch of seeds is ready for planting too. It’s normal to pick out 3-gallon pots to start planting, because of the similarities in number.

But it’s a bit troubling to pick the number of pots to fit inside the tent.

So, you might be thinking, how many 3 gallon pots in 3×3 grow tent can contain? 

Depending on the method you can place from 2 to 7 3 gallon pots in a 3×3 grow tent. There are four methods of training and each will give a different number. The widely used low-stress method will help you go with 4 pots. On the other hand, the pruning method will only get you 2 pots. 

If you want to accommodate more pots then there are other procedures as well. We will address and explain the methods below with the pot numbers.

Just sit tight and let’s dive in!

Ways to Find Out the Number of 3 Gallon Pots in 3×3

Now, we will look into how we can determine the pot numbers. For any space, 4 methods can be used. Each method caters to different kinds of requirements of the grower.

MethodsLow-StressScreen of GreenSea of GreenPruning
Number of Pots425-72

Following each method will enable you to put a different number of 3-gallon pots. Because the processes are focused on different aspects.

Let’s look at the procedures below:

Method 1: Low Stress

The Low-stress technique is one of the most popular methods. Many growers practice this procedure for its flexibility. This technique helps to use space and light in a need-based manner.

This method enables the grower to shape and control the plant’s growth. This results in the production having the highest yield.

This procedure helps the plants to grow horizontally, not vertically. It also makes the plant have a wider growth area instead of a lengthy one. This method also requires some stems to ramp up the yield.

First, you need to trellis your cannabis plant properly. And to do that you need to have a trellis net. You can use the trellis net for a 3×3 grow tent from VIVOSUN to control the growth direction. 

Link the net to the poles of your grow tent for horizontal growth. To stop the plant from growing vertically, tie it down. Tie down the branch along with the ranch with utmost care. A soft rope should be used for the job.

Source: Stoner Things

This method should be employed while vegging your plants. As it’s just growing and sprouting leaves in that stage. It’s hard to do after the flowering period has been reached.

If you follow this method, you can have four 3-gallon pots in your 3×3 grow tent

Method 2: Screen of Green 

This method is a less costly way to manage the growth pattern of the cannabis plant. The process uses plastic or metal screens to alter the way the plant will grow. 

It offers proper yields by optimizing energy consumption and wastage. 

This method is similar to the low-stress procedure where the plants are tied down in several places.

Source: Dutch Passion

Now you know how it looks, let’s get into the process to make it happen.

  • First, you have to place screens when the seed has begun to sprout. The goal is to make the plant grow through the gaps or holes in the screen. 
  • If the plant has grown through the holes, then the tops need to be pulled back. 
  • After that, weave the plant through other holes that are near.  This will make the plant grow wider in a horizontal manner. 
  • Observe if the plants have been properly groomed for horizontal expansion. If so, then it will have a bushy look on the upper side. This will block the light from reaching the branches below. 
  • Finally, you need to trim the branches and leaves in the lower body. This will give the plant more resources to make its upper branches grow.

This procedure allows you to have two 3-gallon pots in a 3×3 grow tent. Also, the screen of green yield per plant is around 200-400 grams.

Method 3: Sea of Green

Another process is the sea of green method. This makes the plant hit the flowering stage before its natural timing. It is done by manipulating the lighting.

The plants grown in this process are short in size and closely placed to each other. They are harvested early and made to produce the maximum number of output.

This process does not require you to have screens or special types of equipment. The whole process is dependent on trimming and lighting. 

A large space and labor are also needed to attain the goal of the harvest. It is the process where you can use the most number of pots. Because this method relies on having a huge number of plants.

So this might create questions like whether to go with the sea of green or screen of green?

For greater yield, you must go with the screen of green method. The screen of green method will give you around 6-9 times more yield compared to the sea of green.

Strains that are naturally wide, short, and have quick flowering timing are used in this SOG method.

In the case of a broken seedling, you have to cater to it in other ways.

The plants are generally forced to grow faster-using lighting. 

To achieve this you have to give light to the plants for 18 to 20 hours a day. This will lessen the rest time which results in faster growth. 

Then place 1 or 2 plants in a square foot and carry on like that. Also, make the light time 12 hours. The lighting will make the flowering stage come faster.

On that note, here are the best lights that you can use in your 3×3 grow tent.

After that, prune the lower branches. This will ensure that enough nutrients are available for the valuable upper branches. The yield will be ready soon to be harvested.

Here’s a 3×3 grow tent with the Sea of Green method applied to it.

This method gets you to have 5-7 three-gallon pots in your 3×3 sog.

Method 4: Pruning

The last procedure is the pruning method. This process involves cutting parts of the plant to control growth. Thus, the method puts stress on the plant. 

The process employs adjusting the growth pattern of the plant. You have to cut some parts of the plant to manage the way it is growing. Even after cutting to manage the growth, the method gives you a good yield.

You might ask why pruning is important for cannabis?

Your cannabis plant uses a lot of its resources to maintain all its branches and leaves. Some of the branches add value to the growth and some do not. Pruning is the method to remove such low-value branches.

These branches are usually located at the bottom side of the plant. The bottom branches also get small amounts of light. This makes the branches produce bad buds. 

You can start the trimming after the plant has reached 0.6m in height. First, trim the big branches from the bottom side before moving on to the little ones. 

Remember to use sharp scissors. Because tearing off parts of the tree will shock the plant and make it vulnerable. Trimming the leaves can be tricky if you are not used to it.

Source: Leafly

Do not over-trim the leaves. Keep the healthy and large leaves intact while cutting off the dead leaves. Healthy leaves are essential for further and proper growth.

The top cola is also another significant part of pruning. If you cut the cola, the branches will grow out properly. Keep in mind to let your plant recover after removing the cola. 

Another important part is to not prune during the flowering stage. This will hamper the growth of the plant and lessen the yield. Also, remember to use sugar nutrients to get maximum growth during flowering.

Choosing the right sugar supplement can be tricky. Because it’s easy to get confused while choosing between molasses and honey. So, choose wisely! 

This method allows you to have two 3-gallon pots for maximum 3×3 grow tent yield


What wattage for a 3×3 grow tent?

On average for flowering, a LED grows light needs 32W per square foot. LED grow lights do the job while consuming less energy. And that’s why they are used. For a 3×3 grow tent, 250W-300W will be needed. Keep in mind that some LED lights are more optimized than others so do your research. 

Should I dim my LED grow lights for seedlings?

Grow lights do not function in the same way as lights used for households. The plants need to get the correct wavelengths for energy from the grow lights. Dimming the light will disrupt the effectiveness of the light. If you need to dim it then get lights with less power, to begin with.

How many plants can fit in a 4X4 grow tent?

This depends on the method you are using for growing. In the low-stress method, you can get 4 plants per meter square. Pruning and the ScrOG methods will both get you 1 plant in a meter square. But the SOG method will get you 4-16 plants per meter square.


This article should solve the “How Many 3 Gallon Pots in 3×3” confusion. You can use the method which suits your situation the most.

Remember to use proper lighting for maximum output. Just keep calm and follow the steps.

Happy harvesting!

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