How Long To Veg For A Pound

How Long To Veg For A Pound? Explained!

With hemp being legalized, a lot of us have taken up hemp farming. And as farmers, we always want to get the best yield with the best efficiency. And while we’re at it, we want to know specifics. 

So, we ask the question, how long to veg for a pound? 

The usual time for vegging depends on how long you want to veg. The longer you veg the longer you grow your plants. But you should try keeping certain factors like lighting, scroggin, and soil in check. You’ll be able to get far higher yields than usual in comparatively less time. 

This will not just give you the perfect result like you want to be honest. You need to micromanage everything in order to get faster results. 

Interested in knowing the details? Let’s see below and go through the rest of the essay. 

Things You Should Consider to Veg for A Pound 

Normally it would take you 8-11 weeks to grow plants from seeds. If you want an effective outcome during that time, do work for it. 

Make sure to consider quite a few factors that are important. Those factors include- 

  • Scroggin
  • Lighting
  • Type of soil and
  • How long you’ve been using the soil 

The amount of time you veg shouldn’t even be your top concern. But if you were to keep a mental note, it takes about 8-11 weeks. 

You might ask what does a 1 pound plant look like. It depends on the time you veg the plants. The more you veg your plants the bigger your plant will look. 

Source: Grow Weed Easy

Expecting your buds to grow fully mature in 11 weeks is quite natural. You can start taking buds off of the plant from that time. 

But you can still wait and let the plant grow bigger. Hemp plants can grow for up to around 32 weeks. With proper care, your plants grow twice as size as you. 

Don’t concern yourself with things like how long to veg before flipping to flower. Wait for your plant to grow the height you want, then flip to flower. 

It’s said that hemp plants grow 13 feet long if proper care is taken. Anyways, now that you know which things to keep in mind-

Let’s look at the considerable factors in more detail now. It’ll help you understand better. 

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it- 


Don’t mistake this scroggin for the variety of nuts it usually means. If you’ve already been in this business for a while, you know what it means. 

But if I were to explain it briefly to you, scroggin is a method of netting. Here, farmers use scrog netting all over the plants from a certain height. 

What it does is, control the way in which your plants grow. Plants usually grow vertically all the time. By putting up the scrog net, you help your plant grow horizontally.

Source: Royal Queen Seeds

You’re able to grow your plant in a more controlled manner. Besides, hemp plants grow better if they grow horizontally. 

You don’t need to put up the scrog right after you planted the seeds. They can grow up to a certain height first before you put up the scrog net. 

The scrog netting method is a very simple yet useful method. It’s not necessary to put the scrog net up right after planting the seeds. 

Wait untill the plants to grow themselves. As for the height of the net, it actually depends on yourself.  The height can be whatever you deem it to be. 

But you can go with whatever height most people go with. Most people tend to grow hemp 10 inches. And then there are some other people who do 12 inches. 

It takes about 4-6 weeks to reach that height. You can set up the scrog net right after the plantation. Or you can just set up the screens of the scrog net. 

Setting up the screen of the scrog net makes your work easier for you. You’ll just have to wait for 4-6 weeks before you need to set up the net. 

This is all on scroggin. Basically, you need veg for 4-6 weeks before you start scroggin. 


When we’re talking about lighting, we mainly have two options. One is natural light and the other one is artificial light. 

If you’re growing your plants outdoors, there’s no need for artificial light. And you can make do with whatever daylight your plants get. 

But when we’re talking about indoor plantations, the case is different. You can change the amount of light your plants get easily. How much lighting hemp plants need is one of the most asked questions. 

In the case of an outdoor plantation, 13 hours of sunlight is average. But indoor planters usually tend to give their plants more light time. 

They usually give their plants around 18 hours under the light. The reason for that is, they grow their plants for shorter periods of time. And that requires faster growth. 

By giving more light time, the plants grow faster. On that note, you might wonder which light will be perfect for you. So here are some of the best picks-

They are of different wattage to meet your required expectation.

If you give enough light to your plants, you can grow your plants in 8 weeks. In a matter of 5 weeks of veg yield, your plants can be ready. It all depends on the amount of light your plants are getting. 

Now, your plants are basically seedlings in the first 1-2 weeks. The plants enter the vegetative state. From there you can actually veg your plants for as long as you like. 

It all comes down to your preference. But what you need to be wary of is your surroundings. The length you want your plants to grow should also be considered. 

And in this vegging time, your plants need to get more light than they usually get. 18 hours of light per day is very good for plants. 

When it comes to lighting, some people talk about the intensity of the light. A lot of people debate between 3000k and 3500k light. Lets keep this discussion for the next day. 

However, why don’t you look at some of the 3000K and 3500K lights here.

Now let’s look at your soil requirements. 


The soil is one of the major factors for your plants. Natural soil won’t do you much good in the beginning. You might need to veg for slightly longer periods of time initially. 

Natural soil takes time to bring out its full potential. After the same soil for around a year, you can expect better results. 

Soil isn’t usually used to grow hemp. But when it’s growing more and more of the same plants, it grows. The minerals in the soil properly break down. 

Source: Leafbuyer

This way the soil gets better mixed. You start getting better and faster results from your plants. And your vegging time reduces by about a week or two. 

If the soil is new, it’ll take you 9-10 weeks to get results. The same result that you can get in less time usually. 

There are soil types that you can find in stores. They’re made specially to give you higher yields. They can reduce your vegging time greatly. 

Here’s a list of soils you can get from stores for your plantation- 

Use any of these soils to get the best yields. 

Your use of natural soil becomes null if you’re doing either DWC or Coco. You need to take care of them in different ways of course. 

Basically, there’s no specific vegging time for a pound. The more you veg your plant, the bigger it’ll grow. A 2 week veg yield and a 1-month veg yield are surely going to be very different. 

But you can keep these factors in check to get better results. 


How Long Do People Veg For?

People usually tend to veg their plants for 2 weeks to 8 weeks. But there are a lot of people out there who don’t veg their plants at all. And then there are large plant growers who veg for far longer. The thing that you must keep in mind is keeping your plant healthy. 

Is 4 Weeks Veg Enough?

There are a lot of planters out there who veg their plants for 4-8 weeks. After that stage is over your plant will go into the flowering stage. That is if it can auto initiate that. If it can’t do that, you’ll have to initiate it by giving 12 hours of light. And 4 weeks of veg will be enough. 

What’s The Best Light Cycle For Veg?

When your plants are still seedlings, you should keep them under 12-13 hours of light. But once it enters the vegetative state, you can slowly increase the time. 18 hours of veg time after that is perfect. Some people even keep their plants under light for 24 hours. They grow bigger that way. 


This is just about all you need to know about how long to veg for a pound. Follow our instructions carefully to get the best yields. 

If you have any further comments, leave them in the comment section. 

Good Luck!

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