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Detailed Comparison Between Honey vs Molasses for Plants!

Sugar is one of the biggest factors in making your buds fatter. The cannabis plant usually produces enough sugar to produce fat buds. But if we need to make them even fatter, we usually go for Molasses. 

But you might even ask, what about Honey then? Because both of them supply sugar content to the plants. 

So, which way to go between honey vs molasses for plants?

Molasses have a better overall balance of nutrients than Honey. However, Honey has more sugar content per cup. One cup of Molasses contains 252g of sugar compared to 278g of Honey. Honey also stimulates the growth hormone for your growing cannabis. But Molasses is comparatively cheaper than Honey.

Now, you might be thinking, are these all the benefits and differences? No way! There are many things left to know before choosing the befitting one for yourself.

So, let’s not waste any more time!

Molasses Vs Honey [The Basics]

Getting fat buds is very important to get the maximum out of your cannabis plants. However, growers don’t know exactly how to fatten up buds before harvest

To fatten up buds you need to supply enough sugar to the plants. You can either use the Molasses to supply this vast amount of sugar. Or you can use Honey which has even more sugar content than Molasses. However, there are other factors too that come into play.

So, choosing between Molasses or honey becomes a “Make or Break” decision. However, there are some key differences between them.

From the nutritious elements to the price, there are many characteristics that are different. Here’s a quick comparison table to get the picture-

Nutritious ValuesMore nutritious overallGood but a bit lacking
Growth or Stimulating FactorHelps the overall root area and increases the weight of the budsHelps through budding and flowering
Healthy BenefitsFungal prevention and developmentBacterial diseases prevention
Sugar Content252 gm per cup278 gm per cup
Price$2.22 per 10 oz approximately$5 per 10 oz approximately
AvailabilityAvailable at AmazonAvailable at Amazon

Now that we have a quick overview, on the whole, these two, let’s get into more depth.

Comparing the Two Sweet Supplements for Plants

I won’t waste too much of your timing with planting jargon. I’ll get into the main topic after stating one incredible trivia! Do you know using honey or Molasses can get your weed to taste perfume-free? Well, now you do!

Now, let’s start with the discussion!

Nutritious Values

Nutrition in both honey and Molasses is in very balanced amounts. Both have a sufficient amount of sugar, carb, and vitamin in each serving. However, there is a slight difference in quantitative nutritious value.

While Molasses is a more nutritious fertilizer, honey is more sucrose-induced. You get around 252g of carbohydrates in one cup of Molasses. Whereas, Honey has only 278g of carbs in them.

As I said earlier, Molasses is generally a more nutrient-heavy fertilizer. On the other hand, Honey falls short when it comes to having a good number of vitamins and Minerals. 

Source: Foodstruct

So, in the molasses vs honey overall nutrition segment, Molasses is overpowering honey by all means except the sugar content category. 

I normally use Grandma’s Molasses, but there are other good Molasses on the market too. Want to look at some good Molasses products? Here they are-

Winner: Molasses is great if you want a balanced fertilizer for your plants. However, if you just want your plants to have sugar then you can go for Honey as well.

Growth Factor

Both of these two products can be excellent stimulators for your plants’ growth. It’s true that you can’t substitute this with your bloom boosters. But they are the most natural products you can find without any chemicals in them.

Now, the growth factor is mostly dependent on your soil condition and nutrients. Sugar usually enhances or stimulates growth.

But the other nutrients have their own importance too. That’s why Molasses is better when you are considering the overall growth of your cannabis crops.

Source: Grow Weed Easy

By using Molasses not only do you get good stimulation, but also receive great flowering and budding support. 

It’s actually a good practice of adding sugar during flowering. That’s why it’s so hard to pass on the importance of Molasses

Look at this amazing girl on the 15th day of flowering and supplied with some Molasses! Absolutely mesmerizing!

While honey is decent, it still lacks a bit in being the overall growth stimulator.

Winner: You can go for Molasses for a good stimulating root and flowering growth.

Disease Prevention

Molasses and honey benefits for plants are known to many. But how do they perform in preventing diseases as plants are very easily affected? Let’s check!

When you are concerned with antibacterial properties, honey is great at delivering those. 

Your plants will get strong support to prevent many bacterial diseases. Also, it retains good bacteria to keep the soil moisturized and healthy.

You might even wonder, does honey prevent root rot?

The answer is yes, it is proven that honey prevents root rot. Because of the antifungal and antibacterial properties, hone effectively prevents root rot in plants.

Source: AAPS

So, if you see any symptoms of root rot, hurry up and apply some honey. To help you out here are some good honey products for your plants-

On the other hand, Molasses has nutrients that can prevent some antifungal diseases. It can create the right environment to grow beneficial fungi for plants!

So, both the products have their strong points.

Winner: Honey is quite good in antibacterial protection. Molasses is more efficient in preventing antifungal issues.


This segment won’t take much longer to discuss. Why? Because you’ll know right away whether you want to go for the affordable one or not!

If you are concerned with the price, there’s no better choice than Molasses. Now you might be wondering, “is molasses a good fertilizer for the price?” Well, you can’t get them any better option at this low price at all.

So, yes, Molasses offers more than you need for your plants. You can get per ounce of Molasses for around $00.30 more or less.

On the other hand, honey is more scarce and a bit more pricey. Per ounce of honey will cost you around $00.50 on average. Also, it does not provide any extra value when compared.

So, using Molasses benefits your plants more than honey at this price.

Winner: Molasses is more affordable.

The Best Supplement between Molasses and Honey

One fun fact for you! Both of these useful fertilizers can be used in any type of setup. Whether you choose either dwc or coco setup. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

However, let’s summarize and see which one would be the most appropriate choice for you.

If your soil needs more sugar content only, honey will be the ideal one. It has a better sugar content per serving than Molasses. But Molasses is also rich in vital nutrients and vitamins to support the soil.

Both of these products are excellent for the plants’ growth factor. So, you can choose to go either way. But Molasses pulls ahead a bit because of its great nutritional values and health benefits. Even the price is more affordable as well.

Your plants will surely be filled with gratitude if you are using them. Consequently, they’ll give you a nice yield and fat buds.

I personally suggest Molasses for any type of plant. Of Course, because I use them for my precious plants.

However, you can go for honey or both depending on your situation. But remember, don’t use them too much as they can attract bugs and pests! 


Can Molasses Harm Plants? 

Yes, Molasses can harm your growing plants if you use it too much. Overuse of any nutrients can be detrimental to your plants, and Molasses are no exception. However, it is a great natural fertilizer to enhance the nutritious values of your soil. So, using it in a balanced way is not harmful.

Can You Feed Plants Honey?

Yes, you can always feed your plants honey if your soil is basic. Honey is an alkaline substance that contains many vital micro-ingredients for plants. For example, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sugar, and so on. So, using or feeding honey to your plants is quite beneficial.

How Often Should I Use Molasses on My Plants?

It’s a good practice to use Molasses on growing plants once every 2 weeks. This sugar-filled fertilizer can substantially make your plants keep in check. Because of its crucial nutrients and non-toxic substances, it often yields good crops. Even the price of Molasses is quite affordable too!


So, that’s everything I had on the molasses vs honey for plants debate! I suppose you are not full of confusion anymore to choose the one for yourself.

Do let me know which one seems more useful to you. Either way, I hope you’ll have a lovely yield that fills your heart!

Happy growing!

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