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How Much Cannabis Can HLG 100 Yield? A Grower’s Guide!

Grow lights are a fantastic tool for streamlining cannabis growth. And LED lights are the most efficient of them all. The horticulture HLG 100 LED is an excellent quality light for small growers. 

Now the obvious question would be, how much cannabis can HLG 100 yield?

In a 2×2 grow room, HLG 100 yields about 1.5oz to 3oz per plant. The vegetative stage is 8 weeks with 4000K lights. During the flowering stage, lower the Kelvin down to 3000K. Ensure 1200 – 1500 ppm of CO2 and other nutrients to maximize the growth. It’s best to take the numbers as a reference. 

Got a few minutes to spare? Read through the article to know more about HLG 100W Yield.

HLG 100 Yield: The Grow Conditions

Here’s the growing condition for HLG 100 yield in a 2×2 grow tent

  • Strain: Custom Purple Tahoe
  • Plant type: Indoor grow tent
  • Growing Method: Low stress (7-8th week), ScrOG (9-16th Week)
  • Defoliation Period: 9-10th week
  • Flowering Period: 16th week
  • Height of the plant: 36 inches
  • Number of Plant: 1
  • Lighting Schedule: 12 hours
  • Water pH level: 5.7
  • Humidity level: 38%
  • CO2 level: 1200-1500 ppm
  • Light to plant distance: 12 inches (Veg Period), 16 inches (flowering stage)
  • Nutrients: Floramicro, Big Bud and Bud Candy, Black Molasses. (Some prefer honey to molasses for indoor plants)
  • Pot Size: 15 Gallon

HLG 100 Cannabis Yield: The Calculation

We now know the specification and condition of the lights, let’s get down to the calculation.

Measuring HLG 100 Cannabis Yield:

The weight of dried Cannabis buds represents the actual yield weight. Because of how plants breathe, buds typically absorb a lot of water.

After collection, Cannabis buds go through a rigorous drying process to become dry. Every type of strain damp buds lose 70% to 75% of their weight after drying.

All the measurements I provided in here are the weight after drying the buds.

Yield Under HLG 100:

HLG 100 LED lights are a true blessing for growers on a tight budget. These lights use a small amount of power to produce a lot of light. 

The best part is compared to other lights, these are much cooler. As a result, you don’t need to add anything to the heat control.

Light Emission: HLG 100 emits 1600 lumens by using 95W. It’s truly efficient to grow light.

Yield Count: The yield rate with HLG 100 is 0.5 grams/watt. Therefore, you’ll obtain a 55-gram yield if you utilize a 100-watt LED in your 2×2 grow box. The yield in a different system will be 0.24 pounds for a 2 by 2 grow box.

Yield Under HLG 100
Source: youtube.com

Given how inexpensive LED lights are, this yield would be very amazing. But in order to obtain those, you must purchase some good 2×2 grow tent led lights.

Factors Affecting HLG 100 Yield

Next, we need to use the light in a way that maximizes its output. 

That includes light placement, growing methods with the HLG 100 V2 4000K LED, and such.

Head over to the next section to know all about it.

Distance From The Plant:

The hlg 100 rspec distance between the cannabis plant and light is an important factor for good yield. For the maximum intensity when utilized as a primary fixture, hang it as low as 12″

The ideal footprint of the light for flowers is 3 to 4 square feet. Whereas the recommended footprint for vegetables is 6 to 9 square feet. Even at the highest efficiency levels, this light only consumes 100W.

hlg 100 rspec distance
Source: support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Therefore you won’t be reaching the maximum PAR levels for cannabis plants to tolerate. You’ll have a medium- to low-intensity flower and vegetable crop in the designated coverage regions.

Planting Methods:

Larger plants and crowded plants can occasionally obstruct smaller plants’ access to air and light.

You should comprehend the plant size for a maximum yield in a 2×2 grow tent to avoid any size-related issues. Let’s explore the growing methods to figure out the best method for HLG 100 yield –

  • Growing rates for SOG range from 4 to 16 plants per square meter. Therefore, you may grow 5–6 plants in your 2×2 grow tent using this method.
  • You can only grow 1 plant in your grow tent if you’re willing to prune.
  • You can grow 4 plants per square meter if low-stress training is what you’re after. That’s one plant for a 2 by 2 grow tent.
  • For a 2 by 2 grow tent, one plant is sufficient if you’re looking for ScrOG.

For HLG 100 LED lights, the best methods are ScrOG, low-stress, and pruning. 

Tips to Max Out HLG 100 Yield of Cannabis

Here are some handy tips I gathered over the course of cultivating years. Use these to max out your bud count-

Avoid Soil 

Hydroponics is a promising method. I favor hydroponics over soil-based systems. I have some good justifications for this desire. Which are:

  • In contrast to soil, you can regulate the number of nutrients in hydroponics.
  • The pH and TDS of soil can be messed up rather easily.
  • Soil preparation time is cut down from the cultivation period. 

Maintain Air and Temperature

So, first things first, make sure your grow tent has adequate ventilation. You’ll need a fan for your grow tent for this.

Maintain Air and Temperature
Source: growweedeasy.com

Here’s a guide to maintaining ventilation-

  • Install a grow tent carbon filter for optimum ventilation. In order for water and CO2 to mix evenly throughout the tent, plants require enough ventilation.
  • Enough airflow cannot guarantee the protection of your plants from mold. You must get a grow tent dehumidifier for that.

Get the temperature and airflow of your grow tent under control and you’ll see increased yield.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Good are HLG lights?

Power effectiveness for the HLG 100 R-Spec is 2.43 microns per joule. The rating for the prior iteration was 2.3. The PAR norm for grow lights is 2.0, this rating makes the HLG 100 remarkable. This light fixture uses only 95 Watts of power to create 1600+ Lumens. Which makes HLG lights really great.

How Do You Tell If Grow Light is Too Close?

The initial indicators appear as thin outlines on the outside of the leaves. If you spot this early, you can prevent additional harm to your grow tent. The plant is getting too close to the light if parts of the leaves start to curl up. Increase the height of the grow light from the grow tents.

Do LEDs Grow Big Buds?

Market-available LED grow lights feature a spectrum that is ideal for plants. The following suggestions can help to enhance bud size. Use an LED grow light with a spectrum that your plants can best absorb. During the flowering stage, position the LED fixture at the right distance from the canopy.


That’s all about HLG 100 yield from me. The information in the article will help you optimize your plan to grow your ladies. 

Bonus tip, cultivate with autoflower because it’ll give you the highest and quick flowering.

How are you liking your HLG 100 so far? Share with the community in the comment section.

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