hi brix molasses vs blackstrap

Hi Brix Molasses vs Blackstrap: Best Molasses For Hemp!

Molasses is an excellent source of carbohydrates for growing tents. However, not all molasses is suitable for plants. And you would want the best for your hemp, no?

You are wondering which molasses is better between Hi Brix Molasses vs Blackstrap?

Comparing Hi Brix Molasses vs BlackStrap, Blackstrap Molasses is better for the hemp plants. It’s also more viscous than Hi Brix. Blackstrap Molasses has a higher amount of calcium, potash, and iron. And it’s high concentration of sugar sends the microbes into overdrive and results in higher yield.

But this short answer doesn’t quite cut it for growers to decide on buying molasses. I will go into the in-depth discussion about Hi Brix and Blackstrap molasses’ benefits.

If you want to know the best molasses for your precious plants then buckle up and dive in!

Hi Brix Molasses vs Blackstrap: Quick Comparison

So what differentiates Hi Brix Molasses from Blackstrap Molasses? Here’s a table with the main differentiating points of the two Molasses’ for grow tents –

CharacteristicsHi Brix MolassesBlackstrap Molasses
Price$38-40 per Gallon$26-29 per Gallon
ConcentrationMedium viscous, 2nd boilHighly viscous, 3rd boil
Nutrients72% Brix, PotashHigh in vitamins, potash, calcium, and Iron
Sulfur contentUnulfuredUnsulfured
Feeding amount/DosageHand-Feeding: Add and mix 1 teaspoon (mild) to 2 tablespoons (strong) per gallon of water slowly. 
Hydroponics: Add 0.25 teaspoon (mild) to 1 teaspoon (strong) per gallon of water at each fertilizer change.
Compost Teas: Before brewing, combine 4 tablespoons of compost tea per gallon of water.
1-3 teaspoons of molasses per gallon of water are the standard dilution.
Benefit to PlantsProvides plants with carbohydrates and nutrientsProvides quick source of energy and helps the growth of microorganisms
Where to BuyCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

As the table shows, there are no significant differences between Hi Brix Molasses and Blackstrap Molasses

Let’s dissect them further and see what we can find in the analysis. 

In-Depth Analysis 

Here are the factors for comparing Hi Brix Molasses for plants and Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses. I weighed the two Molasses’ with each factor.

Hi Brix Molasses and Blackstrap Molasses

Let’s see which is better than the other.


Hi Brix Molasses is medium or dark molasses. It is made by boiling the sugar cane or sugar beet juice for the 2nd time. Also, it has a higher concentration of carbohydrates and sugar. 

However, they taste less sweet contrary to what you would expect.

On the other hand, Blackstrap molasses is as the name suggests. It is made by boiling the sugar cane or sugar beet juice for the third time. 

Blackstrap molasses takes the darkness, richness, and viscosity to another level. It is also far less sweet. But it is packed with the highest concentration of carbohydrates and sucrose.

Blackstrap Molasses is superior
Source: myrecipes.com

Summary: Concentration-wise, Blackstrap Molasses is superior to Hi Brix Molasses.


Hi Brix Molasses is a well knows sugar source for grow tents. It is said to have necessary plant nutrients. But the label only mentions Potash other than sucrose. Which is the main nutrient of any molasses. 

On the other hand, Blackstrap Molasses is high in nutrients. It has 8% calcium, 20% of Potassium, and iron, and 8% of Magnesium.

Blackstrap Molasses Warning
Source: herbiesheadshop.com

The high concentration of carbohydrates, sugar and these elements feed the microbes in the soil well. Microbes produce an excellent amount of nutrients. 

The result is evident within days during the flowering stage. You’ll see bigger and thicker nugs and really healthy flowers.

However, there is a small Blackstrap Molasses Warning. Because it contains 8% calcium, growers are advised to use this carefully. Excess calcium in the marijuana plants will cause leaf burn.

If so, you may want to reduce the amount of Blackstrap molasses you give to the soil. Blackstrap molasses is especially good for both coco and dwc methods.

Summary: Comparing the nutrients, you are getting more from the same blackstrap Molasses than Hi Brix Molasses.

Sulfur Content:

Some molasses are made from Sugar cane which contains sulfur dioxide which acts as a preservative. But sulfur is harmful to your hemp plants. 

Luckily, neither Hi-Brix molasses nor Blackstrap contains sulfur in their formula. Feeding your plants a huge amount of sugar will never go wrong, especially if you’re using unsulpherd molasses.

Summary: Based on the sulfur content, both are suitable molasses to feed your precious hemp plants. 

Feeding Amount:

The best Hi Brix Molasses feeding Schedule is during the flowering stage. 

There are different ways of using this molasses and here they are.

Hand Feeding: Add and mix 1 teaspoon (mild) to 2 tablespoons (strong) per gallon of water slowly. Use once every four weeks.

Hydroponics: Add 0.25 teaspoon (mild) to 1 teaspoon (strong) per gallon of water at each fertilizer change. It is advised that the reservoir solution be aerated on a regular basis. Drain and flush with clean water every 7-14 days.

Compost Teas: Before brewing, combine 4 tablespoons of compost tea per gallon of water.

However, for Blackstrap Molasses, the feeding schedule isn’t this complicated. You must first dilute molasses before applying them to your plants. Dilute it with water, milk, or liquid fertilizer. 1-3 teaspoons of molasses per gallon of water are the standard dilution.

Hi Brix Molasses feeding Schedule
Source: herbiesheadshop.com

However, due to its high viscosity, Blackstrap Molasses is a bit difficult to mix. 

To solve this, warm up a pint of water on the stove. 

Mix the Blackstrap molasses into the warm water. Then incorporate that into the rest of the water. 

Summary: The usage of Blackstrap Molasses is somewhat a bit complex compared to Hi-Brix. So Hi-Brix gets the upperhand.


A gallon of Earth Juice Hi Brix Molasses costs about $38-40. Which is really cheap as a fertilizer. A gallon of Hi Brix Molasses will last a long time if kept in appropriate condition. 

Hi-Brix Molasses reviews are also great among the growers’ community. 

So, it is a guaranteed good product.

For Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, it is not available in gallons but in a slightly smaller container of 128 fl Oz. Where each fl oz costs around $0.17-0.18. Thus making a gallon cost around $26-29.

Blackstrap is also a favorite among the pot grower community for its quality. The content amount is convenient for growers with a small grow tent.

Even if you are considering curbing the price, there are corn syrup, honey, and such. But between honey and molasses, molasses is cheaper. In fact, molasses is the cheapest source of sugar for plants.

In short, both Hi Brix Molasses and Blackstrap are cost-effective. 

What Kind of Molasses Do You Use for Plants?

Thank you for your patience throughout the article. You have reached the end, now it’s time for the final verdict. 

Comparing the factors, both Blackstrap and Hi Brix have their own advantages. 

Blackstrap has more micro and macro elements besides sucrose and carbohydrate. Your buds will grow bigger and fatter with Blackstrap Molasses. ( Order a jug from Amazon )

Hi-Brix is very high in Brix percentage which is really great for microbes. They come in bigger gallons so it is convenient for professional growers. It is also easier to mix with water. ( Get your hands on one gallon of Hi-Brix Molasses from Amazon)

A bonus tip for you, when looking for molasses make sure it’s unsulfured molasses. We know molasses is great for grow tent. But sulfured molasses kills the microbes in the soil. If the microbes die, you will gain no benefit from molasses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Molasses Burn Your Plants?

Molasses can not burn your pot plants. It is a common myth that molasses burn plants. It does not because it’s not a nutrient that the cannabis will be up taking. Molasses is a sugar that is fed to the soil and micro organism. The microbes feed on the molasses and produce the nutrients for plants. 

Which Molasses is healthier for Plants?

Among the three types of molasses, Blackstrap molasses is healthier for plants. It is boiled three times to have a high viscosity. Blackstrap Molasses has the highest amount of Calcium, potassium, and Iron. the sugar feeds the microbes in the soil to produce nutrients for your grow tent.

Why is Molasses Important for Cannabis? 

Sugar is essential for the healthy and strong development of cannabis plants. Molasses plays a crucial role in sourcing sugar in the metabolism of energy. It acts as a form of chemical messenger that supports wellness throughout the cannabis life cycle. Hence, Molasses helps your ladies yield more.


That was all from me on Hi Brix Molasses vs Blackstrap. Molasses not only helps you thrive your ladies but bring life to your soil as well. That’s two birds with one stone!

Which Molasses did you decide on feeding your ladies? I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, happy growing!

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