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Half Pound Plant – A Quick Guide [2022]

Are you new to this hobby? Well, you must be because you’re here. You must also be interested enough to grow a half-pound cannabis plant. 

So, how can you get a half pound plant? 

You can get a half pound yield from your plant. However, that depends on many factors. The factors include Strain, Light Intensity, Space, Nutrients, and Soil. All of these are equally important for a half-pound yield. The article explores them in greater detail.

All you have to do now is read the rest of the article. You’ll hopefully have your answer by the end of it. 

Is Getting Half Pound From a Plant Even Possible?

You might have a question, what is half pound? It amounts to 224g (approx.). But in this context, it means the yield of a cannabis plant. 

Furthermore, It is very possible to get a yield of a half pound per plant. However, you’re not just going to get it willy-nilly. Many factors play a part in determining the yield of your plant. 

So average consumers do not usually get a half-pound yield unless they do a bit of research.

half pound per plant pie chart

The pie chart is based on many reports from Reddit, Leafly, Youtube and so on. According to it, most average consumers get less than a half-pound yield from their plants.

However, getting a half-pound yield is not a pipe dream. I will talk about the ideal plants for high yield both indoors and outdoors.

half pound per plant
Source: I Love Growing Marijuana Forum

Which Strains Are Ideal for Getting a Half-Pound Yield?

This part of the hobby confuses most hobbyists. There are countless strains to choose from at this point. However, Fret not! I have compiled a table to make it easy for you to choose from the right strain. 

Much like how it is with 1ft plants, Choosing the right strains will get you a great yield. Here’s someone sharing the same that.

I have included all the things you may have to consider before growing the plant. So here’s the table-

Strain NamePlant Height (Max)Where To GrowExpertise
OG Kush9 ft.OutdoorsBeginners
Hulkberry9.84 ft. OutdoorsIntermediate
White Widow7.5 ft.Both Outdoors (Ideal) and Indoors Beginners
Strawberry Kush3 ft.IndoorsBeginners
Northern Lights3.28 ft.IndoorsIntermediate
Blue Dream6 ft.Indoors and OutdoorsBeginners
Super Silver Haze4 ft.Indoors and OutdoorsExpert

The table above compiles the most popular plants for high yields both indoors and outdoors. Most of them are suitable for beginners in the hobby, you have not much to worry about. 

However, there’re many other factors than just the strain when it comes to getting that half-pound yield. I will move on to explaining those factors right now. 

What Are the 4 Factors that get you a half pound yield?

There are many variables to a grow tent when it comes to the yield. Light intensity, Airflow, Strain, The space to grow the plants in, and so on. Even the way you grow cannabis matters. That is why there’s a huge debate about what to choose between DWC and coco.

There are primarily two stages a cannabis goes through before getting the yield. 

Light Intensity (Indoors):

Light intensity may not be as important when it comes to other vegetation. But its importance skyrockets when it comes to cannabis. 

Higher Light Intensity is capable of bringing about higher yield while lowering the time needed. But it does need to be paired up with enough nutrients to be able to do so. 

Furthermore, to get a half-pound yield indoors, your lights need to be of higher wattage than average. The average wattage is 200-300w. But you need around 1000 watts of hps lighting. 

Furthermore, the light intensity also relies on the vegetative stage and the flowering stage.

Vegetative Stage:

The light prolongs vegetative state and allows your plant to grow more during that time granted enough nutrients. The more light time the plant will get, the more it will grow. After reaching the maximum growth for ½ pound yield, which is about 10′, it’s time for the Flowering stage.

Flowering Stage:

If you turn off the light for 16-20 hours, the plant goes into a flowering stage. The stage is pretty self explanatory, the cannabis will start flowering. You’ll get the half pound yield in this stage. The yield here in any case, depends on the growth induced by light in the veg stage. 

With the lighting setup complete, let’s now move on to the space where you’ll plant it.

Flowering Stage
Source: Cannabis Training University


The space available is another decisive variable for high yield. The more space you have in your grow tent, the more plants you can have. And following a simple principle. More plants mean more yield. 

Furthermore, This way you can easily have half-pound plants since you’ll have more space for growth too. Now with enough space, let’s get to planting. 


Cannabis is very specific when it comes to soil. The plants have a preference for the right soil. The soil also must be slightly acidic. 

Furthermore, you will only get the desired yield if the soil is well managed. The pH, breathability, and ratio- are the factors of good soil.  Good soil will get you a good yield.

To be more specific, the pH of the soil must be between 6.0-6.9, slightly acidic. Too acidic would be harmful as well. Earthworm casting is great for cannabis. Mix that with dirt to get the ideal growth and a half pound yield. 

 As for the dirt to earthworm casting ratio- experts recommend 20% slightly acidic dirt and 80% earthworm casting. 

Then all you have to do is plant the strain in this soil to get going. 


Now that you’ve planted it, to cope with the lighting to get desired yield, you need nutrients. The nutrients are one of the most important factors for growing cannabis. You may use sufficient lighting, but it will amount to nothing without the right nutrients.

High light intensity promotes growth in plants but the growth uses up more nutrients as a result. So to cope with it, you must also supply the plant with proper nutrients. The kind of nutrients depend on two stages-

Nutrients chart
Souce: Grow With Jane

Vegetative Stage:

However the nutrient you need differs according to the phase your plant is in. In the vegetative stage, your nutrient has to be higher in nitrogen and lower in phosphorus and potassium. Furthermore, the more your plant grows in this stage, the more yield you will get. 

Flowering Stage:

Next comes the flowering stage, You will need nutrients with higher potassium and lower nitrogen and phosphorus. You’ll need the right nutrients to make sure you plant blooms the desired yield. 

Do not forget the CO2 supply either. Everything supplied to the plant is proportional to the intensity of the light it gets. 

If you have an intense-enough light and a steady supply of nutrients, you’re good to go. Now you got all the bases covered. With the right strain and these conditions, you will get a half pound yield from your plant. 

Indoor Vs Outdoor – Which Is Better For Half Pound Yield?

For half pound yield strictly, both indoors and outdoors work. But if you take the costs and efficiency into consideration, there are pros and cons to both. 

Pros and Cons of Indoor Grow Tent:

While indoor grow tents could be profitable, it is not the best option. It would be possible to get a half-pound yield from it, but that would take expertise. Not to mention it would not be cost efficient either. The rest of the pros and cons are listed below-

There’s greater control over your plants in indoor grow tents.
Great choice for growing small plants and medium plants.
Pest Control is easier compared to outdoors. 
The costs are on the higher side.
Greatly limits the number of plants you can grow at the same time. 
It’s hard to access the plants because of limited space. 

This is why I would not recommend starters in the hobby to grow indoors. Instead, I would recommend growing outdoors. Here’s my take on it.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Grow Tents:

Same with the indoor grow tents, there are also pros and cons to the outdoor grow tent. I’ll briefly discuss that below. 

Natural lighting and airflow are the best for any strain. 
Great choice for large plants.
Cost efficient as it saves more energy compared to the indoor grow tent. 
Pests are a huge problem. 
The control over your plants’ environment is lower compared to the indoor grow tent. 

My Verdict:

The pros of Outdoor grow tents outweigh the pros of indoor grow tents in my opinion. So, you can get a half pound yield indoors. But it is way easier to grow a half-pound cannabis plant outdoors.

Now let’s move on to answering some frequently asked questions before concluding the article. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can you yield off 1000 watts?

A single 1000w HPS light will get you around 2lbs of yield. However, that also depends on the nutrients you use. The growing plant would also require more nutrients to cope with the growth. 

Which Indoor Strain Has The Highest Yield?

The White Widow by far has the highest yield. It yields 18 ounces per square meter. It is easy to grow as well. That’s why it is one of the more popular strains. 

Which strain is the hardest to grow?

Malawi Gold is the hardest cannabis strain one can attempt to grow. Hobbyists usually grow it as a challenge. 


That’s it! You should now have your answer. I hope I can help you decide on growing a half-pound plant

What do you think? Was the article helpful to you? Let me know in the comments below. 

See you next time. Good luck!

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