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Flowering At Different Lengths [Defining Growth Quality!]

Patience takes a gentle root when you are expecting quality results. In ventures involving higher cannabis growth, you may want plants to grow taller. It can raise better volumes of yields, but how do you ensure it?

A question may arise on how to work on flowering at different lengths.

Flowering at different lengths requires different equipment and environment. From 6 inches, the 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches growth indications are highlighted. This is to deal with outdoor and indoor perspectives. The most potent and healthy cannabis can be easily grown with proper flowering.  

Let’s get started with addressing different lengths during flowering.


  • Taller cannabis plants are slightly closer to light sources.
  • Different cannabis at different lengths requires different light times for flowering.
  • Taller plants receive energy easily.
  • Longer hours of lighting can reduce the health of the plants.

Flowering at 6 Inches Yield

Flowering at 6 inches yield means ensuring that the over-the-top lights are reaching efficiently. In such contrast, taller plants can be slightly close to the light source. 

This easily means the receival of more energy. It is going to attract a better yield, both yes and no. 

A properly arranged lighting system would help you get rid of not swelling calyx construction. This means in the later weeks of the flowering stage, cannabis growth will be incredibly potent. 

Depending on the strains, the Indica would harvest sooner than the Sativa. Remember as we have pointed out before, the Indica proposes a better THC than Sativa. 

For a 6-inch plant, make the lighting hours a little more than 12 hours. It can be around 14 to 15 hours of lighting. Followed by at least 10 hours of darkness. This is when the best flowering at 6 inches yield comes. 

However, let us look at some risk factors involving the indoor and outdoor scene:

  • Longer hours of lighting can reduce the health of the plants. It may stop growing and spreading further.
  • Spraying too many pesticides can contribute to the stress factor
  • The soil quality may deteriorate with wrong fertilizations. Regular testing is important

In such context, there are some pros and cons associated with the triggering process:


  • Pushes faster harvests
  • Absorb light intensity efficiently
  • Increase in THC levels
  • Caters to the plants’ resiliency
  • Delivers high levels of CBD


  • Shortens cannabis plant lifespan
  • Lighting can be expensive
  • Absorbs too much stress on the potency of delivery
  • Synthesis stretch recovery time is less
  • Some plants may go underdeveloped, especially in the outdoor scenario

It is a good option to wait a bit longer in the flowering stage. This is to allow the plants to grow taller conveniently.


The size and height have nothing to do with the volume of yield. Rather, it depends on the quality of the plant.

6 Inch Yield
Source: 420 Magazine

Flowering At 8 Inches Yield

When your plant is at an 8-inch height it is easier to move into the flowering stage than the 6-inch plants. 

During the first signs of the flowering stage, you would expect the plants to grow sufficiently. It should be taking 3 to 4 weeks to grow 2 inches taller.

This is what 8 inches yield looks like.

The best strain such as Indica would make things work faster. Applying the measures as you would have done with 6 inches plants is vital. This is to yield the maximum output. 

Even though there is not much difference, some risk factors should be noted. This is involving both outdoor and indoor growths:

  • Plants’ stress level may skyrocket when it is in the growing phase
  • The roots would be looking for more space
  • Humidity control may become difficult
  • The ability of the soil to assist root spread may stop

Keeping such facts in mind let us discuss the pros and cons of the triggering process:


  • Quick harvest is easily possible
  • Good THC and CBD are guaranteed
  • Longer plant lifespan
  • Dense cannabis growth


  • Some plants may die out in the outdoor setup
  • Need more than usual water
  • Without regular fertilization, the roots may get stuck
  • Keeping low humidity levels is a seriously tough job

Plants are going to grow taller as time moves forward. So, be wary of that. 


Adjust the light height according to plant length. Keep a minimum distance of 30 cm.

Flowering At 12 Inches Yield

A real question arises when the plant has reached one foot tall. You could be asking can I flower at 12 Inches? You can do that. 

On pen and paper, it should yield more cannabis growth. Especially, in the outdoor areas. However, if you apply the right measures indicated before, you would yield more. 

Questions would arise simply to determine the exact volume of cannabis growth at different lengths

Generating around 6 to 8 ounces of growth per plant is not a big deal. This is from one foot to two feet plant height in the outdoor growth area. Expect a little less with indoor LED lighting, which is a little more than 50%. It will easily be self-sufficient considering the cost of production.

It can be sufficed that starting from 12 inches to further, it is an ideal height. 

Considering some risk factors, it is good to involve some issues:

  • In the outdoor fields, the taller plants are growing denser. This means they are becoming prey to more bugs and insects. Participation needs more effort.
  • Much of the soil quality can go unnoticed because of the density
  • Worms could be crawling up the plants from inside the earth
  • Moisture formation can affect the growth process

The pros and cons of the triggering process which can’t go unnoticed are:


  • A much increase in yield volume
  • Good THC and CBD levels
  • Less stress on the plants as it is more adaptive
  • Efficient light intensity management


  • Difficulty dealing with incoming worms, insects, and butterflies
  • Roots would be cramped for space
  • Overall operating costs may go high
  • Difficulty in combating moisture growth

Something really good can be achieved with taller plants. They have become much healthier than before. It will continue to be so as it grows much taller.


Flowering past 12 inches can reduce THC levels.

12 inch Yield
Source: Reddit

Flowering At 18 Inches Yield

When the plants grow up to 18 inches tall. It is much more fertile, healthy, and potent than before. It has learned to adapt to conditions much better. 

In the 18 inches growth scenario, the fruitful weeks of flowering are not so different. The basic ingredients to asking when the flowering time start is essential. 

You are going to be doing the same thing as you have done for shorter plants. 

Receiving 12 hours of daylight is good. This should be followed by 12 hours of darkness. This is mainly to deal with the stress of growth. The same indication should be for indoor LED lighting as well.

Here are some products you can use in both indoor and outdoor scenes:

In a few weeks, you will be seeing how cannabis growth blossoms. Let us carry on looking at the risk factors:

  • Plants may get affected due to weather changes. Invite proper precautions. Make sure the plants dry quickly after heavy raining
  • In the indoor setup, moisture levels can invite insects. 
  • The soil can feed the growth of earthworms
  • Lack of space can affect the plant health in the indoor arena

Going further into understanding some variables fo trigger growth is important:


  • Quicker harvest just like before
  • More density means more volume of output
  • THC and CBD levels uncompromised
  • Plants are becoming more resilient to external pressures


  • Dealing with pests and insects is a real headache
  • Not having enough sunlight can delay the yield
  • Too much indoor light intensity caters to higher stress levels
  • Without proper fertilization, soil quality can go corrupt

There you have it! The tall plants should be getting taller for maximum benefits. 


For outdoor flowering, an 18-inch yield is perfect.

18 Inch Yield
Source: Grow Weed Easy

Flowering At 24 Inches Yield

All the best strains reach their optimum levels of growth at 24 inches. The 2 feet tall plants are going to be the most productive than ever. The thousands of outdoor plants look fascinatingly beautiful.

In the indoor setup, adjust the lighting a bit. This is so that the taller plants don’t become subject to stress. Mainly because they are much closer to the lights than before. 

Dealing sufficiently with a fatter cannabis plant’s growth requires sustenance. In the last major weeks, you will see how much marijuana you can extract. This is the best you can get with flowering at 24 inches yield

You can extract up to 10 ounces of cannabis per plant outdoors. This means you have done an excellent job! Remember, a bit more than 50% category, indoor setup is helping you as well. 

As indicated before, with the best strains, apply the same healthy measures. This is to push sufficient cannabis growth. 

The risk factors should not be denied in this area:

  • Outdoor setups can become a forest for insects and worms to dwell
  • Soil quality can be interrupted by a larger number of worm manifestations
  • Heavy rains and thunders can destroy the plants
  • Indoor plants may be more sensitive to humidity

Keeping such contexts alive, here are some double-sided deals of the triggering process:


  • Higher amount of cannabis production
  • Potent cannabis with high THC and CBD
  • Longer lifespan of the plans
  • Deals with stress better
  • Ability to adapt to external influences better


  • Synthesis sensitivity rises in the later weeks of flowering
  • Difficulty combating soil quality and earthworms infestations
  • More branches may die out
  • May not react sufficiently to nutrient sprays
  • Difficulty keeping soil quality top notch

Being successful with cannabis production means you have done everything right.


24 inches of cannabis flowering is ideal for outdoors.

Flowering at 24-inch different strains
Source: Grow Weed Easy

Best Practices for Flowering at Various Lengths

The goal here is to prepare the plant for maximum light exposure. The best flowering practices come about with a 100% efficiency level. This means you need to do some cutting and shaping. 

By cutting off dead leaves and not-worthy branches, you are just not only allowing light exposure. You are making way for air to pass through the productive areas. However, another good practice comes about with genetic traits. 

This is when flowering at different lengths yields the best results!

The effects of using fertilizers of bud candy or big bud would flare in. In the weeks of flowering, all you have to do is create space. This is for the flowering stage to blossom wider. 

Let us help you with understanding the genetic traits. 

Plants’ Genetic Traits:

A complete flowering strain genetic guide is going to give you a wholesome picture. As we are heading into the yielding results concerning lengths. Pointing out the genetic traits is important. 

There are 3 types of strains – Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Each flower up and produce distinctive potency as the final product. They have medicinal qualities that can be used for treating various diseases. 

It is evident that whether indoors or outdoors, increased THC levels can be achieved. This is with the right lighting and soil variation setup. Let’s see some of the best grow lights available for cannabis plants.

  • Samsung lights are the brightest and most suitable as grow lights. So, you can opt for SPIDER FARMER LED Grow Light which comes with Samsung light. You can check for availability on Amazon.

It is no doubt that UV lights are a good option for cannabis plants. You can check the price on Amazon.

Pro Tip: Different cannabis strains require different nutrients.

Indica, Sativa, Ruderails, and Hybrid Strains Growth


During the vegetative stage, lighting for around 18 years is quite necessary. When the growth reaches the flowering stage, 12 hours of lighting is enough. The flowering stage is the cannabis output stage where it needs some darkness to frame out. 

A question would arise on the factors needed to implement the best cannabis growth.

In the indoor setup, a 400 Watts LED does the best fashionable job. Keeping the LED light 2 to 3 feet over the top of the strains is essential. The light would synthesize the growth of the plant including higher THC levels. The spraying of fertilizers can make cannabis more potent and healthy. 

This means you are preparing the plant to let the harvest happen smoothly. You are going to take the cannabis out in no time.

Here are some good considerations: 

You should achieve success sooner than you think. This is when the soil quality is not compromised. It plays an integral part in the process. 


Too much temperature and light can burn the plants.

A properly grown cannabis
Source: PNAS

Best Strain:

It is hard to determine the best strain from cannabis growth. It all depends on your preferences concerning why you are growing cannabis. Let us together focus on the health factor. 

In such a context, the best flowering strain length idea is there to take. We will go to the height factor later. Here we are going to engrave upon fertilizing the flower stage scene. 

Here is something you should know, Indica is the best out there. From Afghani to Pink and Master kush, the THC levels drive from 15% to 26%. This is a really good deal!

Do not also forget the good attributes of Sativa. It does not go overboard from 23% THC levels. As you can imagine, growing these things is going to benefit 100%.

Light Growing Method:

In the indoor growing scene, three popular methods can be applied.

These are:

  • HPS
  • CFL
  • LED

At this point, we are suggesting the LED light setup. Mainly due to its popularity, cost-effectiveness, and higher efficiency.

Here are the things you can achieve with LED grow light:

  • Faster harvesting
  • Sufficient usage of energy
  • More durable
  • Allow the plant growth to adjust to temperatures
  • Energy saving assistance
  • Healthy cannabis out – best THC levels guaranty
  • Prevents pest intrusion

As you can imagine, applying the LED system has more beneficial effects. 

Some LED grow light products that can assist you are:

Maximum benefits are guaranteed with some awesome LED products. You will be able to enjoy the best yield in no time.


UV and IR lights are good during the flowering stage.

DIfferent Cannabis Strains Leaves

Number Of Plants:

Words that are flowing in from above are just advising some awesome pictures. Imagine when the first signs of the pre-flowering stage arrive. You would be impatiently waiting for harvest. 

As we have suggested a cool LED lighting system. Remember, a healthy scene is a 400W LED for each plant. An overall LED system can cover 4000W of power.

This simply means, that in a good room, you can cover up to 10 plants. The size of the room is from 200 to 250 sq ft. This is where any plant strain can grow up to 2 feet tall. 

It is going to be an essential deal to point out the outdoor factor. The outdoor yield depends upon natural sunlight exposure. There is nothing you can do in terms of light settings.

You can plant hundreds to thousands of plants. This is depending on the field area. The cultivation process is the same as any other process done around the world. 

Let’s dive deeper here! This means we will be moving out of the home. The environmental factors must be set in within this contextual approach. 


Clustering cannabis plants can ruin cannabis growth.

Grow Environment: 

You would want to yield the maximum output with the best potency. For this reason, environmental factors play a vital role. You would be asking how long is the flowering stage indoors

As individual growers, the indoor setups fit the best. The flowering stage would continue for 7 to 9 weeks, regardless of the condition. In such cases, if you have more than 10 plants, going outdoors can be the best option. 

Let us together bring out the both indoor and outdoor setup factors separately:

Sample Environment:

Environmental samples indicate the legal procedures for growing cannabis. You cannot go outside the boundaries to ensure maximum yield. In both indoor and outdoor scenarios, you have to apply the right guidelines.

Within this frame, the best output can be received with some good measures:

i) Indoor:

Here are the things you can do to make the growing process more efficient:

  • Increase and Control Light Intensity. The more intensity, the better the yield. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Some amount of darkness is important too.
  • Set up lights on surrounding areas as well. This is when the pressure is improvised by the over-the-top LED lights
  • As mentioned before, providing the right fertilizers and nutrients is essential.
  • Temperature control is a very important thing to do. This is to negotiate with humidity and prevent the formation of moisture. No moisture means, excellent plant health and so more potent cannabis.
  • Allow enough space for the plants to spread. This makes the buds open freely during the harvesting period.

Maximum yield is guaranteed with these indications. Let’s move our focus to the outdoor scenario. 


Focusing on adequate light and nutrient sources is crucial for indoor plants.

Indoor Cannabis Plants
Source: Grow Weed Easy

ii) Outdoor:

Outdoor growth should not be much of a hassle compared to indoor growth. The indications are similar with some variances here and there. Here are the obvious things you can do:

  • Apply agricultural and irrigation techniques. This can be achieved through the assistance of national guidelines. There can be government-appointed professionals who can help you along. 
  • Regularly apply the right amount of pesticides
  • Fertilization is a very important deal. This is to understand the attributes of soil quality at a higher height. 
  • Water quality cannot be negotiated as well
  • Deal effectively with changing weather conditions. This is something that is out of your hand. Patience is the key

Outdoor growth has many challenges, but it may not hamper your success. Take help from certified individuals for the best results. 


You don’t need to water the outdoor cannabis plants after rain.

Outdoor Cannabis Plants
Source: Grow Doctor Guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long is the average flowering stage?

The average time of the cannabis flowering stage is between 6 to 10 weeks. The last stages of cannabis growth depend on environmental conditions. It also depends on the type of cannabis. 

At what weeks do the buds start swelling the most?

The first 4 to 6 weeks of plant growth encourage healthy bud swelling. This is when the transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage happens. 

How many nodes should I have before flowering?

When the plants are having around 4 nodes, you should start topping the plants. This will make the cannabis growth bushy. A dense construction would yield better results. 


After all the clarified materials, you should be free with flowering at different lengths. The length may matter to outgrow better yields when the right indications are applied. 

Hope you have been awarded the right insights.

Bye for now!

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