Crispy Buds When Drying

Crispy Buds When Drying: Reason Revealed!

After collecting the buds and getting them ready, you would not want them to dry up, would you?

Well, this can happen and you may get concerned about crispy buds when drying?

Buds often become crispy when they are in the drying phase. This happens due to drying for a long period of time, too much speed of the fan, high temperature etc. To prevent this, you can avoid the rapid drying process, maintain a good space, temperature and humidity. Also, cut the buds properly.

However, to prevent drying, you need some more detailed knowledge regarding these.

Here I am to help you! In his article, you will get sufficient knowledge for your issue if you go through it.

So what are we waiting for then? Let’s save the buds before they get crispy!

Reasons Behind Crispy Buds When Drying

Usually, buds don’t get crispy, even when you dry them. 

Still, accidents can happen. Let’s see what crispy buds actually look like.

Source: ilovegrowingmarijuana

Instead of thinking why, let’s think about what makes these buds crispy at the event of drying. Perhaps you can then find a way to make the buds weigh more.

Too Much Time

If you dry the shoots more than usual, then they will become brittle. Well, that’s pretty obvious, right?

During the drying process, you reduce the moisture of the buds to a certain level. 

Usually buds dry in 3 days or at max, a couple of weeks. Now, if you dry more than this time, then the issue arises. 

Because of excessive drying, too much moisture runs out. Thus the buds become crispy like a fried chicken. The color of the crispy buds varies depending on the variant.

Speed of Fan

To dry the shoots fan is used. It fastens the drying. However, a certain speed is maintained for the process. 

What if you operate the dryer fan at the speed of light? Obviously, buds get crispy.

If you cross that limit, the buds that you are drying will get too dry. 

The result is, crispy buds!

Intensity of Light

Normally the place for drying should not have any lights. But if there are any, then the buds can get crispy. 

The usage of light increases the temperature and manipulates the moistness of the buds. So, your buds get dried because of such extra lights.


Excessive temperature is another reason for getting buds over-dried. 

Although it is difficult to maintain the parameters of the dry room. However, there is an optimum temperature for the dry room and that is 20 degrees of celsius. 

When the temperature gets more than this, then consequently the buds will get dried and you might end up spraying dry buds with water.


Humidity is closely related to moisture. To dry out the buds, the humidity is kept under 50% of the room. This will give you the optimum drying of the shoots. 

If the humidity gets less than this percentage, the moisture of the buds will drain out more. Eventually, you will get too many dried buds resulting in them to crisp out.

These are some typical reasons why when they are modified, the buds get crispy.

How to Save Buds from Extra Drying?

This far you have known when crispy buds get dried and their reasons. 

Now you can’t just stop there. After all, you can keep the buds dry but the stems don’t snap! Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Avoid Rapid Dry

Try to avoid quickly drying the buds. Quick-drying may sometimes dry the buds too much. Plus, the fragrance and overall quality of the buds also decrease because of quick drying. 

Dry the buds in the normal way. The buds may dry in 5 days rather than 3 days. At least you won’t get any dried buds at the end of the day!

Maintain The Temperature

Always maintain the optimal Temperature. This is a very important phase for drying dense buds

Try to keep the temperature around 20 degrees of Celsius. 

Thus, dry the buds slowly at the optimum temperature and you can think about choosing between water curing and air curing.

You can find some temperature controllers below for your needs.

Check The Humidity

Just like temperature, keep an eye on the humidity. 

Always maintain the humidity within 40 and 50 percent. More than this will give you dried buds. Less than this won’t dry the buds properly.

You should try to use humidity controllers that have a good accuracy. Like the Inkbird Humidity Controller which has ±3%RH accuracy.

So, keep the humidity constant throughout the drying process. 

You can use humidity domes in this respect. Because humidity covers like Boveda packs ensure the best humidity to avoid over-dried harvest.

Mind The Air Flow

Keep the fans as low as possible. Do not give too much speed. This will fry the buds. 

Also, avoid using fans actively. Use the flow of the fan indirectly for the fans. You can keep the fan’s direction away from the buds. 

Maintain a distance from the plants. Thus, your buds won’t get too dry from the drying process.

Maintain Space

When you keep the buds for drying, set them at a distance. 

If you don’t maintain a distance, then most of the buds won’t get removed. 

If there is space, then air passes through these gaps. That’s why it’s important to keep the distance whenever you put the buds up for drying. 

Another thing to remember, make sure that the buds you are going to dry, are properly cut and processed. Otherwise, you might not get the proper drying that you are looking for.

Keep these things in mind and you can say “Phew, the buds are ok now!”


How Can I Process The Dried Buds

To process the dried buds, use mason jars that can seal the air to store. Once you are done with the bud’s drying, which can typically take 2 weeks, collect them. Then put them in the glass jar. Ultimately, seal the jars so that air does not get in. 

How to Use Water to Soak Dried Bud?

To use water to soak dried buds, collect the dried buds. Then get them in a mason jar. Now pour water into it. This way, the buds must last for at least 7 days. Finally, your buds will get re-hydrated with water. This water curing is much faster than air curing.

How to Undo The Drying of The Buds?

To undo the drying of the buds, you can water the buds for a time. Put them immersed in water or nutrient solutions. Keep in bags with less airflow. Reduce the temperature. Keep in the dark. That’s it! You can also use filter papers soaked in water. Place the buds on the paper for somewhat 12 hours.

Last Words

Growers, we have reached the end! Now you know all about crispy buds when drying

Still, you can remove your confusion and can get more knowledge from experts. They can give you some heck of knowledge.

Till our paths cross again, good luck with your plants!

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