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CO2 Burner VS Tank: Better CO2 Enrichment for Growroom?

You are taking great care of your grow tent, then you notice some yellow leaves. After much investigation, you realize your grow tent is suffering from CO2 deficiency. 

To increase the CO2 level in the grow tent, you need an additional CO2 generator. There are different types of CO2 generators in the market.

So, which is better between CO2 burner vs tank?

Comparing the factors, CO2 tanks are compact while Burners are suitable for large grow tents. Burners take more time to put up despite being cheap. Ethylene, heat and moisture build-up in the grow room. The CO2 tanks are a much safer and more efficient way for co2 supply.

Well, there’s more and that’s where it’s getting more interesting. I will discuss more CO2 generators in this article here in detail. 

So don’t go anywhere just yet!

CO2 Burner vs Tank: Key Comparisons

To make it easier for you, let’s go through a quick overview of these two important appliances. Have a quick look at the table below!

Differentiating FactorsCO2 BurnerCO2 Tank
Growroom areaBetter for large grow roomsBetter for compact space or temporary grow room
Propane Quantity430,000 BTU/20lb propane441,000 BTU/20lb NG175 cubic foot of CO2/20lb
RisksIncreased humidity and heat; Ethylene and CO leakage Dizziness, Nausea
Safety PrecautionRequiredRequired
Cost$6.5/Gallon NG$3.3/Gallon Propane$25/10lb$35/20lb

Looking at the table, the cost and grow room area shows that burners are better than tanks. And it is under specific conditions.

Better CO2 Enrichment for Growroom

Let’s talk about the comparisons in detail to see which CO2 enrichment is better.   

CO2 Burner vs Tank: Detailed Comparison

Every grower knows the benefits of CO2 to increase Cannabis yield. So, let’s help you decide on a CO2 enrichment system for your grow room with a detailed analysis.

We are going to look at 5 factors to differentiate between a CO2 burner and a tank.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Growroom area:

Burners are permanent, non-mobile CO2 generator that uses a pilot light. With an open flame burner, Burners burns oxygen that’s already in the air. 

If you have a large facility for your hemp, a CO2 burner is the best for you. I discussed the calculation above so it should be easier for you to calculate your needs. And this is for a 10×10 grow room.

For smaller or temporary grow rooms, a CO2 tank for grow rooms is fantastic. It is convenient equipment to nourish your hemp. Ideally, if you have a 10×20 grow room for your hemp, you can still use tanks. 

So, according to your grow room size, the benefits of a CO2 burner or tank will vary. 

Hence, there’s no clear winner here.


A CO2 monitor should have been added beside the burner. Since you’ll have to buy it separately, the cost’s going to drive up. 

The risk of CO2 burner for grow tent is several. It creates CO which is bad for both plants and humans. CO2 can be lethal so it is really risky.

CO2 burners also generate a lot of heat. The burner also produces moisture along with the temperature which can mess with the grow tent. 

Many growers have experienced the curling and yellowing of flowers. Which indicates either calcium deficiency or leaf septoria that requires attention.

So if you live in a warm area, you should definitely opt for a CO2 tank. 

CO2 tank setup for grow room, on the other hand, has nausea and dizziness hazard. But that is for a confined space where a human is present. For grow rooms, they are not dangerous since no one is there for a long time.

Risk-wise, CO2 tanks are a better choice for CO2 enrichment. 

Safety Precaution in Maintenance:

CO2 burner problems requires severe safety precautions. First of all, you will need a CO2 monitor. It will help you to observe and adjust the CO2 level of the grow room. 

Otherwise, it may go beyond what you need. You also need good ventilation and dehumidifying system to draw out the heat and moisture.

CO2 tanks, on the other hand, are very easy to maintain. If you keep it in a compact, safe place there won’t be any potential risk. They have an on-off valve on top attached with a couple of meters. 

This helps you to store the CO2 tank safely. Remember to always protect the valve.

For both CO2 generators, you must exhaust the grow room at night

From safety concerns, CO2 tanks are safer for you and your grow room.

CO2 tank setup for grow room

In search for high-quality CO2 tanks? Take a look at some of our top recommendations:

ProductCapacityCheck Availability
Luxfer Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve5lbCheck Latest Price
Beverage Elements Aluminum CO2 Cylinder with CGA320 Valve10lbCheck Latest Price
Victory CO2 Tank Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve20lbCheck Latest Price

You can pick your CO2 tank of choice based on the amount of CO2.


CO2 burners are immobile permanent CO2 generators for a grow room. So, it is not possible to shift the CO2 burners when necessary. And for 650 sq. ft. you will need 8 burners to provide the optimum amount of CO2. 

Which is a hassle if they are immobile.

On the other hand, CO2 tanks are perfectly mobile. You can place it however and whenever you want. If you want to keep it in the grow room, you can. And if you want, you can set up the tank outside the room. 

The refill system is also easy. You can make a contract with the provider. They will come to fill the tank for your every month or so. 

Mobility-wise, a CO2 tank is a better choice. 


Look up available sources for CO2 burner Propane and CO2 burner natural gas close by. If you have them close by, CO2 burners may be a better option for you. Propane gas costs nearly $3.5/Gallon.

Burner fuels cost less than tanks. Burners are roughly 3 times cheaper than operating tanks. For CO2 tanks, they are around $70 per tank. Once you purchase a tank, you can refill the tank repeatedly. Then the cost drives down to $35 for a 20lb liquid CO2 tank. 

Let me show you a simple calculation – 

Assuming you have a 10x12x7 grow room, 

The area = 840 cubic feet

To have the required 1000ppm of CO2, 

you’ll need = 840x.001= .84 cubic feet of CO2. 

A CO2 generator roughly produces 3-12 cu. ft. CO2 per hour. 

A 20lb tank contains about 175 cubic feet of CO2. 

Using .840 cu.ft. for 12 hours = .840×12 = 10.8 cu. ft/day.

The tank should last about 175/10.8 = 16 days. 

From the calculation, it is evident that a burner is a better option than a tank. 

Which One Should You Go for?

After the analysis, the analysis leans towards the CO2 tank for a smaller grow tent. And they are convenient in many ways. If you are a temporary and small-scale grower, CO2 tanks are really your friend. 

However, for large-scale, professional growers, CO2 burners are better. And you can manage them better for safety if you have a huge grow room facility. Additionally, your expenses will decrease as well.

CO2 tank for a smaller grow tent

Now, you can decide based on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Will the 20lb CO2 Tank Last in Grow Room?

Roughly, the 20lb. the tank should potentially last 44 days in a grow room(175/4). And the 5lb. the tank will last roughly 11 days(44/4). These estimations do not account for plant CO2 uptake, opening doors, or curtains. And other such ways for CO2 to leak and require replenishment.

How Much Heat Does a CO2 Burner Produce?

A CO2 burner will generate between 12,000 and 28,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units). The amount is sufficient to heat an entire house. When using carbon dioxide enrichment, excellent air circulation is required. So that the grow tent can absorb CO2 adequately in an evenly dispersed space.  

Can You Have too Much CO2 in Your Grow Room?

There can be too much CO2 in a grow room. While CO2 can give you a bigger harvest, this can be a problem. It is bad for your plants in a grow room. And it is also bad for you. Plants need sufficient CO2 to survive. but too much of it depletes the important nutrients the grow room creates. 


Thank you for your attention till the end. Hopefully, I could help you to decide on a CO2 burner vs Tank for your grow room. 

How is your grow tent going with the CO2 enrichment you went with? 

Share your journey with the ladies to me in the comment section!

Have a great day!

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