Clones Yellowing No Roots

Clones Yellowing No Roots: 5 Different Reasons!

Cultivation is not easy. No matter what kind of plant it is, there are always a lot of things to keep in mind in order to grow happy and healthy plants. 

So, how to prevent clones yellowing no roots?

To prevent clones from yellowing that has no roots, you need to have a clean cultivation room. There are many bacterias and fungi which can cause sickness for the plant. So, you need to sterilize everything you use in the room. Also, start with a healthy mother plant and keep the room at the ideal temperature. 

Well, that was a quick glimpse at the prevention methods. So, to have a better understanding and learn more methods check below. Here we have a full guideline of what to do and not to do. 

What are the Reasons for Clones Yellowing and No Roots?

Mass production or producing anything agricultural item on a large scale is difficult. There are a lot of factors to check to ensure proper growth. 

Seeing your clones yellowing can be a tough sight. However, the situation isn’t entirely grave until your clones start to lose their roots. 

Starting from the environment of the production to cultivating the crops. If you don’t keep a clean environment you may witness clones yellowing after transplant. 

Growing cannabis is hard for many because of the controlling environment. Before you start growing, having the proper environment is really important. 

Otherwise, problems such as yellowing and no roots can arise. You may also witness cuttings yellowing. 


Although, with proper guidance, you might be able to save some of your plants. That is why we have given all the reasons why your plants may be yellowing. Also, no roots are a big issue for many. So we have given proper reasons with the right solution. 

Then what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

Reason 1: Not Using Sanitized Equipment

When you are cultivating in a closed environment, things need to be cleaned. Moreover, it cannot be generally clean. We cannot see many bacterias with our naked eyes. Without proper sanitation of the equipment, many things can go wrong. 

Cloning is not a completely natural method of growing cannabis or any plants. Since we are controlling many parts of the growth, we need to ensure a clean environment as well. 

So, how can you keep the cultivating environment clean?


You cannot just clean the equipment with soap and call it a day. All the equipment needs to be properly sanitized. Using an autoclave machine is perfect in this scenario. An autoclave machine can sterilize all your equipment. 

Investing in an autoclave machine may seem daunting to you at first. I mean they cost a pretty penny. 

However, start by getting a small autoclave. It will get the job done at an affordable rate. Here are some autoclaves I personally use to sanitize equipment:

It bakes the equipment with steam at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, any bacteria, fungi, or viruses are eliminated. You can also wear gloves and a mask to ensure better sterilization. 

Now, what should you do when you’ve already used unsanitized pieces of equipment? In that case, you can stop the usage of unsanitized equipment. By doing so the continuous spread of bacteria will decrease. 

After that spray your clones with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. This should get your clones sanitized. 

Reason 2: Starting with an Unhealthy Mother Plant

The mother plant is where you take the cloning branch. And if there are any problems with the mother plant, it can grow in the clone. Problems such as yellowing growing on the plants can transmit from the mother plant. 

If clones not rooting after 3 weeks, there might be a problem with the mother plant. 

These clones turning yellow in the leaves are mainly caused by nutrient deficiencies. You may also witness clones turning light green when your plant becomes nutrition deficient. 

So, is there any way to fix this? Well fortunately yes. 


Well, sometimes you can fix the issue of using an unhealthy mother plant. If the spread of the yellowing has not gone too far, there is the hope of fixing it. Using nitrogen-based fertilizer and potassium can cure the yellowing in the cannabis plant. 

However, you need to apply a proper amount of fertilizer for your marijuana plant to grow. Here are some fertilizers I use all the time to keep my clones healthy:

Although, if you are using broken seeding on the mother try, it can affect the cloning plant. Keep in mind that at times broken seedling doesn’t grow

Moreover,  if the yellowing has spread almost all over the plant, it is hard to cure. 

Reason 3: Not Optimal Temperature

Ideal temperature and humidity in the environment are quite necessary for the plant. Otherwise, you also notice that the leave are really down. Also, ideal temperature and humidity levels may restrict many bacterias from growing. 

So, how can you fix this issue?


Using a dehumidifier and heater in the cultivation room can help to keep the optimum temperature in the room. Also, keeping the cloning cannabis plants in a rack is important. The temperature at ground levels is most of the time lower. 

The ideal temperature for the cultivation is, 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the optimal humidity level is 60% to 70%. So keep the plants in a rack, above the ground levels.

I’ve been in search of good quality dehumidifiers for my clones for a long time now. I’ve used almost all types of dehumidifiers under the sun. 

After doing that I’ve noticed that not all dehumidifiers are appropriate for clones. Some tend to not get the job done. Here’s a list of dehumidifiers that works really well in providing the optimum temperature in a grow tent according to the size of your tent. 

These dehumidifiers are made for use in a cultivation room. It can bring the humidity up or down no matter what level it’s. 

Reason 4: Mold on the Leaves

The leaves should be able to do photosynthesis in order to stay alive. The process of photosynthesis is done with proper light and water supply.


Also, the leaves need to be in proper condition. When there is mold on the leaves it’s difficult for the plant to make food. 

So, can you get rid of the molds?


There are ways to prevent mold from growing on cannabis. Also, you can take the necessary steps to stop molding. 

The main reason for the mold to grow is moisture or humidity. We all spray a mist of water on the plants. 

But you need to look for if the water is flooding over the leaves. If it stays there for a long period of time, it can cause mold to grow. That is why a perfect environment is really important. 

Reason 5: Lack of Proper Lighting

When you’re cultivating in a room, electric lights are the only source of light for the plants. The light can prevent a lot of bacteria from growing. 

If you are asking do clones need light or dark? They obviously need light to grow like any other plant. 

Also, you can control the light. If you use the sun as a source of light, you don’t have any control over that. 


Although you need to be aware of the clones 24 hour light cycle. Also, light distance for clones should be 4 to 36 inches. 

So, how should you keep the lights?


Using a light source is a fundamental part of cultivation. The HPS lights or high-pressure sodium lights are perfect to use in this scenario. 

These lights are really soft like the sun. Also, they spread the light evenly throughout the tray. These are some HPS lights that I use to grow my clones:

Although, if you are planning to use HPS lights, the room needs to be lightproof. Outside light cannot come inside when you’re using an electric light source. You can also try making your own light proof vent

The light from the HPS bulbs or tube is also similar to the sun. so the plants can grow quicker than using any other light source. 


How long does it take for the Root to Grow after Plantation?

It takes 10 to 14 days for the cannabis plant to grow roots after plantation. Within this period you need to provide a proper water supply. Since the plant doesn’t have any roots, it cannot take water from the soil. 

How Much Watering Should I do Within 24 hours?

You can water the plants twice a day when there is no root on the plants. Also, using a spray bottle to create mist is important. Since the plants cannot take water from the soil. 

What fertilizers Should I Use in the Soil?

Using fertilizers that are nitrogen-based can improve the growth of the plant. Also, using potassium bicarbonate when there is yellowing in the root can cure it. You can also use sodium bicarbonate as a supplementary fertilizer. 


We are almost at the end. That’s everything you need to know about clones yellowing no roots. 

Make sure to always use sterilized equipment to prevent any sickness in the plant. 

Good luck with growing your baby cannabis plants!

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