Buds Sticking Together in A Jar

Buds Sticking Together in A Jar: All You Need to Know

Suppose, you processed buds for a bumper harvest. Then for curing, you put them in a jar. 

However, you found that your precious buds are not coming out of the jar. This can be pretty concerning!

You may look for why are buds sticking together in a jar?

Buds sticking together in a jar can be caused due to excessive moisture, lack of enough burping, and jar overloading. But buds sticking is not always a bad thing. However, you can solve this by keeping the moisture low, giving some air, keeping the jar in a dark place, etc.

But that’s not it. To get to the root of it, you need some detailed information.

For that, we’ve prepared this article. So let’s get right into it!

The Real Reason Behind Buds Sticking

Buds won’t get stuck just from anywhere. There are some probable reasons that work behind this. 

Sticky Buds-

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So, before finding a way to get rid of stuck buds, let’s figure out the reasons.

Sign of Good Curing

It’s not necessary to consider the sticky buds your enemy. Rather this can be good news!

Whether Air or water curing, the buds will get sticky. If you have maintained the curing process properly. 

Generally, in the very first week of the curing, you may discover these sticky buds. 

Normally buds remain a bit sticky if the curing is done properly. 

Excessive Moist During The Curing

Buds can get stuck inside the curing jar because of moisture. This is while curing sticky buds.

Usually, a specific temperature and moisture are maintained for the buds before curing up. 

Sometimes, this moisture level may fluctuate. If there is more moisture than usual in the buds, they will get sweaty. 

So, when the buds are put together in a jar, they get sticky. Ultimately, the buds get jammed inside the jar.

Lack of Enough Burp

Did you get sticky buds? Do not worry. Perhaps you did not burp enough!

Burping allows the flow of air inside of the jar. This small air loosens up the compact buds. 

After storing the buds in a jar for curing, you should burp the jar. 

However, if the burping is not done, then no air gets inside the jar. Thus the buds get more congested.

So, if you see buds stuck, don’t get concerned at first. Perhaps, you did a good job of curing the buds!

Jar Overload

If you put way too many buds in one jar, obviously they will get stuck!

Buds are put as a stack inside of the jar. However, if there are too many buds in one stack, the buds will get stuck. After all, every jar has a limited capacity.

Extra buds create a congested environment inside of the jar. This increases the moisture of the buds. Eventually, the buds get stuck. At worst, even the jar may break!

But hey, don’t get disappointed in curing because of these sticky buds. Curing in a jar is still one of the best curing methods to date.

Well, there is a probable cause for which you may end up with sticky buds.

How to Get Rid of This Stickiness?

Well, this far now you know about the reasons why sticky buds are sticky

However, it is not the end of the journey. You still have to figure out the ways to prevent the buds from getting stuck. 

Otherwise, how are you going to get rid of the sticky buds?

Here are a few things you can keep in mind.

Do Not Overload The Jar

Do not put too many buds in one jar. This way the buds can get clogged up and stuck. 

Once a jar is filled, take another one. Thus use as many as jars you need. This way the buds won’t get stuck in the jar. 

You can also try big jars in case you keep overloading. Here’s our recommendation on jars you can use.

Maintain Proper Timing

Try to avoid putting the buds too early inside the jar. If you put the buds early in the jar, they don’t get enough time to dry up. 

As a result, more moisture than usual remains in the buds before storing. Ultimately, the buds get entangled in the jar. 

So, wait for the buds to get properly dried up. And when the time is right, store them!

Give Some Air

Try to burp the jars frequently. At least burp the jar once a day during the curing process. In burping, air passes through the buds. Thus they won’t get stuck. 

Also, shake the jars often. The buds won’t get stuck with the jar. Eventually, you can get rid of sticky buds.

Keep The Moisture Low

Don’t leave too much moisture in the buds. Always dry up the buds to maintain the appropriate moisture. 

The perfect humidity that is maintained is usually around 50%. Maintain this moisture and you won’t have to think about buds getting stuck. 

A point to be noted. Use a hydrometer, This will help you to keep an eye out for the temperature. Here’s our recommendation on hydrometers you can use.

Plus maintain the temperature of the buds as well as, say, 60 or 70 degrees of Fahrenheit. 

Keep The Jars in The Dark

What to do if the buds get stuck in the jar? Simple. Keep the jars in any shady place. Avoid any direct contact with the sunlight. 

The buds dry quickly and lose their extra moisture. If you keep the jars in the dark. It’s because sunlight increases the temperature of the buds. 

Also, the moisture of the buds gets spoiled as well.

Thus store the buds, seal the jars, and don’t forget to keep them in the dark!

There you go! Keep these factors in mind. And you won’t have to think about sticky buds anymore. 

However, be careful not to dry the buds too much! Otherwise, the buds get crispy while drying!


What Is The Right Time to Put The Buds Inside a Jar?

The right time to put buds inside the jar is at least 2 or 3 weeks. Buds are kept in the jar for curing and molding. The more they are kept in the jar, the better the curing will be. However, keep the buds in the jar for around 8 weeks. Within this time, the buds get properly dried up.

Can Vacuum Seal be Harmful to The Buds?

No. Vacuum sealing is not harmful to buds. However, this depends on the element that you are using for sealing. Try not to use chemically hazardous materials. Especially avoid plastic. They can be poisonous to the buds. Other than that, vacuum sealing is a great sealing technique to reduce moisture.

Will The Buds Stay Fresh at The Jars?

Whether buds will stay fresh in the jars depends on the plants. If you choose a higher quality plant, the buds will stay fresher than usual buds. Plus, if you properly maintain the process of curing the buds, then they will stay refreshed in the jar. 

Last Words

That’s all growers! Now you are all about buds sticking together in a jar

Remember this is not always a bad sign. If you have any further queries, you can let us know in the comment section.

Best of Luck!

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