Bud candy vs Big Bud

Bud candy vs Big Bud: Comparing The Bloom Boosters!

Getting a large yield is not an easy thing to do. Especially when it’s cannabis and the plants are in the growing phases. It’s easy to get concerned about whether the plants are getting enough nutrients or not.

That’s where the role of liquid fertilizers like Big Bud and Bud Candy comes in. However, there’s a popular debate about these two products being different.

So, what’s the difference between bud candy and big bud?

Big Bud is a better supplement compared to Bud Candy for your buds when K-P nutrients are concerned. However, both are excellent for getting excellent cannabis crops. Bud candy can provide a sweet taste which is liked by many. Last but not least, there’s also a price difference between them.

It’s not as easy as you may perceive. You need a better understanding before choosing a single one between these two. 

Let’s dig right in!

Comparing the Basics Between Big Bud Vs Bud Candy

As mentioned before, Big Bud is great for supplying a good amount of potassium and phosphorus. Not too much, not too little but just the right amount for significant growth. 

On the other hand, Bud Candy is more fruity and energy-filled with its carbohydrate prowess. So, those are quite the highlighting contrast. However, there are many other differentiating factors too!

However, they are also responsible for increasing yield and growth. So, anyone can get confused about choosing one between these two.

Here’s a quick comparison chart to understand the rest-

FactorsBig BudBud Candy
Main IngredientsPotassium, PhosphorusCarbohydrates
FlavorLess potentMore potent and sweet
AromaLess aromaticMore aromatic
Optimal Time to Use From week 2 to 4From week 1 to 6
PriceStarts from $30.45Starts from $24.75

Again, this is only a fraction of what lies ahead. Wait till you become fully aware of every little thing about them.

Bud Candy Vs Big Bud [ The Entire Comparison]

I think you already had your fill with knowing its and bits of everything. It’s time to focus on each of the segments and read about it thoroughly. So, here’s the full comparison of advanced nutrients big bud vs bud candy!


It’s always best to start with the ingredients for any fertilizer-type product. Why? Because it helps any grower to differentiate between two or more bloom boosters. 

Don’t you feel the same way too? If so, then let’s dissect these two bloom booster products now!

Big Bud has a consistent amount of K-P (Potassium and Phosphorus) inside. Along with that, it has precise levels of nutrients that help your cannabis plants grow. It has the ability to increase overall harvest weight as well.

Most plants tend to have a reduced level of nutrients but Big Bud solves that issue.

This is another way to increase the cannabis yield.

On the other hand, the big candy acts both as a fertilizer and a sweetener. But here, the base bud candy ingredient is carbohydrates which are essential to increase the yield and weight of the buds. 

You get 5 different sources of carbs from this Advanced nutrient product. On top of that, you get that sweetness in your buds.

However, keep in mind that both these products are not necessarily substituted for each other. You can use them both as stand-alone products or mix them together. The freedom is there for you to go either way.

Winner: Both the products have their plus points. But if you have the option to choose only one, go for Big Buds.

Aroma & Flavor

This segment is quite special because we all love aromatic buds. The aroma is really important for your buds. You’ve probably seen how the bud smell varies if you choose to go with either water curing or air curing!  

So, let’s check if there’s any noticeable change in the aroma of these two additives.

Bud candy is more pungent and rich in aroma. Big Bud is also decent but lacks that overpowering smell that many like. 

However, the taste is quite excellent with Big Buds. You get that authentic cannabis taste that will take you to a new place!

That does not mean Bud Candy has a bland taste. In reality, it tastes quite rich and sweet. But the sweetness can be a bit too much for some. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully.

Sometimes it can have a flavor that matches the taste of beer as well.

Winner: In many cases, Bud Candy yields more aromatic and sweet crops. Cannabis plants that are grown with Big Buds are more authentic tasting and favored by general people.

Feeding Usage

You might think that both these two products have similar usage for your cannabis buds. Well, guess what? The feeding time and usage are very different! Just like you’ve read on the usage differences in 5 or 7-gallon pots

Without knowing the details, you won’t get the full result. So, when to use big bud? 

Big Bud can be used in weeks 2 to 4 in the blooming period. You don’t have to use it too much as a 2ml/L fert/water mix is more than enough for your plants. 

So, you can get a satisfactory yield with just that much Big Bud.

Source: Cannabis Seeds

So what about the bud candy feeding chart?

The feeding chart suggests that you can use it from week 1 to 6 of plant growth. The dosage is the same as a Big Bud with a 2 mL/L amount. 

So, while the feeding dosage is the same, the usage of the two fertilizers varies. However, don’t use fertilizer every time you water. Because with too much fertilizer your plants might even die.

Winner: As you can get good results with Big Bud’s limited usage, it’s better to choose that.


Cost is something you always have to be careful about. Or else you may end up wasting your money.

When it comes to price, Bud Candy gets the edge. Because it’s priced at around $25 in many retail and online shops. On the other side, Big Bud is slightly costlier having a price in the $30 range.

Also, the feeding amount is the same for both of the ferts. So, if you calculate the usage and price then Bud Candy is less expensive compared to Big Bud. 

So, choose after you have considered the price.

Winner: Bud candy is more cost-friendly than Big Bud.

Can You Use Bud Candy and Big Bud Together?

As we can see Bud Candy and Big Bud’s feeding chart is overlapping. So there’s a point where you might have to use them together.

And there comes the concerning question, can you use bud candy and big bud together?

Yes, you can use Bud Candy and Big Bud together. Both of them have different types of ingredients. It won’t hamper the other one’s activity or create problems for any of the plants. Both will help the growth of the buds and improve weight and yield.

So, no worries if you want to choose to apply both of these ferts together. You can also buy Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Bud Candy Bundle Set Fertilizers together in a package deal.

Which Bud Bloom Booster Should You Get?

As the comparison has ended, let’s quickly sum up everything in a few words.

When you want a sufficient K-P supply for your plants, it’s better to choose Big Buds. However, Bud Candy is rich in carb nutrients.

For better taste & irresistible aroma, there’s no denying that Bud Candy is better. Still, many growers like the authentic taste of Big Buds more.

Lastly, the price is a bit more affordable for Bud Candy. While the Big Buds are priced at a bit higher range, it’s still worthy. You can check the updated prices here-

But if you have the budget, go for both as that’s the best decision in my opinion. Now, the choice is yours. Choose the one (or both) that you absolutely need!


Should I Use Bud Candy?

Yes, you should use Bud Candy for better yields. You can use it from the rooted cutting phase to the last stage of flush. While you can use it anytime, it’s best when used at the start of the flowering phase. Maintaining the right dosage to its last stage will provide you with good buds. 

When Should I Start Using Big Bud?

You should start using Big Bud just from the flowering stage as a bloom booster. It can also be used as a stimulator for your cannabis crops. But don’t think of it as a substitute for base nutrients. As a booster product, Big Bud has a proven record of producing excellent plants. 

Should I Use Nutrients Every Time I water?

Yes, both of these products from Advanced Nutrients can be used together. Using them both with your base nutrient will allow the plants to grow faster and stronger. Many use the Bud Candy twice the amount of Big Bud. That way, the nutrients can get into the plants more efficiently.


So, that’s everything compared between bud candy vs big bud. All is left to choose your preferred product and get your hands dirty.

But try to be as cautious as possible while growing the buds.

Now, go ahead and fasten that flowering process!

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