Best Way to Add Weight to Buds

Best Way to Add Weight to Buds: 3 Effective Ways!

Growing cannabis in your home can be exciting. You can produce buds at your home, at a low cost! Although, sometimes the goods don’t grow according to your plan.

Among the many problems, the buds losing weight is a common one. And no one likes light-weighted buds, right?  

So, what is the best way to add weight to buds?

There are a few ways that you can add weight to buds. First, you can try leaving the buds inside the bread for a long time. The buds can get water from the bread. Secondly, try spraying water on the plants often. Don’t spray too much water though. Finally, provide a good and strong light source. 

Alongside this information, you’ll need some guidelines. Read the whole article to know the in-depth methods! 

So, without wasting any time, let’s start!

Why Add Weight to Buds?

There are many advantages of heavy buds. It can provide better hemp experiences. Heavy buds contain more compound elements, which gives it more high! 

From a selling perspective, you can also earn extra cash when your buds are heavy.

There are more resin glands in heavy buds; since the size is big. The more resin glands a bud has, the more THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) there is! These compounds remain intact inside the buds.

Reasons Behind The Buds Being Light

It can be frustrating when your bud weight is not very good. It might be too lightweight. That affects the quality and overall experience regarding the buds. Multiple reasons are acquainted with the buds not being heavy enough.

Let’s look at some potential reasons for this-

Small Buds

The buds not growing healthy is the most common reason. When a bud doesn’t grow optimally, it’s small and lightweight. Small buds are known as popcorn buds.

A small bud can indicate multiple issues. Very less space between the plants and overcrowded plant sites can be a reason. 

These can reduce the light provided to the bud. When the buds don’t get enough light, they cannot grow. On that note here are some of the best grow lights curated from the market.

Another issue with overcrowded bud plants is that they don’t have enough space. The buds are congested and in a way, they’re conditioned to be small.

This is how improper light and growth space can affect the growth of the bud. 

Here’s a chart of recommended space required based on the number of plants.

Number of PlantsArea Required 1 sq ft/ plantArea Required 2 sq ft/ plantArea Required 4 sq ft/ plant

As a result, the bud size can be small and the buds have no weight. Additionally, if you try to sell small buds, you won’t make many bucks. 

So it’s never a win-win situation.

Excessive Heat

Too high of a temperature in your yielding areas might affect the growth. Bright lights can also create too much light and heat. The plant can stress itself when provided with high temperatures and light. 

While stress is good for plants, it can be bad as well. An overstressed plant can overwork itself and grow new stems. 

This might seem positive, right? In reality, it is not! The stems created due to stress are weakly structured and of weak quality. A plant needs to develop but it also needs a sufficient pace too.

A usual sign of excessive light and heat is damaged leaves. When the leaves of the plant become yellowish and burnt, it can be a sign. Yellow leaves indicate that the plant is overworking.

If you’re cloning a plant, it can also have yellow leaves. But don’t worry, there are methods to prevent yellow leaves in clones.

Now, you might be thinking about how to make your buds weigh more? Take a look at some of the methods-

3 Best Ways of Increasing The Weight of Buds

Well, how do you make your buds heavy? There are a couple of ways you can proceed to add weight to buds. 

Below, I’ve explained them in detail.

Method 1: Using a Piece of Bread

This might sound absurd, but it works! When a bud is dry, you can add water to it to increase its weight. This is a genius hack when you need to know how to add weight to buds.

  • First, take some pieces of bread. Stack them up nicely and evenly. 
  • Then, put the buds inside the slices of bread. Basically, make a sandwich with bread and buds! Put them in a way where there are 2 pieces of bread surrounding 1 bud.
  • Finally, leave them aside. You can leave them aside in the daytime or nighttime; whichever you prefer. 

During this period, the buds extract the moisture out of the bread. The extra moisture makes the bud bigger in size and increases its weight.

A bonus tip will be to leave the bread and bud in an enclosed space. For instance, a tiffin box. This will trap the moisture inside the box and increase the efficiency of this process. 

Method 2: Spraying Water Regularly

This is another form of increasing the weight of the buds with water. Spraying buds to gain weight can be a great idea; when implemented correctly.

For this method, you’ll need a spray can. Buy a durable spray can so the liquid substance inside doesn’t leak. 

Check out these sprayers and choose according to your requirement.

Choose any one of them and fill it in with clean water. Then, spray bit by bit on every bud and stem. 

Source: Leafbuyer

Make sure the water reaches everywhere. The water will seep through the buds and make them gain weight. Refrain from overwatering the buds.

Spraying the water should be done in the daytime, as the light will be there. The light and the water together will make the plant produce thicker buds.

This is how spraying dry buds with water can actually increase their weight.

Method 3: Using Strong Light Source

The buds become dense and healthy under a good light source. Providing the buds with sufficient light can increase their quality while adding weight to them. This is how to fatten up buds before harvest.

Not every time you can use natural light to grow your buds. If you’re indoors, it can be a problem. Regarding artificial lighting, you can use strong LED lights for your light source. 

Here are some good quality LED lights you can use to grow out your buds-

By using these LED lights, rest assured your plants have the best light source!

Additionally, artificial lights even boost growth in some cases. So if you’re seeing no buds for 4 weeks flowering, apply the artificial light source. It has the potential to change the game!

These are some of the best ways to add weight to buds. Go for whichever method suits you. You can also apply multiple methods together.


Should I water my buds at night?

You can definitely water your buds in the daytime. However, it’s important not to water/spray the buds at night time. A popular belief is that watering plants at night will keep the root cool. It’s false. Watering at night will cause leftover water. It’ll cause the roots to burn during the daytime. 

How do I make my yield bigger?

If you want to make your yield bigger, increase the width of your plants. To do that, plant them in large containers. Generally, people aim for taller plants but that will not increase yield size. Also, try choosing bushy plants so that the buds that have direct access to sunlight.

What node should I stop at?

The recommended node size is 4. You should observe that your plant will have a minimum of 4 nodes. Don’t start topping before that. If you can wait till it has 6 nodes. That is only if you have time and patience. But, a minimum of 4 nodes are necessary. Remember, the more nodes, the more growth!


We’ve reached the end of this article. By now you should know the best way to add weight to buds.

Adding weight to buds has many benefits but don’t add too much weight. That might slow the growth of the buds.

Let’s get to developing the buds! All the best.

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