Best Hygrometer for Curing

Pick the Best Hygrometer for Curing: Our Top 7

Curing in a jar can get very challenging if we don’t know the exact humidity of the jar.  That’s where hygrometers come into play.

We’ve gone through thirty different hygrometers and picked the top seven. So, we think you can pick the best hygrometer for curing from here. 

These hygrometers are of good quality and have great accuracy. You don’t have to look for any other product after you buy one of them.

To make things easier for you we have also recommended some alternative products. And mentioned uniqueness and similarities among the listed product. 

So, after reading the whole page, we ensure you will get the desired product for curing in a jar.

Let’s not wait any more, move on to the next bit.

Product Comparison

If that’s not enough for you, take a look at this. Here, we made this short visual comparison among the top three best hygrometers for curing. If you’re short on time, you can go through this one – 

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

The best product on our list is ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer. This hygrometer is one of a kind. It has many unique features that have made it to the top of our list. 

Its best feature is that it has a very high accuracy of ±2~3%RH and ±1°F. That means you will get an accurate result. And it measures with accuracy the fluctuating readings just like a greenhouse. 

The data is updated every 10 seconds, hence giving you the latest environment measurements. You can keep it anywhere you want in your baby’s room, kitchen, office, greenhouse, or cellar. Plenty of options is there. 

There are air comfort indicators, which means to indicate air condition, the humidity meter with humidity level is shown with icons. The icons are dry/wet/comfortable. These icons will allow you to be updated all the time with just a glance. 

Now comes the high and low records. This hygrometer has a digital thermometer that will display high and low humidity and temperature. Thus you will always be ready for the environmental changes around you. 

This hygrometer has both humidity and temperature monitors that will ensure proper indoor humidity control.  Knowing the humidity and temperature of your surrounding is quite essential. These factors are important for your allergen, skin, and other health benefits. 

The hygrometer can also be used as a freezer thermometer, thermometer, reptile thermometer, humidor hygrometer, soil thermometer, and more. 

Furthermore, for your flexibility, it has a tabletop stand and a magnetic back. So, you have two mounting options. Either you attach it to a fridge, or you can just put it anywhere you prefer. The product design is very smart and advanced. 

The manufacturer has kept almost everything in mind while designing the product. This runs on a 1 x AAA battery, and the battery is included. 

What Needs to Improve?

  • ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer is the best product on the list. But if you are looking for a compact size, you should go for Goabroa Mini Hygrometer.

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer

The second hygrometer is also from Thermopro. This one is ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer. This one is another great product from ThermoPro. It has lots of similarities to the previous product.

First, this also has icons indicators. Just like the previous product, it has a humidity temperature gauge that shows icons like comfort/dry/wet. So by looking at the icons, you will know when to humidify or dehumidify. It will make sure you live in the most comfortable surroundings. 

Now, come the sensors. The sensors like humidifiers and temperature are highly accurate. Hence you will get the perfect and most accurate readings. This hygrometer is ideal for measuring fluctuation readings. 

The refresh time is as low as 10 seconds. Every 10 seconds, it will keep you updated. After you use it, you will know how fast it updates the data. Updated data is extremely important. So, the faster it gets updated, the faster you make can make decisions.

Next to the display. The display can be a challenging thing to understand. But with this hygrometer, you can easily understand everything. Because it has a compact LCD display with large bold numbers. This will allow you to read from any angle and distance. 

Furthermore, there are 3 mounting options, to be exact. The previous hygrometer had only two. This one has a magnetic back, tabletop, and hanging hole. 

So, you can place it anywhere you like, for example, in your greenhouse, kitchen, baby room, living room, and more. 

This hygrometer has long battery life. It is powered by one commonly found and powerful battery, the 3A battery. This will provide 18-24 months of battery life. And more importantly, these batteries are easily replaceable. So, whenever you want to change them, you can do it quickly and without any hassle. 

What Needs to Improve?

  • The ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer is an amazing product, but if you are looking for less refresh time, you can buy Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer.

Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer

The third one on the list is very special it’s from Govee. Its Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer. This hygrometer is different from the previous two in many aspects. It has many features that will surely impress you.

Firstly, it will send you alert notifications. And the accuracy of the hygrometer is just like our previous product. It is also very accurate. 

Unlike any of the previous products, this one has a data storage feature. The thermometer can store 20 days of indoor onboard data. It will show you the real-time humidity/ temperature on its LCD display.

So you should make plans accordingly. The graph will show you the 20-day curve and provide very clear data. You can also export the data for the past two years. Then if you want, you can convert the data into CSV format. 

Moreover, it’s a swiss-made, top-notch smart hygrometer sensor. Its accurate to ±0.5°F while humidity is ±3%RH. By this, you must have a clear idea of how accurate it is. 

The refresh speed is just 2 seconds. Yes, this is the fastest one till now. You will get the latest data within just two seconds. 

Now comes another great feature which is a Bluetooth connection. This hygrometer has all the basic functions of a normal hygrometer and various smart features. 

You can remotely monitor, and also there is a graph for temperature and humidity. And it will show you on your phone. 

Just install the Govee home app, and then you can remotely track or monitor the temperature. This hygrometer is a very reliable source to get the perfect data. 

The display is also very easy to read. Because it has a 3inch LCD display which is also very bright. The numbers it shows are also huge. So you won’t face any problems while reading them. 

Furthermore, it will record the maximum and minimum humidity and have indicators. This will keep you aware of your indoor surrounding all the time. 

As we have already mentioned that it also has an app. This smart app will alert you if the temperature or humidity is out of its preset range. 

You can place it in various places, indoor or outdoor. Like the baby room, bedroom, basement, wine cellar, plant nursery, or other areas. And, of course, you get notifications even when you’re not near the hygrometer.

What Needs to Improve?

  • The Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer has a lot of top-notch functions. Then again, if you don’t like the display of this product, then you can try ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer. Both of the products have similarities, ThermoPoo has a better display. 

Goabroa Mini Hygrometer

The fourth one on the list is Goabroa Mini Hygrometer. Now, this fourth product also has various similarities and dissimilarities with previous products. 

This one has a fast response like our first two products. Every 10 seconds, it measures its surroundings. Now to provide you with the most accurate data, it has four sensitive vents. These vents help in getting the exact data and keep on updating. 

Now among all the products on the list, this one is the smallest in size. It’s a perfect fit for your brooders, incubator, cigar humidors, guitar case, and even reptile tanks. You can place it anywhere you prefer. This is the best feature of this product. 

Let us explain more about the accuracy of the product. It has advanced humidity and temperature sensor. These sensors maintain accuracy to +/- 1%. The temperature range of the hygrometer is -58°F ~ 158°F. 

Next comes the humidity range, the most important range that is 10% RH ~ 95% RH. So, this mini hygrometer allows you to get the exact temperature and humidity more easily and quickly. 

Lastly comes the battery of the hygrometer. As we have already mentioned, it has a very compact size. So the battery also provides enough power for 18-24 months. The batteries used in it are prevalent and widely used. They are LR44 batteries. These batteries are very easily replaceable.

What Needs to Improve?

  • This one is the most compact size hygrometer on the list, but if you want more functions, go for Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer or ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer.

ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer

Our fifth product is also from ThermoPro. Its ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer. This product will also amaze you with its features. 

ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer also has data storage capacity, just like Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer. But it’s not for 20 days like the Govee hygrometer. This one will only save it for 24 hours. 

Now to give it a unique elegance, it has a 0.13-inch ultra-narrow frame. It will record the maximum and minimum temperature humidity of the past 24 hours. It also has indicators that will show the comfortability of your house at a glance. 

The thermometer to measure room temperature is equipped with a professional-grade sensor. 

So, it will provide you with an accurate measurement of the humidity and the temperature within 10 seconds. It has an accuracy of ±2.0°F (±1.1°C) and ±2~3%RH.

Moreover, this product has touch-sensitive backlights. That means you can just touch the backlight button, which is one the sleek. That is directly below the display of the hygrometer. This will turn on the black light in the dark condition. 

Now this yellow backlight will help you avoid eye strain in low light. And after 15 seconds, it will automatically turn off. 

The display of the hygrometer is very large. It has an LCD display so that you can easily read everything very clearly. This will help you see the humidity and temperature from a distance and at a glance, even in dark conditions.  

Multiple mounting options are there to make it more convenient for you. To be exact, it has three mounting options. You can wall-mount it, or it has a tabletop, or maybe you can use the magnetic back to attach it somewhere. 

These mounting designs will allow you to place them at a place where it is convenient for you. It can be placed in places like a nursery, cellar, basement, greenhouse, warehouse, and even baby room. 

Room For Improvement

The ThermoPro TP53 Digital Hygrometer already has so many functions but if you have enough budget and want more functions then you can pick Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer.

DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer

The last product on the list is DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer. This can be the last one on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less than them. We tell you why.

This product has very high accuracy. The humidity is ±5%RH while the temperature is ±1°F. This hygrometer will provide you with precise data and it gets updated every 5 seconds. 

Like many of the above hygrometers, it also shows face icons. This face indicator will help you understand the situation more easily. There are a total of 3 face indicators they are comfort/wet/dry. 

Next to the display, it has a very clear display monitor. The LCD screen is 2.3 inches, and the numbers are in very large sizes. They will show you real-time humidity/temperature whenever you need it. 

This hygrometer also has three mounting options. You can hang it, or it has a tabletop stand and a magnetic back. You can place this hygrometer in multiple locations. From your baby’s room to a cellar, it covers everything.

For your convenience, it is designed in a way that by pressing one button, you can select Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

What Needs to Improve?

  • The last product on the list has great features, but if you don’t like this one, then go for the first product on the ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer list.

How Could You Pick The Best Hygrometer For Curing In a Jar?

To know how you can pick the right hygrometer for curing in a jar. You have to read the details of each of the products. Each of the products above has lots of great features. Some of the features are similar, and some are unique.

By the products above, you can easily do curing in a jar. We suggest that you choose any of the above products for curing in a jar. All of them will provide you with accurate information. 

Humidity Control 

To know the humidity is the primary reason you will need a hygrometer. To control or monitor the humidity at first, you need to know the humidity. For that reason, all the products will provide you with solid data.

Frequently Asked Questions

When curing, how much humidity should be there?

The optimal relative humidity range for curing is between 60 and 65 percent. In the case of Marijuana, it must be dried for many days before curing to lower its water content from 75% to 10-15%.

When it comes to curing jars, how full should they be?

The first step is to stuff the curing jar with the clipped and dried buds. However, they should be packed loosely, about two-thirds full. Make certain that the lids of your curing jars are securely fastened. When you’ve completed picking your cannabis, store the jars somewhere dark and cool.

What is the distinction between a hygrometer and a  thermometer?

A hygrometer is a device that measures the humidity of air or other gases, particularly relative humidity, whereas a thermometer is a device that measures temperature.

Final Words

We are at the end of our hygrometer journey. We hope by now you know which one is the best hygrometer for curing. Now listen, we have elaborately described everything. So, now it is your call which one you want. 


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