About Bud Concerns

About Bud Concerns

Who Are We? 

We are a group of environmentalists hoping to make the world a better place by spreading our knowledge related to gardening. Along the way, we try to share our experience, tips, and DIY’s approach to gardening to make your journey easier. 

The Story Behind BudConcerns

“Gardening doesn’t only help ourselves, it helps the world.” With this motive at the back of his head, Saleh Ahmed, the founder and the chief editor of Bud Concerns began his journey with this blog. 

He aimed to encourage people to do gardening and help those who are struggling. 

However, Saleh did face quite a few bumps along the way while becoming the gardening expert he is today. 

Especially at the beginning of his journey. It wasn’t easy to crack the proper utilization of soil and fertilizers. After overcoming years of sweat, struggle, and failures he became the expert he is. 

So now, with years of experience under his belt, he created this blog. He aims to make the gardening life of his fellow gardeners easy by sharing his knowledge. He also wants to ensure that people don’t hit the same bumps as he did. 

And that’s the story behind Bud Concerns. 

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Bud Concerns team consists of a bunch of writers, editors, analysts, Professional Gardeners, and SEO/Marketing professionals. The full team looks like quite this- 

  • Writers and Editors: 3
  • Product analysts: 1
  • Gardening Specialist: 2
  • Research and Development: 2
  • Web Developer and Publisher: 1
  • SEO and Marketing Executive: 1
  • Data analyst: 1

This team’s joint effort helps us publish our valuable content.

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

To be on the top we need to provide the top quality content. So, we don’t believe in publishing content that is below-standard and lacks value. 

The content that we publish goes through multiple layers of quality checks before being published. First, the writer is provided with an idea of what he/she needs to write. After writing, the writer hands it over to the editor for quality check and proofreading. 

The editor enhances the content with more information and graphics. Then it is sent to the gardening professionals to cross-check. After their approval, it is sent to the chief editor for a final quality check. And finally, after his approval, the content is published. 

Get In Touch

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us anytime at the following email address: pr@budconcerns.com