8x8 grow tent yield

8×8 Grow Tent Yield: Is It Possible to Get 64 oz Yield?

Grow tents are very helpful for cultivating in the house. But one thing that bothers us is the yield of these tents.

8×8 is one of the biggest grows tents in the market. So there is a lot of curiosity about it.  And most growers have the same question, what exactly is the 8×8 grow tent yield?

The 8×8 grow tent yield is not a constant thing. It can vary from 2 to 4lbs(32 oz to 64 oz). This yield is dependent on various factors. The style of cultivation has a huge role. The strain of cannabis and the type of lighting will influence the yield too. Also, there are some miscellaneous factors.

The role of all these factors is enormous on the yield of the grow tent. So you have to learn the details before proceeding. Kindly stay with us to know everything about the 8×8 grow tent yield.

Average Yield of 8×8 Grow Tent

The average yield is largely dependent on the cultivating style. Four cultivating styles are generally followed by the growers. Each of them has different yields.

Source: Trinjal.com

You will get the best yield in SOG and SCROG style. They will give a yield of 32 to 48 oz and 48 to 64 oz respectively. So the SCROG style can ensure the highest yield in the 8×8 grow tent

Besides the style, strain of the plant and lighting methods have important roles too. You can go with Northern lights or Bug buds strains for a good yield.

As a new grower, the SCROG style will be better for your 8×8 grow tent. To ensure adequate light, setting up HID and LED lights is most efficient. And here are some suggestions-

For an 8×8 grow tent, it’s better to use 2400w light minimum. You can either get three 1000w lights or eight 400w grow lights. Or even better, get yourself a 3000w grow light and chill.

This combination will give you an average yield of about 4 lbs or 64 oz. This is almost the highest yield you can get. By changing the factors to the optimum level, you can get a somewhat higher yield.

Factors Deciding 8×8 Grow Tent Yield 

The question is, how much does a grow tent yield? The yield amount in any grow field depends on many factors. You can increase or decrease the yield by bringing changes in these factors. We have divided all these factors into 4 categories. So before beginning look at the factors.

  • Grow Style
  • Grow Tent Light Type
  • Strain of The Crop
  • Miscellaneous Factors

The 8×8 grow tent setup can be improved by improving any of the above aspects. Below we will discuss the yield of the grow tent based on different settings of these factors.

8×8 Grow Tent Yield Based on Grow Style 

The grow style has a very significant role in the yield amount. There are 4 types of grow styles. depends on these styles.

Now we will present the yield value for all these styles for you.

SCROG Style 

SCROG means Screen of Green. You might wonder how many plants fit in a 8×8 grow tent in this method. Sorry to disappoint you but the number of trees in this method is very less. 

The plants are grown big to get a bigger harvest and more yield. From 5×5 grow tent yield to 8×8 grow tent yield, bigger plants have a positive impact. 

Source: GrowDiaries

Most expert growers will recommend this method for higher yield. Only 1 tree per meter square is grown. Because of fewer trees, the SCROG method is perfect for newbies. Also, fewer trees will need a smaller setup of an air ventilation system. 3-4 lbs yield can be expected here.

SOG Style 

SOG stands for Sea of Green. This technique requires a lot of plants in a small space. This is a very popular method to increase grow tent yield. In this system, 9-12 plants are grown per square meter. You will get a yield of 2-3 lbs here.

Source: Free the Tree

This dense formation will increase the yield. However, there are some negative effects too. The maintenance is hard for new growers. This system can be excessive for personal cultivation.

Low-Stress Style 

This is a very easy and effective method for increasing the yield. Here, importance is given to supplying light and CO2 to the lower branches of the plants. The yield is however less than SOG and SCROG methods.

Source: Grow Weed Easy

An appropriate fan size for grow tent is needed for this method. The airflow reduces the stress of the plant thus increasing production. Here are some fans that might come in handy.

But whatever fan you use the yield is less than the first two mentioned methods.

Pruning Style 

This is another very simple style to increase the yield. Proper pruning will ensure the best branches grow. A dense bush will grow as a result of it. And the yield will increase subsequently. 

With proper tools and dedication, pruning can be done easily. The weak branches are to be pruned to let the strong ones grow more. But still, SOG and SCROG styles will give more yield.

We have some suggestions for scissors that you can use to prune the plants.

Use these products to trim your plants easily. These will provide great services to you.

These are the four most common techniques to increase the yield. Among these, the SOG & SCROG are the most efficient methods. If you are a new grower the SCROG will be the better choice for you.

8×8 Grow Tent Yield Based on Light Types 

8×8 grow tent lighting largely determines the yield of the tent. Even with the same power, the type of light can cause a huge difference in yield. See the next section to understand the significance of the lighting system in grow-tent yield.

Fluorocarbon Lights 

Fluorocarbon lights give a very poor yield value. However, they are very popular for low-key grow tents. Two types of fluorocarbon lights are generally used in the grow tent, CFL & T5. Among these, the CFL lights are comparatively better.

The yield count for CFL bulbs in an 8×8 grow tent is 0.50 grams per watt. That means if you use 1000 watts CFL light you will get a yield of 1lb.

LED Lights 

LED lights are very cheap and give a good yield. For 1 watt this light gives a yield of 1 gram in an 8×8 tent. So a 1000 watt bulb will give you a 2.2 to 3 lbs yield. Considering the price of the LED lights this is a very good output.

We’ve recommended some LED lights in the earlier part of this article. Be sure to check that out!

HID Lights

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. These lights give the best yield in an 8×8 grow tent. But the price of these lights is quite high. There is also the issue of heat management when you use HID lights. 

Setting up air-cooled reflectors can solve the heat problem. In your 8×8 tent HID will give a yield of 2 grams per watt. So, 1000 watts will give about the high-quality yield of 4.4 pounds. But you have to think about cost management too.

These are all the light settings you can use in your grow tent. The best setup of light will be a combination of HID and LED bulbs. You will get a yield of about 3 lbs in this setting. Along that, this will also take care of the cost issue. 

8×8 Grow Tent Yield Based on Strain

Various strains of cannabis can be grown in the grow tent. The productivity also differs from one strain to another. So using a more productive strain will surely increase the overall yields. Let’s show you how the yield changes due to strains.

White Widow 

White Widow is an aesthetic-looking cannabis plant. It has a solid structure of bud with cannabis of thick resins. 

The White Widow has a very quick flowering time. So you can harvest and re-cultivate this strain more frequently. In an 8×8 grow tent you will get about 2-4lbs of dry yield. The lifespan is about 55 to 60 days.

Big Bud  

Big Buds produce the biggest buds just like its name. This strain gives a huge yield if cultivated correctly. You will need an appropriate amount of space to get the highest yield.

In your 8×8 grow tent, you can get about 2 lbs of yield from every plant. So this is a very good option for growers. The best seeds among the Big Buds strain belong to the Sensi seeds.

Northern Lights 

Northern lights are very popular for indoor growing. They are short in size. This makes them perfect for the grow tents. They fully grow in 40 to 50 days on both hydro and soil-based cultivation.

Though the size is small, Northern Light will not disappoint you in its yield. In an 8×8 tent, you can get about 3 lbs of yield. Considering the size this is not bad at all.

Blue Dream

Last but not least, Blue Dream is another widely used cannabis strain. This strain grows very slowly. You can harvest Blue Dream after a period of 55 to 60 days. This is a very high-yielding strain. You will get about 3 to 4 lbs yield from an 8×8 grow-tent. 

Choosing the right strain is very important for the yield of the 8×8 grow tent. Select the best strain according to your need and then start cultivating!

8×8 Grow Tent Yield Based on Miscellaneous Factors 

The factors discussed above are the main factors that control the yield in 8×8 grow tents. Besides them, there are some smaller but significant factors that influence the yield. 

To become a successful grower you have to take them into account too.

The Supply of Carbon-di-oxide 

CO2 for grow tents is very essential for high yield. CO2 is a must-needed thing for the growth of all plants. Cannabis is not indifferent to it. If the concentration of CO2 is maintained at an optimum level you’ll get high yields.

It is best to maintain 1000 to 1200 PPM density of CO2 in the grow tent. At this density, the strains of cannabis give the highest yields. A carbon filter for grow tent can be used for this task too.

I’ve used some of the best carbon filters in my time. So, here we go! 

This filter stops the smell of the room from spreading outside. Also, they ensure the freshest air for the plants. And then the plants can grow up to their potential. 

The Supply of Natural Light 

Though you will provide light with artificial sources, natural sunlight is always a good addition. It is very beneficial for the plants if you can arrange a source of natural light into the tent. This will surely change the yield of the tent.

Source: Grow Weed Easy

Besides ensuring the prime factors, try to ensure these miscellaneous factors too. These factors will help you to get the best result from your grow tent.


How Many Plants Can You Fit in A 8×8 Grow Tent? 

You can fit about 24 to 30 plants in an 8×8 grow tent based on size. The 8×8 grow tent is a massive tent. It has a lot of plants. If you cultivate small plants you can get about 30 plants inside it. And if the size of plants is medium and big, you can easily set up about 24 plants.

How Much Can I Yield in A 2×2 Tent? 

You can yield almost 5-6 plants in a 2×2 tent. The 2×2 grow tent is one of the smallest tents available in the market. This tent is suitable for people who don’t have enough space. If you follow the pruning method, you can cultivate only one plant here. Thus the yield will also be less in this tent.

Is A Grow Tent Necessary?

Yes, a grow tent is necessary. Grow tents are excellent options for people who want to grow in their house. This tent helps to manage the plant easily. Both hydroponic and soil-based cultivation becomes easy in this tent. Due to the facilities in a grow tent, a lot of people use it in their house.


Now you know everything about 8×8 grow tent yield. We have tried our best to provide you with accurate information. 

Always harvest the cannabis on time. Check for the swollen calyx to find out the exact harvesting time. This will increase your yield.

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