50 gallon outdoor grow

50 Gallon Outdoor Grow – A Quick Tutorial

50-Gallon pots are usually one of the popular choices of growers. Growing it is no different than growing in other pots outdoors. 

So, how to start your 50 gallon outdoor grow? 

Just pick the right time to get the most light out of the season. Also, use the right soil. Then plant a 6ft plant. plant and don’t forget to use proper nutrients. Those are important for getting the max yield from your plant. Without them, you’ll get limited yield. The article explores it in greater detail.

Let’s not dilly-dally any further and get right to the meat of the matter.  

Do Bigger Pots Mean Bigger Buds?

No, bigger pots don’t necessarily mean bigger buds. Given the right environment and nutrients, any plant can grow bigger buds. However, some strains can actually be benefitted from bigger pots.

Why? Because the bigger your pot is the deeper the roots can reach. As there would be more space for growth, it will grow more. 

However, using a 50-gallon pot is conditional. Some would consider it too big to handle at times. As you can also get maximum yield in a 25 gallon pot.

It also relies on an unexpected factor. Shall we take a look at it?

The Unexpected Factor:

The unexpected factor is time. Because time is vital when growing outdoors. Growing cannabis outdoors is seasonal. Some grow in the summer, some in other seasons.

The Unexpected Factor
Source: balancemmc.com

However, in all cases, if you start out late, a 50 gallon pot would be best. Because theoretically, it can maximize your growth potential. 

Furthermore, its large size is perfect for growing big plants. That’s why I would call it profitable. Let’s now talk about how big the plants can be. 

What is the Max Size of a Plant in a 50 Gallon Pot?

The perfect size of a plant in a 50 gallon pot would be the max plant size. This is what I’m talking about- 

Perfect Size of the Plant Grown in a 50 Gallon Pot:

In short, the maximum plant size of a 50 gallon pot would be 6 feet. The reasons I would choose a 6 feet plant for a 50 gallon pot are-

  • The roots will reach maximum growth at ease without leaving much space in the pot. 
  • Low chances of root rot and diseases. 
  • Water drainage is not an issue at this size.
  • Enough space for ample breathability of soil.

These factors will allow the 6 ft. plant to reach its max growth potential without much tradeoff.

50 Gallon Pot
Source: royalqueenseeds.com

Now another question may come into your mind. How much is a 50 gallon outdoor grow yield?

If you can maintain your plants well, you’ll get more than 3 pounds of yield. The yield can exceed 5 pounds if you’re growing good cannabis strains.

However, you must not grow smaller or bigger plants in the pot. Let’s begin with that. 

Why Bigger Or Smaller Plants Can Cause Issues?

I’ll compile the consequences of bigger or smaller plants in a comparative table. Here’s the table-

Bigger PlantSmaller Plant
The roots will not reach their growth potential, which is why the plant would have stunted growth.
The plant would have limited yield as a result of the stunted growth.
There will be a lack of breathability in the soil. Therefore lowering the quality of the yield. 
The plant would not properly get nutrients for
There would be more space even after the root has grown to its max potential. That can cause rot disease. 
The plants would not live long, and hence would not yield anything at all. 
There would be water drainage in the soil and that would have a steeper cost. 

This is why you should not under any circumstances use bigger or smaller plants than capacity. Let me rephrase that, for any pot. You should always use the max size plant available for any pot. 

Now it’s finally time to talk about growing a 6ft plant in a 50-gallon pot outdoors. 

How to Grow Cannabis in a 50 Gallon Pot Outdoors?

Same as growing any other cannabis outdoors really. You will not have to do anything exceptional for the 50-gallon pot outdoor grow. Regardless, I will explain the procedure to you in a simple manner through 3 factors. 

Factor 1: Season

Much like normal farming, season matters when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors. But let’s take a deeper look at it.

Seasons last differently in different states. They are longer in California and shorter in NYC. But that’s why instead of focusing on the seasons, focus on the underlying reason here. The reason is light.

growing cannabis outdoors
Source: growdoctorguides.com

Light plays the main role in helping a plant grow. So, growers try to maximize the light time before hitting fall or harvest season. Maximizing the light time is, after all, equal to maximizing the growth of your plant. 

So, your takeaway is- to maximize the light time for your plant. So, grow it accordingly in the appropriate season in your state. 

Now let’s move on to the second most important component, that is, soil. 

Factor 2: Soil

Any soil would not do for cannabis. Cannabis is melodramatic as it is moody. It wants a specific pH in its soil. 

Furthermore, cannabis plants like the earthworm casting. The ideal mixture would even be 80% earthworm casting and 20% dirt according to some studies. 

Contrary to that, the earthworm casting has a pH of 7.0 which is not ideal for the plant. Cannabis prefers slightly acidic soil, so a value of pH is just below 7.0. So, after adding earthworm casting, you must add some acidic dirt to balance it.

soil fo cannabis
Source: weedmaps.com

You can also add some elements to make your soil a bit more acidic. One popular choice is sphagnum peat as a growing medium. 

You could add some popular supplements to get the most out of your soil. That could maximize the growth as well as the yield of your plant. One popular option would be Coco Soir. 

So, prepare your soil thusly in the right ratio and in the right pH. Now you have to plant your cannabis. The procedure of maximizing the yield is pretty much the same as a 5-gallon pot

You already have your plant in the pot. Now I’ll talk about the final factor, Nutrients.

Factor 3: Nutrients

Nutrients work in synergy with sunlight. How? Well, when the light makes your plant grow more, it needs more nutrients to cope with it.

Good nutrients are another essential component of maximum yield from your plant. All the light, space, and soil will not amount to much without good nutrients. So, ensure some good nutrients for the health and yield of your plant. 

This is the final step, add the right nutrients to your plant. Follow this easy chart to know the right amount of nutrients at the right time.

Nutrients chart
Source: growithjane.com

This chart shows the essential elements of nutrients. N-P-K stands for Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium. It also shows how many of them you should use in each state. 

Here are some of my best suggestions for nutrient packages-

Product NameQuirks Link
FoxFarm FX14002 Big Bloom Liquid ConcentrateGood for soil, Easy to use, Instant food enhancerCheck Price on Amazon
Dyna-Gro GRO-032 Grow Liquid Plant Food Good for hydroponics, Low in soluble saltsCheck Price on Amazon
Down to Earth Organic Bat Guano FertilizerEffective for potting mediums, Acts as an early and midseason boosterCheck Price on Amazon

With Nutrients out of the way, that covers all of our factors. 

What is The Maximum Yield From Your Plant?

I have compiled some popular strains and listed out their maximum yields for you here. 

Strain NameFlowering PeriodAverage Yield (in oz/m²)Expertise
OG Kush6-10 weeks18Beginners
Northern Lights8-9 weeks16-23Intermediate
Purple Punch7-9 weeks21Beginners
Banana Kush7-8 weeks21Expert

These are some easy to grow large outdoor plants. There are many more high yielding strains if you keep an eye out. Keep in mind that the yield is subject to change depending on these three factors. A lack in any of it is going to severely affect the yield.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Big is A 50 Gallon Grow Bag?

A 50-gallon grow bag is 16’’ in height and 30.7” in diameter. So, it is pretty big I’d say.

Are Grow Bags Reusable?

Yes, they are reusable. They are also usable with big plants over a long time. 

Is it Fine to Use Soil From Last Year?

Yes, it is fine unless the soil was infected with any kind of disease. Always be careful of that. 


That’s about it for this article. The method of growing plants in 50 gallon pots does not differ from that with other pots. Pay attention to the three important factors and you’re good to go.
Did you decide to go with 50 Gallon Outdoor Grow yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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