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5 Pound Plant – Know All About The Cultivation!

Growing cannabis is a work of passion and patience. Getting a higher yield rate is every cultivator’s dream. 

But hitting the mark of a high yield can be quite challenging. So, is it difficult to grow a 5-pound plant?

You can get a 5lb yield if you follow a proper guideline. Firstly, you will need high-yielding strains for cultivation. Secondly, selecting the right pot size and lighting is vital. Temperature and humidity are important too. Lastly, drying, trimming, topping, and bending of the buds are necessary.

That’s for the quick intro. We have made a detailed article for your convenience.

Let’s begin.

What Does A 5-Pound Plant Look Like?

A 5-pound plant looks like a huge bush. It is big and dense and there are lots of branches coming out of the main plant. Properly cultivating the hemp will giveaway a vibrant green look. Here’s a pictorial example of what a 5-pound plant looks like.

5-pound plant looks like
Source: THC Farmer

However, growing a 5-pound plant is difficult. But don’t worry. We have made a comprehensive guide for growing a 5-pound cannabis plant.

Guide To Growing A 5-Pound Plant

At first, it might seem very challenging. But growing hemp can be easy with proper guideline. This is what someone said about their experience with hemp plants.

So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to overcome it easily. You can start by doing these easy things.

Step 1: Choosing A High Yield Strain

Not all cannabis strains have a high yield rate. Therefore, choosing the appropriate strain for cultivation is very important. Here are some popular cannabis strains growing 5-pound plants.

  • Blue Dream
  • Big Bud 
  • Girl Scout Cookies

These are some of the highest yield strains. Some of them are suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. 

Step 2: Choosing The Timings

Choosing the right time for cultivation is as important as any other step. To get the best yield, you need to start your cultivation around December/ January. 

Choose indoor conditions for the first 2 months of cultivation. A grow tent might be needed for this. You will need to use a 5′ x 5′ or 4′ x 8′ grow tent for this. Here are some popular grow tents for your convenience; 

For the best grow tent you can choose VIVOSUN Grow Tent, 5×5 FT. Check the product price on Amazon.

A carefully built grow tent for indoor plants is Zazzy Grow Tent. You can check the price on Amazon.

If those didn’t hit your preference list, then you can go for VIPARSPECTRA 5’x5′ Grow Tent. You can check for availability on Amazon.

After 2 months, around February or March, move the cultivation to a greenhouse. This phase is important for the extra growth of the plant.

Make sure the plant gets at least 6 hours of daylight every day. Watering your plant pot will depend upon the plant and pot size. 

Step 3: Choosing The Pot Size

Choosing the right pot size is vital in marijuana growth. You will need to shift your plant to different pots at different times of cultivation.

On the seedling stage, choose a 4-inch or 1-gallon pot. This is for the initial seeding stage.

After your plant reaches full growth, you need to shift it to a 100-gallon pot outdoors. It will then give 5 pounds of yield and beyond.

Here is a pictorial guide for choosing the best pots for your plant size.

Choosing The Pot Size
Source: Cannabis Training University

Step 4: Temperature & Humidity

The ideal temperature for cannabis vegetation is around 70 to 80 ° F. The ideal relative humidity lies around 40 to 60%.

During the flowering phase, you need to lower the temperature to 65 to 80° F. But you need to maintain the humidity between 40 and 50%.

During the end stage of flowering, lower the humidity to 40-45%. Mind that you need to maintain the humidity for the best growth.

Step 5: Choosing The Light Source

Choosing the right amount of light for your plant is very important. Too less light can slow down growth. 

Too much light will give a light burn to the plants. It will cause leaves to turn brown and plants to die. Therefore, lighting is important for growing a 5-pound plant indoors.

If the light spectrum is good, you can grow plants with less wattage, saving energy.

You can hang LED lights from the plant’s canopy. It will give the plants the light it needs without them having to stretch. 

To get decent growth, you can choose a pair of 200 Watt LED lights. It will be adequate for cannabis. Here are some of the best 200 Watt LED lights that you can buy.

For growing multiple pots of plant, go for Lordem 200-watt grow light. Check for product availability on Amazon.

To cover a large area, go for UNIT FARM 200W Plant Grow Lights. You can check the price on Amazon.

If that wasn’t suitable for you, then choose SERWING 200W LED Grow Light. You can check the availability on Amazon.

Step 6: Fertilizing The Plants

Fertilizing the plants is the most important step in cultivation. Proper fertilization will not only give you high yields but also will protect your plants.

Here is a list of organic fertilizers essential for the marijuana plant. We have also marked the source of these fertilizers for your convenience.

  • Nitrogen: Worm wastages, bat guano, human urine, and chicken fertilizer.
  • Phosphorus: Bone and fish meals, rock dust, and banana peels.
  • Potassium: Fish meal, wood ash, and kelp.
  • Calcium: Clay, gypsum, and limestone.
  • Magnesium: Epsom salts and dolomite.

Also, do not forget to water your plants every day. For better growth adding weights technique can be used.

Step 7: Trimming, Drying, Topping & Bending Marijuana Buds

You can trim your buds in 2 ways.

In wet trimming, you can cut down the plant branches and leaves in one sitting. Then you need to dry them on a drying rack. 

On the other hand, you cut the whole plant and dry it using dry trimming. Then you dry the whole thing. But this process takes a lot of space to dry.

To trim properly, first cut down the plant and cut the branches. Then remove the fan leaves. 

Afterward, buck the branches and trim the leaves using trimming scissors and pruning shears. 

Also, do not forget to top your buds when the plant reaches 4 nodes. This will ensure a good yield. 

If your plant reaches more height than expected, you may need to bend it as well. Take the growing branch tip and bend it, securing it with string or twine. This will ensure proper lighting and plant growth.

Bending Marijuana Buds
Source: I Love Growing MJ

Tips And Tricks on Getting Better 5-Pound Plant Yield

Here are some useful tips for getting a good yield rate;

  • Start growing high-yielding strains, it will be profitable in the long run.
  • Drying your weed in a climate-controlled space will give you more weight.
  • Growing fewer plants in a fixed space will give you more yield. It is better to grow 4 high-yield plants than 16 average plants. 
  • Using the green screen technique can help get a high yield rate.
  • Light and Fertilizers are the most important factors, do not ignore them.

Hopefully, these tips will help you with your cultivation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Strains Grow the Biggest Buds?

Sativa dominant strains give the biggest buds. These plants grow bigger and can sometimes reach tree height. They look like small trees and make bigger canopies. This results in more bud sites than normal plants. Thus, a higher yield rate is achieved with the strain.

Do Bigger Pots Mean Bigger Buds?

No, bigger pots do not mean bigger plants. When transplanting, use a pot that is 2-4 inches bigger in diameter than the initial. This lets the roots spread out and consume water and nutrients. Using a bigger pot than the recommended size won’t provide you with added benefits.

Does Molasses Make Buds Bigger?

Yes, it helps make the buds bigger. Molasses add sugar to the plant which in turn helps with budding. Like humans, plants need nutrients like salt, water, sugar, etc. Feeding your plants with sugar will increase bud weights and make them bigger. 


That will be all on a 5-pound plant. Hopefully, this guide should help you grow bigger plants and get over the problems.

Till then stay safe and do let us know about your cultivation story in the comments.

Good luck! See you soon.

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