5 Gallon vs 7 Gallon Pots

5 Gallon vs 7 Gallon Pots: Which Is Better?

When your plants grow big sometimes you need to transplant them into bigger pots. But it gets confusing which size will be good for your plants, right!

So, let’s check out, which is perfect for your plants 5-gallon vs 7-gallon pots?

2 types of pots (plastic and fabric) are really popular among growers. Fabric pots are cheaper but you can’t reuse them. The price of 5 and 7-gallon fabric pots comes around $2-3. On the other hand plastic pots are reusable but a 5-gallon pot comes around $5-6. And a 7-gallon pot comes around $6-7.

There are some other differentiator factors as well. Those factors might make you inclined to choose a specific one.

 Let’s dig into the article and find out which one is the best for you!

Different Types of Pots for Your Buds

You may be wondering what kind and size of pots you should use for your cannabis. So here, we will talk about and sizes of pots. And we will try to find out what should be the best type and size for you. 

First, let’s see what types of pots you can get in the market. Basically, there are two kinds of pots that are popular and available. 

Let’s find out what are the pros and cons of these types of pots!

Fabric Pots

The main advantage of a fabric pot is mobility. If you need even 50 gallons outdoor grow pots you can just fold them and carry them anywhere you want. It is even available in different sizes.

But the cons are it is a bit hard to transplant plants from fabric pots. However, two of the best pots in my judgement are Gardzen Grow Bags and VIVOSUN Grow Bags.

They both have a variation of sizes, so don’t worry about sizes. From 1-30 gallon, whichever you need, both of these grow bags will serve you good.

Plastic Pots

The main advantage of having a plastic square pot is you can use every corner of your space. Which is really efficient. And you can transplant your lovely plants easily. You can even have 1 gallon grow yield in plastic.

Viagrow Nursery Pots are quite famous for their durability and drainage holes. However, Pro Cal Premium Nursery Pots doesn’t stand much far if you consider quality.

But the cons are that plastic pots don’t have a lot of aeration in there. You are going to see more rounding of roots instead of them being more fibrous. 

And absorbing more food. That’s why flowering in 2-gallon pots will be a little difficult.

5 Gallon vs 7 Gallon Pots [A Quick Comparison]

These two different sizes of pots have different functionality. As the query is about size, it also depends on how many areas you have to harvest. Generally, big size plants need larger pots because they need more food and water.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences between 5 gallon and 7-gallon pots. 

In both fabric and plastic material. So that you can get a quick idea about 4 of these variants. 

Factors5 Gallon  7 Gallon 
Price$5-6 per pot$6-7 per pot
Capacity0.77 cu. Ft. of soil1 cu. Ft. of soil
HightGenerally lower Generally higher 
WidthGenerally less wideGenerally wider
Space ConsumptionWellNot so well
Where to BuyOrder from AmazonOrder from Amazon

We hope by this time you have got a general idea about these two kinds of pots. 

Now let’s have a detailed idea. So that it becomes easy for you to choose. Then again 3 gallons vs 7-gallon plant can also be your choice of yours. 

5 Gallon vs 7 Gallon Pots: In-Depth Comparison

Let’s talk about two different kinds ( fabric and Plastic) of bags. So this discussion is going to be interesting. 

But for your convenience, you should know there are other kinds of pots as well. 


The price difference between 5 and 7-gallon plastic pots is not that much. But it can be a differentiator factor for you. If you have a plan to buy a bulky amount. 

Generally, a 5-gallon bucket yield comes around $5-6. And 7-gallon plastic pots come around $6-7. So there is just a $1 difference. But if you are planning to buy 50 pots then it can be an issue for you.

There is a fun fact you should know. Generally, there is no price difference between 5 gallon and 7-gallon fabric bags. Both come around $2-3.

Winner: As a 5-gallon pot is cheaper that’s why it wins the segment.


This is the main factor or differentiator for 5 and 7-gallon pots. It is natural that bigger pots should carry more soil. A 5-gallon pot can carry 0.77 cu. Ft. of soil. 

On the other hand, a 7-gallon pot can carry 1 cu. Ft. of soil.

Source: GrowDiaries

Winner: For holding more capacity 7 gallons is the winner. 


Basically this is hard to differentiate this way. Because different companies make pots at different heights. So, it is possible that your 5-gallon pot can be higher than a 7-gallon pot.

But in a general sense, 7 gallons should be higher. 

Winner: Depends on how much height you need.


It is kind of the same as the high segment. Because it depends on which brand product you are choosing. 

Winner: Depends on which brand you are purchasing. 

Space Consumption

Generally 5 gallon pots are smaller than 7-gallon pots. That’s why it consumes less space than the 7-gallon ones. 

Now if you have little space to grow your plants the 5-gallon pots are more suitable. 

Winner: 5-gallon pot is the winner because it consumes less space.

The other four factors capacity, height, width, and space consumption are the same as the plastic pots. 

So we believe you have a clear idea about all the possible categories now.

Which One Should You Get?

If you need one time cheaper pots then you should go for fabric bags. With that, if you have less space go for the 5-gallon ones. 

But if you want your plants to grow bigger then you should go for 7-gallon pots.

Again if you want reusable and easily transplantable pots go for plastic ones. And consider the other aspects as fabric bags. You should also trim your buds well to have a good harvest.

We would like to suggest you some good quality fabric and plastic bags For your convenience:

We hope these suggestions will help you to choose your desired pots.


How big is a 7-gallon container?

Generally, a 7-gallon container is 13 3/4 Inch Diameter x 11 1/2 inch Depth. It contains approximately 5 drain holes. But it can also depend on brands. Because different brands can change the size and shape according to their design. 

How many inches is a 5-gallon container?

A 5-gallon container is generally 12 inches in size. To fill up the pot you will need  0.77 cu. Ft. of soil. These sizes of pots are perfect for 6-week old flowering. And if you have a shortage of space these are the perfect choice to grow big plants.

How much potting soil do I need for a 5-gallon bucket?

For a 5 gallon bucket, you will need 4 bags of 4 quarts of potting soil. To fill up the pot you will need  0.77 cu. Ft. of soil. This will be enough for a 5-gallon bucket. But if you need to change soil for the growth of plants you need to do that. 


We hope by this time you have got all the ideas you need about the 5-gallon vs 7-gallon pots. Hope this article will help you to grow nice big plants.

If you have any more queries drop them in the comment section.

Till then happy harvesting.

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