4 plants under different watt hps and led yield

4 Plants Under Different Watt HPS and LED Yield: Explained!

Grow gardening or cannabis growth, the use of light is very important. In the indoor scenario, using the right light may be a concern for many. 

You should definitely not have any worries since we are here to help you.

So, 4 plants under different watt HPS and LED yield– what does it mean?

Typically,  4 plants under different watt HPS and LED yield between 600 to 1600 grams. The optimum wattage depends on the plant type, light distribution, and yield target. More wattage will bring more yield. However, it will impact plant health according to the HPS and LED light type.

We invite you to look into the matter closely. This is because the aspect of cost-friendliness comes into play.

Discover which lighting system provides the most efficient approach.

LED And HPS Lights For 4 Plant Yield

Cannabis plants under different LED and HPS lights will have different yields. Let’s take a quick glance for that.

600w600 grams800 grams
800w800 grams1000 grams
1000w1000 grams1350 grams
1200w1200 grams1600 grams

In the chart, we have calculated the growth amount using 4 plants in consideration. 

As you can clearly imagine, different numbers of plants will generate different numbers. This is in terms of cannabis growth based on lighting power. 

WattsLED And HPS – Space Covered
600w36 Square Feet
800w40 Square Feet
1000w49 Square Feet
1200w60 Square Feet

First, know that having 4 plants at your disposal is a good number. They provide healthy growth keeping your environment healthy. See how many plants can operate under different lighting pressure

Since indoor production is more cost-effective, the 4 plants’ growth is more efficient. Also, choosing the right light is important. Here’s someone sharing their cannabis plant under a HPS light!

We shall look at the LED and HPS wattage and the growing volume more in-depth.

LED And HPS Lights
Source: Grower IQ

LED And HPS: 600 Watts

A detailed look at the LED vs HPS yield comparison will give us clear insights. This is in terms of how much you can grow. 

There are several scenarios for  HPS equivalent LED in terms of wattage levels. 

For example, a 600watts LED is equivalent to 960 watts of HPS. 

This is why, with the help of the chart, we can assume HPS is growing more cannabis than LED. 

It is considered that you can grow 200 grams of cannabis per plant. This is with effective HPS indoor lighting. For 4 plants, the number is as much as 800 grams of growth. 

The important factor in the comparison is the space covered by the light.

It is important to note, both the LED and HPS would cover 36 square feet of space. This is when 600 watts of power is applied. 

The area covered by each plant depends on the type. It can be either Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. In this prospect, the area taken by each is about 1 to 3 square feet. 

With four plants, the highest area covered is usually 16 square feet. 

Light intensity plays an important role as well. LED has more light intensity. Keeping this in mind, the LED and HPS lights should be kept at a certain distance. This is to ensure healthy cannabis growth. 

For HPS, you should keep the light 18 inches away from the plants. For LED, the distance is higher at 38 inches. This is because the light intensity is higher for LED than for HPS. 

LED And HPS: 800 Watts

It is considered that LED lighting provides healthier cannabis growth. Among many users, the potency seems to be higher using LED.

Many think that there is a difference in LED equivalent to 800-watt HPS. This means 800 watts hps has different energy strength with the same watt level in LED. 

Also, with 800 watts the two lights would be covering more space. The 4 plants stay still covering as much as 16 square feet. Here, if the room is bigger, you can fit up to 8 to 9 plants. 

The only difference is that the HPS lighting put more pressure on the energy. This decreases the potency value of cannabis. Problems such as seeds cracking and breaking are common with more pressure on the lights.

It is important to note that under 800 watts HPS will grow 1000 grams of cannabis. For LED, the amount is expected to be a bit lower at 800 grams. 

HPS is comparatively performing better in terms of volume. This is because of higher problems with the LED grow lights. This is because of light intensity.

In the 800 watts scenario, LED lights should be kept 42 inches away from the plants. On the other, for HPS light, you need to keep the light 24 inches away. 

LED And HPS: 1000 Watts

As the wattage levels increase, the volume of growth increases. A simple calculation keeps HPS performing better than LED with heightened growth. 

A question arises here, which is the advantage LED has over HPS

There are many ways you can increase yield volume if you are using LED light. Although the upfront cost of LED is more, it is an energy-efficient system. This means that operating costs can be deduced as time goes by. The HPS light will not give you such a facility. 

Note that, the difference in the yield volume of HPS and LED is not much. HPS is able to produce 25% more cannabis than LED. 

For four plants, the 1000 watts scenario is not supported. This is because the 1000 watts of light for both HPS and LED would spread far. 

The lighting setup has to be done in an orderly fashion. Putting a combination of LED and HPS can be a good option as well. Growing with LED and HPS is not so difficult. 

This all depends on the size of the room where you are growing the plants. As the wattage levels increase if the room is not broader than 49 feet. 

Remember, to keep the LED lights 40 inches away from the plants. For HPS, this should be just 30 inches.

Growing with LED and HPS
Source: Nature

LED And HPS: 1200 Watts

The comparison of 1200 watt LED vs 1200 watt HPS has given us strong reports. This is in favor of LED lighting. It is also known to provide better light intensity.

With the lighting setup, you have to ensure the proper distribution of light in the area. Increasing light intensity is one of the many ways of improving volume growth.

Remember, the right plant setup is important for healthy growth. 

Since you have four plants, you will need a quadrangular rack. So, two per row is the most efficient method. You are going to have some side-lighting along with the main source on top.

In the 1200 watts scenario, you would have more space in the process. This means you can add more plants to increase growth. You can fit up to 12 plants and recognize how the volume of growth increases. 

You need to keep the LED light 55 inches away from the plants. For HPS, you should keep 48 inches away.

1200 watt LED vs 1200 watt HPS
Source: Vecteezy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 600watts good enough for four cannabis plants?

600 watts are usually sufficient for four plants. However, you may want to grow more plants. In this case, you should install a 1000 watts setup with more space.

How important is side lighting for a better yield?

Side lighting is an effective process to improve growth in terms of quality. However, you may need extra costs to set up the system. It is your choice if you want it or not.

How expensive is the 1200 watts scenario?

With four plants, the 1200 watts scene is not very productive as it would be expensive. If you have 8 plants to grow, 1200 watts is ideal. 

Wrapping Things Up!

You have been under 4 plants under different watt hps and led yield situation. This means the points outlined in this article have given you enough insights.

We sincerely hope, with these insights you are able to have a good growth experience!

Bye for now!

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