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What Is the Average 3 Ft Plant Yield? Find Out Here!

At different stages and heights, cannabis plants can provide very drastically different yields. However, there’s an average estimation of what a 3 ft cannabis plant yield should be.

So, how much is a 3 ft plant Yield?

The yield of a 3 ft cannabis plant can be as much as 35 ounces. But, on average, a 3 ft plant yield is 21 ounces outdoors and 18 ounces indoors. However, there are many factors contributing to this result. Light intensity, soil, strain, humidity, etc. – all of them determine this outcome. 

Don’t you think it’s better to know how you can get such a yield? 

Without delaying any further, I will get right into the meat of the matter. 

How Much Will a 3-foot Plant Yield?

A 3ft. Plant will yield 18 ounces on average. But that depends on the lighting, strain, soil, and space. If you maximize the yield, then it will go up to 21 ounces on average. 

Furthermore, on some strains, you might even hit up to 35 ounces. However, these depend on some major factors. They are- Light Intensity, Environment, Soil, Strain, Space, and Nutrients.

3-foot Plant Yield
Source: growweedeasy.com

For example, 1000 Watts lighting will yield 2 lbs per harvest. So simply adding the right lighting will increase the yield by up to 3 times. I say by 3 times because the average yield would only be 5-6 ounces per plant otherwise. That is just one factor of the rest.

But, if a 3 ft. plant is beyond your budget, you can look into the 2 ft. plant yield. The yield of 2ft might be lesser but in no way is it disappointing. 

However, if you’re asking for more yield, then you can try looking into 4 ft. plant yield. That might be more in your ballpark.

Now I will elaborate on the rest of the factors that allow you to maximize your yield. 

What Environments Are 3 Ft. Plants Suitable For?

The short answer is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. I would prefer a grow tent indoors for efficiency. However, strictly for yield, I would prefer the outdoors as the growing environment for plants. 

You may be wondering how I know it can be grown indoors. Here’s a simple calculation. 

Calculating The Average Indoor Height:

The ceiling height of an average American room is 9 feet. You should consider keeping the lights at a fair distance from the plants. The ideal distance is 5-8 feet. 

So, in an average room your growing space would be (9-5) ft. = 4 ft. Thus, even without a special indoor environment, you can grow these plants in your room. It explains the efficiency of the indoor environment.

Pot Sizes
Source: 2fast4buds.com

However, this calculation is unnecessary for outdoor environments. You don’t need to worry about the space or the height there. That makes it the best kind of environment for the yield. 

So, the answer I have arrived at is that outdoor environments are the best for maximum yield. So, that would be the best for your yield for a 3 ft plant. Basically, your plant is suitable for both environments. 

Now, I will tell you how you can easily maximize your yield. Let’s talk about that. 

How to Maximize The Yield From a 3 ft Plant?

There are some essential factors to maximizing your yield from a plant. A lack in any one of these will cripple your yield significantly. Let’s get to it. 


Whenever you talk about yield, the most essential part is the genetic properties of your plant. I have included a table with information on the highest yield plants that are ~3 ft. 

Strain NameFlowering PeriodAverage Yield (in oz/m²)Expertise
Strawberry Kush6-10 weeks18Beginners
Northern Lights8-9 weeks16-23Intermediate
Purple Punch7-9 weeks21Beginners
Banana Kush7-8 weeks21Expert

Right from the get-go I can tell you these are the best strains for high yields. I have listed 4 popular strains that all grow to around 3 ft. But these strains alone will not get the job done. 

Light Intensity (Indoors):

This is another vital component of growing cannabis indoors. You can grow plants under different watt HPS. The higher the light intensity the better. But there is a limit. I would recommend you get the 1000w HPS lighting for the best yield. 

Have a look at how stunning the whole due to sufficient grow lights-

I say that because 1000w HPS light can increase the yield by a lot. Although you’ll get more yield if you increase the light intensity even more. I would recommend against going for 1000w.

Light Intensity (Indoors)
Source: growweedeasy.com

The reason I would recommend against going over 1000w is efficiency. Because the yield might be higher but not by a significant margin. The cost would in this case outweigh the gains greatly. 

Furthermore, the higher light intensity can lower the time in the flowering period. That allows you to get your yield earlier. So, a bonus so to speak of. 


The second most important factor would be nutrients. You have to supply the plant with enough nutrients for it to cope with the growth. 

Furthermore, the higher the intensity of the light is the more the nutrient I’d suggest you supply. Here are some popular recommendations for nutrients you use for your plant-

And lastly, check out RAW- Phosphorus Plant Nutrient to apply the optimum amount of phosphorus.

Let’s now move on to space with nutrients out of the way. 


Space is also very important when you’re growing plants. Simply because without it you will be unable to properly grow your plant to its full potential. 

If you do not have enough space, there are a few consequences.

  • Stunted Growth. Your plant will not grow enough so it will not reach 3 ft. 
  • Limited Yield. Since your plant will lack growth, your yield will be just as limited. 

So, it is obvious how important space is when it comes to grow tents.


For soil, you need proper knowledge of soil before choosing it. Soil for cannabis is a mix of three elements. 

Furthermore, you have to mix the elements in a certain ratio. Basically mix Silt, Sand, and Clay in a 40:40:20 ratio. 

Additionally, your soil must have enough breathability. Because without enough breathability your plants will not get the nutrients properly. 

So, be very careful about the soil. Bad soil can prevent you from growing anything at all. 

Indoors Or Outdoors – Which Is The Best For Maximum Yield?

Thus far I have discussed the yield of your 3 ft. plant based on an indoor environment. But strictly for a high yield, I have previously suggested an outdoor environment. Further on it below.

Best For Maximum Yield
Source: royalqueenseeds.com

I usually suggest an indoor environment for 3ft. Plants for convenience. But, for the yield, the outdoor environment is the best. 

I will now include a table comparing the yields from both environments. 

EnvironmentStrainFlowering PhaseYield
Yield = (Oz/Plant)
Strawberry KushMid October16
Purple PunchLate October35 (for 3ft)
Banana KushEarly October21
Northern LightsMid October22+
Yield = (Oz/m²)
Strawberry Kush6-10 weeks18
Purple Punch7-9 weeks21
Banana Kush7-8 weeks21
Northern Lights8-9 weeks16-23

Here you can see just how much difference the environments make. Keep in mind that yields indoors are counted per m² while for outdoors, it’s per plant. 

Compared to indoors, the yield per plant outdoors is substantially more. So when it comes to just yield, I would recommend you grow your plant outdoors. 

So, you can get up to 35 ounces yield from your 3ft plant under the right conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Bigger Plants Yield More?

Yes, Bigger Plants do in fact yield more. So if you’re not bound by a budget, you want to plant the bigger ones. 

Is 3×3 Grow Tent Big Enough?

Yes, it is big enough to grow plants while being on the cheaper side. However, you will not be able to grow bigger plants in a 3×3 Grow Tent. 

Does Longer Veg Time Mean Bigger Yield? 

The answer is yes. The longer your plants are in the vegetative phase the more flowers you will get. More flowers mean more yield. 


Well, that ought to do it. You should now have a very good idea of the 3 ft plant yield. However, as mentioned before, take the average yield with a grain of salt.

Now, go on to try the proven methods to get a good yield from your strains. Best of luck!

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