100 watt led light yield

The Perfect Guide to Maximum 100 Watt LED Light Yield!

Are you just starting your journey with grow lights for your cannabis plants? If you want to start small, 100W LED grow light is a great starting point. As a beginner, it’s rather tricky to figure out how to grow light yield. 

Now, what should be your expectation from a 100-watt LED Light Yield?

High-efficiency 100-watt LED Light yield is about 1.5to 2 oz per watt. With an optimum condition for the plant in a grow tent, 100-watt LED light yield can go up to 3oz/watt. It’s best if you use a 100w LED light in a 2×2 grow tent. And you can grow 2 cannabis plants under this condition.

Even a beginner can succeed following a sure-fire guide to getting the maximum yield. 

So, let’s get going!

What to Look for When Buying a 100-watt LED Grow Light?

Yes, 100-watt Grow Lights are some of the cheapest yet most efficient lights on the market. But does that mean any 100-watt LED grow light will do? The answer is clearly no! 

100-watt LED
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Now you ask, ‘What to look for when buying a 100-watt LED grow light?’

Consider these factors when you are buying a 100W LED light for your ladies-

  • Brand Value: Each brand of 100W LED grow light has a unique brand value. The majority of companies have some form of USP or unique selling proposition, that is meant to set them apart from the competition.
  • Product Value: Simply put, this measures the 100W Led Grow Light’s value for money.
  • Customer Feedback: Reviews give you the first-hand experience of real-world users about the grow light.
  • Quality: Some 100W gives you more, some less. Mainly, look at the heat emission of a grow light
  • Dependability: A 100W Led Grow Light’s strength and durability should be a good indication of how long it will last you.

What Are The Best 100W LED Grow Lights? 

Now that you know what to look for when buying a 100W grow light, which lights are best on the market?

Here is a list of some of the best 100W LED grow lights-

GooingTop Grow Light 100W 6000K2.5 umol/J high energy efficiency6000K diode provides more red lightHigh Brand Value2g/Watt highest yieldLow operation costCheck Price
Spider Farm SF1000D 100W LED Grow Light2.7 umol/J energy efficiency3000K diodesHigh Brand value2.5g/W highest yieldLow operation costCheck Price
HLG 100W 4000K Horticulture LED Grow Light2.4 umol/J energy efficiency4000K diodesHigh Brand Value1.5g/W highest yieldLow operation costCheck Price

Personally, HLG 100W LED Yield was the highest for me. 

How Far Should a 100-watt LED Light be from Plants?

Maintaining the distance between 100W LED grow light and your grow plant is necessary. If not, your plant will either be damaged or inefficient.

100-watt LED Light
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During veg state, you should keep at least a 12”-14” distance between your 100-watt grow light and glow plant. Ensuring sufficient time to veg the grow plant is also crucial to get a high yield. 

And then increase the distance to 18” led lights for the flowering stage.

This is the optimal distance to receive necessary energy from the light for photosynthesis. 

What is a good wattage for a grow light?

Aim for 20 to 40 watts per square foot as a general guideline. Divide the wattage of your light bulb by 20 (For example, 400 watts divided by 20 is 20), then by 40 (400 divided by 40 equals 10). Your light intensity range’s extremes are provided in the result of the calculation.

How Much Does It Cost to Run100-watt LED Bulb?

Your 100-watt bulb must be used for twelve hours every day. You can calculate the cost of usage per day as shown below: Cost-of-electricity: $0.15536 x 0.1 kWh x 12 hours = $1.86 cent per day.

Cost to Run100-watt LED Bulb
Source: forum.grasscity.com

This is the lowest you can spend on lights to get a 1-1.5g/Watts yield from a 100W LED grow light.

How Much Electricity Does a 100-watt LED Light Use?

Kilowatt-hours are used to calculate electricity consumption. A kilowatt-hour is one hour of the use of 1,000 watts. By this rule, One kilowatt-hour would be spent by a 100-watt light bulb running for ten hours. 

Since you will have to run the 100-watt LED light for 12 hours, you will spend 1.2kWh a day. Which adds little to no impact on your electricity bill.

3 Best Planting Methods for High 100-Watt LED Light Yield

With one 100-watt LED light, the best methods for growing plants are-

  • ScrOG, This method horizontally grows the plant rather than growing it tall. So your plant gets the most energy out of the LED light. 
  • Low-stress, Low-stress training causes plants to develop more buds. It will help you make the most of a small grow environment, which is frequently inside. By doing a low-stress workout, you can easily flatten your canopy. That way the buds will grow bigger and thicker by consuming energy from the 100-watt LED light.
  • Pruning, cutting the smaller buds, buds that are hidden underneath that don’t receive light. This way, fewer buds receive all the nutrients along with consuming energy from the 100-watt LED light. As a result, you will get a high yield from one or two plants!

What Size of Grow Tent to Use for 100-watt LED Light?

As you know, 100W is a small light. To get the maximum energy from the light to plants, optimizing space is also important.

A 2×2 grow tent for 100 Watt LED grow lights.

Because such a small space will evenly distribute the energy of 100-Watt light. If you widen the space, some parts of your grow plant will not receive much energy from the light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is A Good Yield Per LED Watt?

Modern LED lights not only provide an equal amount of light, but they also have a few subtle advantages that enable farmers greater control than ever over their output. Nowadays, you can expect LED lights to deliver about 1-1.5 grams per watt, compared to .5g/watt, the yield of HPS grow lights.

How many watts do you need to grow plants indoors?

Low light intensity plants need between 50 and 250-foot candles/ sq. ft. A handful of these plants can be kept alive within 10 foot-candles of artificial light. 10-15 watts of fluorescent light per square foot of growing space should be provided for low-light plants.

How do I find the biggest yield indoors?

You want your plants to grow wide rather than tall indoors for maximum yields. Instead of a tall, lanky plant with many buds concealed under a canopy, a bushier plant gives more buds and has access to direct light. 


That concludes everything about a 100-watt light yield. Now you know, even with a small grow light as 100W you can have satisfactory yield. 

How are you optimizing your 100-watt LED lights for maximum yield? Let’s share in the comment section.

Happy growing and I hope to see you around again!

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